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Number: 548/482
Name: Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series > Organic compounds (class 532, subclass 1) > Heterocyclic carbon compounds containing a hetero ring having chalcogen (i.e., oxygen, sulfur, selenium, or tellurium) or nitrogen as the only ring hetero atoms (class 540, subclass 1) > Hetero ring is five-membered consisting of one nitrogen and four carbons (e.g., halopyrrolidines, etc.) > Polycyclo ring system having the five-membered hetero ring as one of the cyclos > Bicyclo ring system having the five-membered hetero ring as one of the cyclos (e.g., octahydroindoles, etc.) > The bicyclo ring system consists of the five-membered hetero ring and a benzene ring (e.g., indole, etc.) > The ring nitrogen is bonded directly to two ring carbons of the same cyclo which carbons are members of one cyclo only (i.e., isoindoles or isoindolenines) > The five-membered hetero ring contains one double bond only (i.e., isoindolines)
Description: Compounds wherein there is only one double bond between ring members of the five-membered hetero ring.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8598078 Condensed anthran I lami de derivatives as insecticides Dec. 3, 2013
8513235 Homocysteine synthase inhibitor Aug. 20, 2013
8324384 Glucagon receptor antagonist compounds, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use Dec. 4, 2012
8288406 Hydroxymethylcyclohexylamines Oct. 16, 2012
8153679 Radiolabelled inhibitors of the glycine 1 transporter Apr. 10, 2012
8133895 Fused pyrazine compounds useful for the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory diseases Mar. 13, 2012
8012983 Substituted triazolopyrazines useful for the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory diseases Sep. 6, 2011
7982052 Process for the preparation of stable nitroxyl radicals Jul. 19, 2011
7964628 Fibrinogen receptor antagonists and their use Jun. 21, 2011
7935777 Polycarbonate compositions May. 3, 2011
7928246 Dihydroisoindolones as allosteric modulators of glucokinase Apr. 19, 2011
7767672 Aminopyrimidines useful as kinase inhibitors Aug. 3, 2010
7759387 Fibrinogen receptor antagonists and their use Jul. 20, 2010
7754725 Dihydroxyphenyl isoindolymethanones Jul. 13, 2010
7592464 Methods for producing and purifying 2-hydrocarbyl-3,3-bis(4-hydroxyaryl)phthalimidine monomers and polycarbonates derived therefrom Sep. 22, 2009
7531671 Dihydroisoindolones as allosteric modulators of glucokinase May. 12, 2009
7495112 Isoindoline compounds and methods of making and using the same Feb. 24, 2009
7256194 Compounds that inhibit factor Xa activity Aug. 14, 2007
6703391 Quinoxalinedione derivatives, their preparation and use Mar. 9, 2004
6677369 Antithrombotic agents Jan. 13, 2004
6608100 HIV protease inhibitors based on amino acid derivatives Aug. 19, 2003
6573278 Aryl sulfonamides and analogues thereof and their use in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases Jun. 3, 2003
6562121 Conditioning of organic pigments May. 13, 2003
6559174 N-arylsulfonyl aryl aza-bicyclic derivatives as potent cell adhesion inhibitors May. 6, 2003
6521638 2,3-dihydro-1H-isoindole derivatives useful as modulators of dopamine D3 receptors (antipsychotic agents) Feb. 18, 2003
6506786 HIV protease inhibitors based on amino acid derivatives Jan. 14, 2003
6433000 Compounds for the treatment of estrogen-dependent illnesses and methods of making and using the same Aug. 13, 2002
6417200 Antithrombotic agents Jul. 9, 2002
6365606 6,5-fused aromatic ring systems having enhanced phosphodiesterase IV inhibitory activity Apr. 2, 2002
6353014 15-ketal postaglandins for the treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension Mar. 5, 2002
6320058 Process for the preparation of isoindoline Nov. 20, 2001
6300341 2-substituted heterocyclic sulfonamides Oct. 9, 2001
6297260 Nitrosated and nitrosylated nonsteroidal antiinflammatory compounds, compositions and methods of use Oct. 2, 2001
6214858 Caspases and apoptosis Apr. 10, 2001
6093832 Diiminoisoindoline compound and the process for producing the compound and use thereof Jul. 25, 2000
6063924 Soluble chromophores containing solubilising groups which can be easily removed May. 16, 2000
6051588 Nitroso esters of .beta.-oxo-amides and aryl propionic acid derivatives of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs Apr. 18, 2000
6017471 Colorants and colorant modifiers Jan. 25, 2000
6013777 Process for the preparation of fluorescent pigments Jan. 11, 2000
6004991 Acylated derivatives of melationin and its analogues, useful as medicaments Dec. 21, 1999
5939268 Combinatorial libraries of molecules and methods for producing same Aug. 17, 1999
5932766 Process for the preparation of substituted keto-enamines Aug. 3, 1999
5925631 Alkylated styrenes as prodrugs to COX-2 inhibitors Jul. 20, 1999
5886160 Fluorescent pigments Mar. 23, 1999
5847135 Inhibitors of interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme Dec. 8, 1998
5808071 Pictet-Spengler reaction for the synthesis of tetrahydroisoquinolines and related heterocyclic compounds Sep. 15, 1998
5795907 Gastin and CCK receptor ligands Aug. 18, 1998
5756832 Process for preparing amino acid esters useful as intermediates for compounds containing a fused bicyclic ring May. 26, 1998
5739396 Asymmetric ligands useful for transition metal catalyzed bond forming reactions Apr. 14, 1998
5728712 3,4-disubstituted-phenylsulphonamides and their therapeutic use Mar. 17, 1998

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