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Class Information
Number: 568/309
Name: Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series > Organic compounds (class 532, subclass 1) > Oxygen containing (e.g., perchlorylbenzene, etc.) > Ketones > Benzene ring containing > Processes
Description: Processes which are directed to the preparation, purification, recovery, or treatment in any way of a benzene ring containing ketone.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
568/312 Aldehyde or ketone reactant 129
568/311 Carbon monoxide or peroxy containing reactant 80
568/323 Halogen containing reactant (e.g., dehydrohalogenation, etc.) 167
568/310 Isomerization 31
568/320 Oxidation of organic compound utilizing gaseous oxygen 85
568/322 Oxy containing reactant 243
568/324 Purification or recovery 50
568/319 Reactant contains -coo- group 205

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8604251 Oligofunctional photoinitiators Dec. 10, 2013
8598349 Method for manufacturing conjugated aromatic compound Dec. 3, 2013
8569526 Method for carrying out oxidation reactions using inductively heated heating medium Oct. 29, 2013
8350089 Yield-efficient process for the production of highly pure 2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone and its derivatives Jan. 8, 2013
8101804 Process for the synthesis of (E)-stilbene derivatives which makes it possible to obtain resveratrol and piceatannol Jan. 24, 2012
7732643 Transition metal complex, catalyst for olefin polymerization, and process for producing olefin polymer with the same Jun. 8, 2010
7645907 Transition metal substituted polyoxometalates and process for their preparation Jan. 12, 2010
7595425 Friedel-crafts acylation process in ionic liquids Sep. 29, 2009
7572938 Precursors for ketones and aldehydes Aug. 11, 2009
7473807 Acylation using molecular sieve SSZ-74 Jan. 6, 2009
7439407 Fluorinated pentacene derivative and method of producing same Oct. 21, 2008
7368608 1-amido-3-(2-hydroxyphenoxy)-2-propanol derivatives and a process for preparing 2-amidomethyl-1,4-benzodioxane derivatives May. 6, 2008
7355063 Shogaol compound and tyrosinase activity inhibitor comprising the compound Apr. 8, 2008
7329782 Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders Feb. 12, 2008
7091385 Acylation using molecular sieve SSZ-71 Aug. 15, 2006
7084304 Acylation using molecular sieve SSZ-70 Aug. 1, 2006
6921841 Process for the synthesis of optically active anthracyclines Jul. 26, 2005
6849768 Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide Feb. 1, 2005
6646166 Processes for the preparation of 1,4-diaryl-2-fluoro-1,3-butadiene and 1,4-diaryl-2-fluoro 2 butene compounds Nov. 11, 2003
6630606 Acylation reactions of aromatic substrates Oct. 7, 2003
6623665 Second-order nonlinear optics material, the devices using same and methods of preparing Sep. 23, 2003
6603015 Synthesis of epothilones Aug. 5, 2003
6586598 .alpha., .alpha.-dibromo-.alpha.-chloro-acetophenones as synthons Jul. 1, 2003
6525226 Process for preparation of substituted aromatic compound employing friedel-crafts reaction using a reusable basic anionic clay catalyst Feb. 25, 2003
6518316 Cytokine production and tyrosine kinase inhibitors Feb. 11, 2003
6486356 Process for the preparation of 1-aryl-3-cyclopropyl-1,3-propanediones Nov. 26, 2002
6476266 Diamino compound and production process for the same Nov. 5, 2002
6437191 Process for the acylation of aromatic compounds using a reusable solid catalyst comprising indium halide Aug. 20, 2002
6410794 Process for preparation of pharmaceutically desired chiral tetralone from tetralones Jun. 25, 2002
6403835 Acylation of an organic group over a zeolite Jun. 11, 2002
6384251 Process for effecting allylic oxidation using dicarboxylic acid imides and chromium reagents May. 7, 2002
6380436 Process for the synthesis of alkoxyalkyl (trifluormethylphenyl) methanones Apr. 30, 2002
6362375 Process for the preparation of aryl ketones generating reduced amounts of toxic byproducts Mar. 26, 2002
6355815 Method of producing hydrogen peroxide and reaction promoters therefor Mar. 12, 2002
6313351 Process for producing alicyclic monoketones and process for producing alicyclic diketones Nov. 6, 2001
6300376 Indane dimer compounds and their pharmaceutical use Oct. 9, 2001
6281249 18-substituted-19-nor-vitamin D compounds Aug. 28, 2001
6274770 Process for preparation of aromatic compounds Aug. 14, 2001
6271421 Process for selective mono-debromination of polybromoalkyl aryl or heteroaryl ketones Aug. 7, 2001
6251833 2-arylcyclopentan-1,3-diones Jun. 26, 2001
6245944 Process for producing substituted indanones Jun. 12, 2001
6245945 Selective hydrolysis of acetals or ketals in the presence of phthalides Jun. 12, 2001
6239135 Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor May. 29, 2001
6218579 Process for the preparation of acylated cyclic 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds Apr. 17, 2001
6211412 Synthesis of epothilones Apr. 3, 2001
6211413 Process for the preparation of phenyl alkyl ketones and benzaldehydes Apr. 3, 2001
6191182 Phenyl alkyl ketone substituted by cyclic amine and a process for the preparation thereof Feb. 20, 2001
6184417 Method for preparing acetophenones with a fluoralkyl-substituted aromatic nucleus Feb. 6, 2001
6169213 Process for the preparation of heteroaryl aldehydes and heteroaryl ketones Jan. 2, 2001

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