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Class Information
Number: 585/506
Name: Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds > Unsaturated compound synthesis > By addition of entire unsaturated molecules, e.g., polymerization, etc. > Poly-double-bond product
Description: Subject matter wherein the product contains more than one olefinically unsaturated bond.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
585/507 More than two double bonds, e.g., diene polymerization, etc. 70
585/509 Using p-containing catalyst 41

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8691728 Cyclopropene compositions Apr. 8, 2014
7977520 Method for the telomerization of non-cyclic olefins Jul. 12, 2011
7897826 Process and plant for oligomerization/polymerization of ethylene and/or alphaolefins Mar. 1, 2011
7645914 Method for the telomerization of non-cyclic olefins Jan. 12, 2010
7541506 Method for the telomerisation of non-cyclic olefins Jun. 2, 2009
7453019 Conversion process Nov. 18, 2008
7345017 Functional substances derived from oligoolefins having functional groups at the ends Mar. 18, 2008
7102046 Process for the arylation of olefins Sep. 5, 2006
7057082 Process for the telomerization of a conjugated diene, catalyst and bidentate ligand useful therein Jun. 6, 2006
6699813 Lanthanide-based catalyst composition for the manufacture of polydienes Mar. 2, 2004
6613921 Polycyclic, fused ring compounds, metal complexes and polymerization process Sep. 2, 2003
6593505 Catalyst of mixed fluorosulfonic acids Jul. 15, 2003
6583260 Functionalized diene monomers and polymers containing functionalized dienes and methods for their preparation Jun. 24, 2003
6433237 Iron-based catalyst composition for producing oligomers of conjugated dienes Aug. 13, 2002
6344538 Functionalized diene monomers and polymers containing functionalized dienes and methods for their preparation Feb. 5, 2002
6177603 Organo zinc and rare earth catalyst system in the polymerization of conjugated dienes Jan. 23, 2001
6153772 Process for the codimerization of polyunsaturated fatty substances and olefins Nov. 28, 2000
6100373 Functionalized diene monomers and polymers containing functionalized dienes and methods for their preparation Aug. 8, 2000
6017849 Synthesis methods, complexes and delivery methods for the safe and convenient storage, transport and application of compounds for inhibiting the ethylene response in plants Jan. 25, 2000
5990367 Process for oligomer production and saturation Nov. 23, 1999
5877375 Production of monoolefin oligomer Mar. 2, 1999
5849970 Materials and methods for the bacterial production of isoprene Dec. 15, 1998
5744675 Process for preparing an oligomer mixture from .alpha.,.omega.-diolefines and mixture prepard. Apr. 28, 1998
5698751 Branched polyene compounds and production thereof Dec. 16, 1997
5686371 Conjugated diene polymerisation Nov. 11, 1997
5476956 Process for codimerization of dienes and olefins Dec. 19, 1995
5446222 Oligomers of cyclopentadiene and process for making them Aug. 29, 1995
5403904 Process for preparation of telechelic difunctional unsaturated oligomers or polymers by acyclic olefin metathesis Apr. 4, 1995
5334678 Both ends-modified olefin polymers and processes for the production thereof Aug. 2, 1994
5306856 Method of manufacturing methylidene-group-containing .alpha.,.omega.-unsaturated oligomers from .alpha.,.omega.-diolefins in the presence of organoaluminum compounds as catalysts Apr. 26, 1994
5300716 Process for the preparation of polyunsaturated olefins Apr. 5, 1994
5276228 Liquid bisarylcyclobutene monomers and polymers Jan. 4, 1994
5126461 Process for opening cyclopropane rings Jun. 30, 1992
5113033 Ruthenium salt and aluminum halide catalyst system for codimerization of alpha monoolefins and conjugated diolefins May. 12, 1992
5053580 Metal oxide powders, their mixtures, metal mixed oxide powders, their mixtures and their use in catalytic dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons Oct. 1, 1991
4899013 Viscous polymers of isobutylene and dienes Feb. 6, 1990
4334081 Preparation of substituted olefins Jun. 8, 1982
4229605 1,7-Octadiene process Oct. 21, 1980
4229606 1,7-Octadiene process Oct. 21, 1980
4225738 Production of high purity butadiene Sep. 30, 1980
4130598 2,5-Dimethyl-2,4-hexadiene production Dec. 19, 1978
4025570 Preparation of 1,4-dienes of high trans-isomer content May. 24, 1977
4024169 Titanium complexes with nitrogen May. 17, 1977
3994867 Organic polymers with near-zero uniaxial thermal expansion coefficients Nov. 30, 1976
3981940 Solid olefin reaction catalyst and method of using same Sep. 21, 1976
3980730 Molybdenum and tungsten compounds Sep. 14, 1976
3978148 Process for removal of rhodium compounds from process streams Aug. 31, 1976
3963793 Process for preparing dehydrodimerization products Jun. 15, 1976
3954894 Organotrilithium polymerization initiators May. 4, 1976

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