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Number: 585/328
Name: Chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds > Plural serial diverse syntheses > To produce unsaturate > Including displacement from nonhydrocarbon by entire hydrocarbon molecule, e.g., growth reaction, etc.
Description: Subject matter wherein one step uses as reactants (1) a hydrocarbon, usually a low molecular weight olefin and (2) a nonhydrocarbon containing (a) one or more hydrocarbyl moieties and (b) a nonhydrocarbon atom or radical, the reaction serving to unite reactant (1) with atom or radical (2b) and to release a free olefin derived from (2a).

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8680352 Methods for producing linear alkylbenzenes, paraffins, and olefins from natural oils and kerosene Mar. 25, 2014
8629310 Transportation fuels from biomass oxygenates Jan. 14, 2014
8178737 Propylene production May. 15, 2012
8053619 Dehydrogenation of mixed alcohols Nov. 8, 2011
7964762 Production of propylene and ethylene from butane and ethane Jun. 21, 2011
7868216 Production of propylene employing dimerising ethylene to 1-butene, hydroisomerization to 2-butene and metathesis by ethylene Jan. 11, 2011
7790941 Oxygenate-to-olefin conversions in a baffled reactor Sep. 7, 2010
7714179 Method for the production of C.sub.5 aldehydes and propene from a C.sub.4 stream containing 1-butene and 2-butene May. 11, 2010
7589245 Process for preparing linear alpha olefins Sep. 15, 2009
7501546 Process for producing a branched hydrocarbon component Mar. 10, 2009
7368621 Method for producing 1-octene from crack-C.sub.4 May. 6, 2008
7102038 Phosphorous removal and diene removal, when using diene sensitive catalyst, during conversion of olefins to branched primary alcohols Sep. 5, 2006
6756514 Integrated dimerization process Jun. 29, 2004
6455747 Method for converting oxygenates to olefins Sep. 24, 2002
6375832 Fuel synthesis Apr. 23, 2002
6303021 Apparatus and process for improved aromatic extraction from gasoline Oct. 16, 2001
6303839 Process for producing polymer grade olefins Oct. 16, 2001
6258992 Gas phase catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons to carboxylic acids and dehydrogenated products Jul. 10, 2001
6020285 Calcium aluminate cement based catalyst Feb. 1, 2000
5877378 Process for selective utilization of alpha-olefins in mixtures containing non-alpha-olefins Mar. 2, 1999
5817902 Process for preparing .alpha.-olefins Oct. 6, 1998
5780697 Trialkyl aluminum displacement process Jul. 14, 1998
5731480 Coproduction of vinylidene alcohols and vinylidene hydrocarbons Mar. 24, 1998
5550303 High efficiency olefin displacement process Aug. 27, 1996
5518932 Control of ethylene on alkyl aluminum chain growth processes using calorimetry May. 21, 1996
5498735 Process of producing .alpha.-olefin Mar. 12, 1996
4990712 Integrated cracking, etherification and olefin upgrading process Feb. 5, 1991
4935569 Alpha-olefin process Jun. 19, 1990
4918254 Nickel catalyzed displacement reaction Apr. 17, 1990
4895996 Synthesis of alkenes from enamines via hydroboration Jan. 23, 1990
4886924 Stereospecific synthesis of [E]-alkenes from enamines via hydroboration Dec. 12, 1989
4774365 Pervaporation process for separating alcohols from ethers Sep. 27, 1988
4749818 Synthesis of cis-9-tricosene Jun. 7, 1988
4727203 Terminal to interior double bond isomerization process for an olefinic molecule with reduced dimerization Feb. 23, 1988
4714796 Production of higher molecular weight hydrocarbons from methane Dec. 22, 1987
4713424 Polymerization of olefinic hydrocarbons and complex-initiator therefor Dec. 15, 1987
4484016 Process for making a mixture of ethylene and butene-1 Nov. 20, 1984
4484014 Hydrocarbon synthesis Nov. 20, 1984
4455289 Combined process for preparing alumina and alpha-olefins Jun. 19, 1984
4435606 Process for the preparation of linear olefins from triethylaluminum and tripropylaluminum via growth, isomerization and metathesis Mar. 6, 1984
4380684 Linear alpha olefin production using a tank growth reactor Apr. 19, 1983
4314090 Linear alpha olefin production Feb. 2, 1982
4125567 Terminal olefin preparation Nov. 14, 1978
4018657 Separation of hydrocarbon mixtures by alkyl displacement Apr. 19, 1977

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