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Class Information
Number: 585/350
Name: Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds > Alicyclic compound synthesis
Description: Subject matter wherein a chemical change produces a hydrocarbon which is cyclic or has a cyclic moiety, the hydrocarbon having no aromatic rings.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
585/352 Adamantane or derivative 63
585/375 By alkylation or alkyl transfer 70
585/364 By condensive ring expansion, e.g., "olefin dismutation", etc. 21
585/379 By dehydrogenation 60
585/377 By double-bond shift 27
585/371 By ring expansion or contraction 16
585/353 By shift, opening, or removal of shared-carbon ring 40
585/351 Carotene or derivative 60
585/357 From nonhydrocarbon 98
585/365 From nonring hydrocarbon 38
585/360 Polycyclic product 126

Patents under this class:
1 2

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8592498 Method for producing organic compound and organic compound obtained by the method Nov. 26, 2013
8580140 Cyclopropene complex compositions Nov. 12, 2013
8242318 Catalytic hydrogenation Aug. 14, 2012
8183421 Biofuel production by high temperature non-faradaic electrochemical modification of catalysis May. 22, 2012
8057714 Synthesis method of metal cyclopentadienide in bulk Nov. 15, 2011
7964763 Oligomerisation of olefinic compounds in an aliphatic medium Jun. 21, 2011
7902389 Catalyst complex with carbene ligand Mar. 8, 2011
7727401 Selective purification of mono-terpenes for removal of oxygen containing species Jun. 1, 2010
7622590 Catalyst complex with carbene ligand Nov. 24, 2009
7618544 Fiber film reactors to effect separation and reaction between two immiscible reaction components Nov. 17, 2009
7294748 Sulfenic acid-reactive compounds and their methods of synthesis Nov. 13, 2007
6777200 Kinesin motor modulators derived from the marine sponge Adocia Aug. 17, 2004
6770618 (1S,6R)-2,2,6-Trimethylcyclohexyl methyl ketone and/or (1R,6S)-2,2,6-trimethylcyclohexyl methyl ketone, process for producing the same, and perfume composition containing the same Aug. 3, 2004
6605566 Supported bimetallic catalyst with a strong interaction between a group VIII metal and tin, and its use in a catalytic reforming process Aug. 12, 2003
6531107 Fabrication of molecular nanosystems Mar. 11, 2003
6489134 Kinesin motor modulators derived from the marine sponge Adocia Dec. 3, 2002
6441259 Process for the continuous preparation of tetracyclododecens Aug. 27, 2002
6388151 Synthesis of Tetraalkylcyclopentadienes May. 14, 2002
6207403 Kinesin motor modulators derived from the marine sponge Adocia Mar. 27, 2001
6197990 Process for the preparation of cyclopentadienyl metal salt and process for the preparation of derivative of cyclopentadiene using the same Mar. 6, 2001
6137019 Process for converting a geminally substituted cyclopentadiene Oct. 24, 2000
6124488 Cyclopentadiene compound substituted with branched alkyl groups Sep. 26, 2000
5973092 Cyclopentadiene derivatives for carbon-carbon composites Oct. 26, 1999
5856541 Process for preparing 1 3-disubstituted cyclopentadienyl ligands and transition metal complexes thereof Jan. 5, 1999
5847247 Terpene-based solvents Dec. 8, 1998
5723709 Terpene dimer compositions and related methods of manufacture Mar. 3, 1998
5723708 Method for producing cyclopentadienes Mar. 3, 1998
5705038 Separation of phellandrene from limonene by extractive distillation Jan. 6, 1998
5698080 Separation of phellandrene from limonene by azeotropic distillation Dec. 16, 1997
5648583 Process for converting exo-isomers of alkyl substituted cyclopentadienes to endo-isomers Jul. 15, 1997
5597455 Separation of 3-carene and limonene by extractive distillation Jan. 28, 1997
5585509 Metallocene complexes having heterofunctional groups in the cyclopentadienyl system Dec. 17, 1996
5582693 Separation of 3-carene and limonene by azeotropic distillation Dec. 10, 1996
5545785 Process for preparing biscyclopentadienyl compounds Aug. 13, 1996
5498734 Preparation and use of (2-butene-1,4-diyl)magnesium complexes in organic synthesis Mar. 12, 1996
5449847 Selective conversion of benzene to tercyclohexane Sep. 12, 1995
5446222 Oligomers of cyclopentadiene and process for making them Aug. 29, 1995
5444147 Cyclopropane monomers and polymers derived therefrom Aug. 22, 1995
5422027 Process for increasing traction coefficient Jun. 6, 1995
5414173 Process of preparing cyclopentadiene and substituted derivatives thereof May. 9, 1995
5391264 Separation of alpha-Phellandrene from d-limonene by azeotropic distillation Feb. 21, 1995
5380405 Separation of alpha-phellandrene from 3-carene by azeotropic distillation Jan. 10, 1995
5349100 Chiral metallocene compounds and preparation thereof by creation of a chiral center by enantioselective hydride transfer Sep. 20, 1994
5283384 Traction drive fluid, process for producing the same and bicyclo octane compound Feb. 1, 1994
5208357 Chiral metallocene compounds and preparation thereof by attachment of chiral center May. 4, 1993
4879425 Oligomerization of olefins Nov. 7, 1989
4877908 Chiral phosphorus compounds, a process for their manufacture and their application to the catalysis of enantioselective synthesis reactions Oct. 31, 1989
4804794 Viscosity modifier polymers Feb. 14, 1989
4709061 Mixtures of dimethyl-tricyclo (,6) decane derivatives together with their preparation and use as a scent-and flavor materials Nov. 24, 1987
4655484 Isomerization process Apr. 7, 1987

1 2

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