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Class Information
Number: 540/28
Name: Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series > Organic compounds (class 532, subclass 1) > Heterocyclic carbon compounds containing a hetero ring having chalcogen (i.e., oxygen, sulfur, selenium or tellurium) or nitrogen as the only ring hetero atoms > Cyclopentanohydrophenanthrene ring system containing > Spiro > The spiro includes the cyclopentanohydrophenanthrene ring system and a hetero ring
Description: Compounds in which the cyclopentanohydrophenanthrene ring system shares a spiro atom with a hetero ring.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
540/29 Nitrogen in the spiro hetero ring 27
540/31 Plural oxygens in the spiro hetero ring 41
540/30 Sulfur in the spiro hetero ring 39
540/41 The spiro hetero ring contains -c(=x)-o-, wherein x is chalcogen, as part of the ring (e.g., spiro-lactones, etc.) 58
540/45 The spiro hetero ring is four-membered consisting of one oxygen and three carbons 4
540/46 The spiro hetero ring is three-membered consisting of one oxygen and two carbons (e.g., oxirane, etc.) 19

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8673968 Progesterone antagonists Mar. 18, 2014
7678781 11-phosphorous steroid derivatives useful as progesterone receptor modulators Mar. 16, 2010
6953851 Processes for preparation of 9,11-epoxy steroids and intermediates useful therein Oct. 11, 2005
5854235 17-spiromethylene steroids Dec. 29, 1998
5843933 11.beta.-aryl-4-estrenes, process for their production as well as their use as pharmaceutical agents Dec. 1, 1998
5741786 Steroids with a 17-spiromethylene lactone or lactol group Apr. 21, 1998
5712264 17-spiromethylene steroids Jan. 27, 1998
5426102 14.beta.-H-, 14-and 15-En-11.beta.-aryl-4-oestrenes Jun. 20, 1995
5319115 Method for making 3.alpha.-hydroxy, 3.beta.-substituted-pregnanes Jun. 7, 1994
5292878 17-spirofuran-3'-ylidene steroids Mar. 8, 1994
5218110 4-amino-.DELTA..sup.4 -steroids and their use as 5.alpha.-reductase inhibitors Jun. 8, 1993
5189032 4-amino-.DELTA..sup.4,6 -steroids and their use as 5.alpha.-reductase inhibitors Feb. 23, 1993
5182381 Intermediates for 3-keto-19-nor-.DELTA..sup.4,9 -steroids Jan. 26, 1993
5130424 4-amino-delta-4,6-steroids and their use as 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors Jul. 14, 1992
5120840 4-amino-4-ene-steroids and their use as 5.alpha.-reductase inhibitors Jun. 9, 1992
4987128 Novel 10.beta.-alkynyl-steroids Jan. 22, 1991
4954446 Aromatic steroid 5-.alpha.-reductase inhibitors Sep. 4, 1990
4891365 17-Substituted estradienes and estratrienes Jan. 2, 1990
4501695 Spironalactone process Feb. 26, 1985
4477445 3-Keto-19-nor-.DELTA.4,9-steroids Oct. 16, 1984
4297350 Male contraceptive steroids and methods of use Oct. 27, 1981
4243586 Steroidal-17-spiro-dihydrofuranones Jan. 6, 1981
4192802 Process for the manufacture of steroid carboxylic acid lactones Mar. 11, 1980
4150127 Novel steroid compounds having an oxygen function in the 19-position Apr. 17, 1979
4146538 17-Alkylthio (and arylthio) androsteno[17.alpha.,16.alpha.-b]benzopyran-3-ones and [16.alpha.,17.alpha.]naphthopyran-3-ones Mar. 27, 1979
4119627 Process for the manufacture of 6.beta.,7-methylene-3-oxo-4-ene steroids Oct. 10, 1978
4079054 7.alpha.-Halogeno-3-oxo-1,4-pregnadiene-21,17.beta.-carbolactones and related compounds Mar. 14, 1978
4076708 Process for the preparation of 7.alpha.-halogeno-3-oxo-4-dehydro steroids and novel 7.alpha.-halogeno derivatives produced thereby Feb. 28, 1978
4054563 Process for the manufacture of spiro compounds of the steroid series Oct. 18, 1977
3939155 4',5'-Dihydrospiro[androst/estr-4-ene-17,2'(3'H)-furan]3,4'-dione and congeners, and intermediates thereto Feb. 17, 1976

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