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Number: 585/721
Name: Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds > Saturated compound synthesis > By condensation of a paraffin molecule with an olefin-acting molecule, e.g., alkylation, etc. > Using extraneous nonhydrocarbon agent
Description: Subject matter wherein part or all of the synthesis takes place in the presence of material containing an atom other than carbon and hydrogen, which chemically affects the synthesis by promoting, retarding, etc., which does not form a part of the desired product and is, at least in theory, separable from the desired reaction products. The agent may be a catalyst, solvent, etc.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
585/727 Al halide 63
585/722 Aluminosilicate or organometallic 132
585/726 B-containing 58
585/723 Hf 196
585/732 O-containing 40
585/730 S-containing 150

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8674159 Hydroconversion process with alkyl halide comprising at least 55 wt% halide Mar. 18, 2014
8603407 Catalytic isobutane alkylation Dec. 10, 2013
8536395 Catalyst with an ion-modified binder Sep. 17, 2013
8507396 Regeneration of acidic catalysts Aug. 13, 2013
8383874 Process for isoparaffin olefin alkylation Feb. 26, 2013
8350108 Synthesis of liquid fuels from biomass Jan. 8, 2013
8323478 Process for measuring and adjusting halide in an alkylation reactor Dec. 4, 2012
8212098 HF alkylation process with internal acid regeneration Jul. 3, 2012
8198499 Ionic liquid catalyzed alkylation process employing nozzles and system implementing such process Jun. 12, 2012
8192716 Sour shift process for the removal of carbon monoxide from a gas stream Jun. 5, 2012
8183425 Ionic liquid catalyst alkylation using split reactant streams May. 22, 2012
8153854 Gasoline alkylate RVP control Apr. 10, 2012
8124823 Process for producing a jet fuel having a high NMR branching index Feb. 28, 2012
8124034 Alkylation unit and method of modifying Feb. 28, 2012
8084661 Extraction of ASO from spent sulfuric acid using liquid SO.sub.2 Dec. 27, 2011
8070939 Process for measuring and adjusting halide in a reactor Dec. 6, 2011
8067656 Liquid-liquid separation process via coalescers Nov. 29, 2011
7988747 Production of low sulphur alkylate gasoline fuel Aug. 2, 2011
7956230 Reduction of organic halide contamination in hydrocarbon products Jun. 7, 2011
7947232 HF alkylation reactor May. 24, 2011
7875754 Method of improving alkylate yield in an alkylation reaction Jan. 25, 2011
7781634 Treatment of olefin feed to paraffin alkylation Aug. 24, 2010
7700514 Platinum-based, bimetallic catalyst, and a second group VIII metal used for the opening of cyclic compounds Apr. 20, 2010
7674925 Polyols from plant oils and methods of conversion Mar. 9, 2010
7601881 Isomerization catalyst and process Oct. 13, 2009
7432408 Integrated alkylation process using ionic liquid catalysts Oct. 7, 2008
7304199 Solid acid catalyst and method of using same Dec. 4, 2007
7294420 Production of hydrogen Nov. 13, 2007
7285698 Method for manufacturing alkylate oil with composite ionic liquid used as catalyst Oct. 23, 2007
7250542 Paraffin alkylation Jul. 31, 2007
7169730 Modified carbide and oxycarbide containing catalysts and methods of making and using thereof Jan. 30, 2007
7161052 Process for the valorization of a charge of hydrocarbons and for reducing the vapor pressure of said charge Jan. 9, 2007
7151199 Hydrocarbon conversion processes using non-zeolitic molecular sieve catalysts Dec. 19, 2006
7119243 Alkylation process with efficient effluent refrigeration Oct. 10, 2006
7078130 Metallic mesoporous transition metal oxide molecular sieves, room temperature activation of dinitrogen and ammonia production Jul. 18, 2006
7041866 Solid-acid isomerization catalyst and process May. 9, 2006
6977322 Isomerization catalyst and processes Dec. 20, 2005
6943276 Alkylation process with efficient effluent refrigeration Sep. 13, 2005
6891076 Process for the recovery of perfluorinated sulphonic acids from spent acid residue May. 10, 2005
6858769 Lithium aluminate layered catalyst and a selective oxidation process using the catalyst Feb. 22, 2005
6855856 Process for the alkylation of hydrocarbons Feb. 15, 2005
6809229 Method of using carbide and/or oxycarbide containing compositions Oct. 26, 2004
6583330 Catalysts containing heteropolyanions usable in processes for conversion of paraffins Jun. 24, 2003
6531640 Catalyst of mixed fluorosulfonic acids Mar. 11, 2003
6492571 Process for alkylation of isoparaffin with olefin Dec. 10, 2002
6486374 Method and apparatus for alkylation using solid catalyst particles in a transport reactor Nov. 26, 2002
6429349 Co-alkylation for gasoline RVP reduction Aug. 6, 2002
6417305 Oligomerization of ethylene Jul. 9, 2002
6337297 Catalyst for trimerization of ethylene and process for trimerizing ethylene using the catalyst Jan. 8, 2002
6303840 Alkylation reactions of aromatic subtrates Oct. 16, 2001

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