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Class Information
Number: 55/280
Name: Gas separation >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
55/282 With nonliquid cleaning means for separating media 103
55/306 Aircraft anti-ingestion means (e.g., aircraft debris guard) 109
55/307 Filter or apertured deflector unit discontinuous across gas flow within flow conduit 36
55/309 With separating media bypass or system gas pressure relief (e.g., rupturable or deformable) 116
55/315 Plural serial basically diverse separating media 167
55/338 With recycle means 110
55/341.1 Multiple bag type filters in chamber 262
55/342 Multiple separators, each with discrete and longitudinally confined gas inlet or outlet flow path 82
55/351 With means for advancing clean portions of continuous or indefinite length separating media into gas stream 61
55/355 With liquid trap seal or valve 76
55/356 With means facilitating transportability or handling of apparatus 309
55/358 With ground support means (nonflow conducting) 27
55/359 With portion of cover removable 42
55/360 With electrical grounding means 39
55/361 Flexible or collapsible bag type 65
55/383 With remote fan or pump and unconfined flow to separator 18
55/385.1 Combined or convertible 775
55/391 Restricted annular mixture inlet to collector zone around gas outlet conduit attached baffle 27
55/392 With guide means effecting removal of constituent layer out of gas stream 71
55/400 Mounted or supported for continuous motion 147
55/410 With separated gas outflow control (e.g., apertured conduit) 88
55/418 With inflow gas control or distribution 368
55/421 With means for liquid separation 73
55/422 Separating media adjustable to various positions of use or to nonuse 124
55/423 Means within gas stream for conducting concentrate to collector 192
55/424 With concentrate backflow or re-entrainment preventing means 161
55/428 Residue access, handling or removing means 261
55/434 Deflector 98
55/466 With separated nongaseous material conducting or treating means 356
55/467 With gas flow effecting means 532
55/474 With particulate solids movement during use or agitating means therefor 105
55/475 With means adjustable to control compactness of separating media 46
55/476 With means introducing gas into midst of separating media 52
55/477 Strands or bristles with unsupported or free extremities (e.g., brush type) 36
55/478 With separate flow line access means or filter media passage means offset to flow path 76
55/482 Two or more separators (e.g., spaced filters in flow line or casing) 553
55/490 With means securing or retaining separating media 197
55/520 Spiral filter media 162
55/521 Zigzag, corrugated, or conical 945
55/522 Specific media material 332
55/529 Miscellaneous (e.g., shapes) 221
55/DIG.1 Graduated electrostatic field 8
55/DIG.10 Residue burned 284
55/DIG.12 Pocket type filter 45
55/DIG.13 Polyurethane filters 30
55/DIG.14 Inertia separator 87
55/DIG.15 Cold traps 44
55/DIG.17 Compressed air water removal 252
55/DIG.18 Work bench 165
55/DIG.19 Crankcase ventilation 88
55/DIG.2 Vacuum cleaner bags 175
55/DIG.20 Spark arrester 27
55/DIG.21 Silencer cleaner 24
55/DIG.23 Steam separators 27
55/DIG.24 Viscous coated filter 20
55/DIG.25 Agglomerators 103
55/DIG.26 Bag coupling 34
55/DIG.27 Cleaners, liquid 3
55/DIG.28 Carburetor attached 200
55/DIG.29 Air curtains 111
55/DIG.3 Vacuum cleaner 751
55/DIG.30 Exhaust treatment 1,079
55/DIG.31 Filter frame 372
55/DIG.32 Gaseous fluid conveying 10
55/DIG.33 Gas mask canister 76
55/DIG.34 Indicator and controllers 166
55/DIG.35 Respirators and register filters 174
55/DIG.36 Kitchen hoods 277
55/DIG.37 Louvers 38
55/DIG.38 Tubular collector electrode 92
55/DIG.39 Electrets separator 187
55/DIG.42 Foam filter materials 54
55/DIG.43 Knitted filter mediums 32
55/DIG.44 Pile and pile-type filter mediums 18
55/DIG.45 Woven filter mediums 35
55/DIG.46 Spray booths 221
55/DIG.5 Methods of making filter 714
55/DIG.6 Magnetic couplings 12
55/DIG.7 Black liquor treatment 0
55/DIG.8 Built-in vacuum cleaners 13
55/DIG.9 Radioactive filters 69

Patents under this class:

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