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Class Information
Number: 57/310
Name: Textiles: spinning, twisting, and twining > Apparatus and processes > With stretching
Description: Subject matter wherein the strand being twisted is stretched or elongated concomitantly with or subsequent to the twisting operation.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8695317 Method for forming a high strength synthetic rope Apr. 15, 2014
8578693 Polyolefin fiber Nov. 12, 2013
7926254 Electrically conductive elastic composite yarn, methods for making the same, and articles incorporating the same Apr. 19, 2011
7584596 Method of manufacturing line of autohesion thread Sep. 8, 2009
6740276 Process for preparing pigmented shaped articles comprising poly (trimethylene terephthalate) May. 25, 2004
6524501 Pitch fiber bundle and pitch type carbon fiber bundle and method for production thereof Feb. 25, 2003
6238605 Low-fibrillation moulded bodies May. 29, 2001
5985192 Process for the manufacture of spiralled bristles Nov. 16, 1999
5901632 Rope construction May. 11, 1999
5827464 Making high filament count fine filament polyester yarns Oct. 27, 1998
5817417 Method for continuous production of polyester weft yarn for tire cord fabric and weft yarn made by same Oct. 6, 1998
5775084 Recyclable string Jul. 7, 1998
5758483 Twisting apparatus Jun. 2, 1998
5749214 Braided or twisted line May. 12, 1998
5487859 Process of making fine polyester hollow filaments Jan. 30, 1996
5487860 Continuous process for spinning and drawing polyamide and apparatus thereof Jan. 30, 1996
5477669 Process for stretching staple fibers and staple fibers produced thereby Dec. 26, 1995
5439626 Process for making hollow nylon filaments Aug. 8, 1995
5417902 Process of making polyester mixed yarns with fine filaments May. 23, 1995
5407621 Process for preparing polyester fine filaments Apr. 18, 1995
5384082 Process of making spin-oriented polyester filaments Jan. 24, 1995
5365729 Apparatus for stretching stable fibers Nov. 22, 1994
5356582 Continuous hollow filament, yarns, and tows Oct. 18, 1994
5091130 Process for the production of highly filled yarns Feb. 25, 1992
5083419 Method of producing a yarn and an apparatus for carrying out this method Jan. 28, 1992
5077126 Process for making cotton blend warp yarns for durable fabrics Dec. 31, 1991
5034174 Texturing yarns Jul. 23, 1991
5006294 Process for making composites of stretch broken aligned fibers Apr. 9, 1991
4966740 Texturing polyester yarns Oct. 30, 1990
4961307 Textile processing employing a stretching technique Oct. 9, 1990
4944821 Adhesive treatment for nylon cords Jul. 31, 1990
4763468 Process for manufacturing a high strength cord from optimally drawn yarn Aug. 16, 1988
4615167 Highly entangled thread development Oct. 7, 1986
4610060 Drafting system for yarns Sep. 9, 1986
4568415 Method of producing strings for ball rackets, particularly for tennis rackets, and a string produced by this method Feb. 4, 1986
4562694 Device for attachment to drawtwister machines to produce multifilament yarns with S or Z twist effect Jan. 7, 1986
4543697 Low friction drafting system for yarns Oct. 1, 1985
4488397 Device for stretching, condensing and transporting a rove of fibers during a spinning operation Dec. 18, 1984
4484435 Method and device for the production of textile fibre yarns Nov. 27, 1984
4481996 Fatigue resistant cables Nov. 13, 1984
4408376 Apparatus for drawing yarn Oct. 11, 1983
4359856 Process for forming a yarn using a partially oriented carrier filament Nov. 23, 1982
4343144 Control arrangement for a textile machine Aug. 10, 1982
4342189 Apparatus for producing a bundle of fibrous elements Aug. 3, 1982
4341063 Air textured yarns Jul. 27, 1982
4341068 Method for producing an improved bundle of fibrous elements Jul. 27, 1982
4229404 Method for drawing yarn Oct. 21, 1980
4215530 Process and apparatus for manufacturing a drawn and twisted multifilament synthetic yarn Aug. 5, 1980
4185451 Apparatus and process suitable for twist-drawing a yarn Jan. 29, 1980
4168606 Process for forming string Sep. 25, 1979

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