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Number: 585/854
Name: Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds > Purification, separation, or recovery > By addition of extraneous agent, e.g., solvent, etc. > Alkaline metal-containing > Elemental metal, oxide, or hydroxide
Description: Subject matter in which the agent is in the form of free or uncombined metal, an oxide, or a hydroxide of the metal.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8173856 Process for reducing corrosion May. 8, 2012
7923595 Process for the treatment of a product stream Apr. 12, 2011
7772449 Removal of acid gases and sulfur compounds from hydrocarbon gas streams in a caustic tower Aug. 10, 2010
7772336 Method for producing .alpha.-methylstyrene and heat-resistant styrene-based copolymer using the .alpha.-methylstyrene Aug. 10, 2010
7709693 Toluene production May. 4, 2010
7495141 Minimizing corrosion in a methanol-to-olefin effluent processing system Feb. 24, 2009
7326822 Method for treating sour gas Feb. 5, 2008
7208648 Minimizing corrosion in a methanol-to-olefin effluent processing system Apr. 24, 2007
7135604 Process for separating carbon dioxide from an oxygenate-to-olefin effluent stream Nov. 14, 2006
7102049 Process for operating a quench device in an oxygenate-to-olefin production unit Sep. 5, 2006
6235961 Process for pretreating cracked gas before caustic tower treatment in ehtylene plants May. 22, 2001
6168769 Olefin purification Jan. 2, 2001
6133205 Method of reducing the concentration of metal soaps of partially esterified phosphates from hydrocarbon flowback fluids Oct. 17, 2000
5866750 Method for removal of metal alkoxide compounds from liquid hydrocarbon Feb. 2, 1999
5858212 Desulfurization and hydrocarbon quality enhancement process Jan. 12, 1999
5639934 Process for the desulfurization of sulfur-containing compositions by hydrothermal reaction Jun. 17, 1997
5510551 Extraction of carotenoids from natural sources Apr. 23, 1996
5476987 Method of removing halogenated aromatic compound from hydrocarbon oil Dec. 19, 1995
5463168 Process for the removal of hydrogen cyanide from FCC hydrocarbon product gas streams Oct. 31, 1995
5434329 Treatment of spent refinery caustic Jul. 18, 1995
5389240 Naphthenic acid removal as an adjunct to liquid hydrocarbon sweetening Feb. 14, 1995
5302771 Process for upgrading the quality of light ends Apr. 12, 1994
5245095 Extraction of carotenoids from natural sources Sep. 14, 1993
5220103 Process for the preparation of a cumene feed for cumene oxidation Jun. 15, 1993
5191149 Method of refining liquified petroleum gases into aerosol propellants Mar. 2, 1993
5146041 Method of separating isobutylene from a C-4 hydrocarbon fraction using montmorillonite catalysts Sep. 8, 1992
5120902 Process for the preparation of a cumene feed for cumene oxidation Jun. 9, 1992
5082987 Treatment of hydrocarbons Jan. 21, 1992
5057644 Process for the purification of alpha olefins Oct. 15, 1991
4985220 Hydrogen fluoride vapor containment Jan. 15, 1991
4938936 Hydrogen fluoride vapor containment and neutralization Jul. 3, 1990
4938935 Alteration of the character of hydrogen fluoride droplets rendering them more susceptible to a water drench Jul. 3, 1990
4797199 Temperature control for a KOH treater Jan. 10, 1989
4628132 Composition and method for inhibiting formation of polymers during gas scrubbing of monomers Dec. 9, 1986
4562300 Mercaptan extraction process Dec. 31, 1985
4439629 Extraction process for beta-carotene Mar. 27, 1984
4390742 Reduction of cyclopentadiene from isoprene streams Jun. 28, 1983
4313916 Process for the purification of non-reacting gases Feb. 2, 1982
4274943 Removal of metal alkaryl sulfonates from hydrocarbons Jun. 23, 1981
4188501 Purification of monoolefin-containing hydrocarbon stream Feb. 12, 1980
4167531 Purification of hydrocarbons Sep. 11, 1979
4162272 Safer production of dry liquid propane substantially free from HF and organic fluoride Jul. 24, 1979
4162273 Alkaline treatment of liquid propane containing HF Jul. 24, 1979
4150063 Purification of unsaturated compounds Apr. 17, 1979
4123351 Hydrocarbon purification process Oct. 31, 1978
4081354 Liquid-liquid extraction process Mar. 28, 1978
4045333 Aromatic purification process Aug. 30, 1977
4041102 Caustic treatment of alkylate-containing hydrocarbon Aug. 9, 1977
4036904 Isomerization of allenes in a hydrocarbon stream using magnesium oxide catalyst Jul. 19, 1977
4018843 Process for the obtaining of isobutylene of high purity Apr. 19, 1977

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