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Number: 534/740
Name: Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series > Organic compounds (class 532, subclass 1) > Azo > Azo bonded directly to an acylic carbon which is bonded directly to two acyclic carbons, each of which is double or triple bonded to an atom > Hetero ring or polycyclo ring system which contains a hetero ring as one of the cyclos bonded directly to an azo group
Description: Compounds in which a hetero ring or a polycyclo ring system which contains a hetero ring as one of the cyclos is bonded directly to an azo group.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7341607 Yellow anionic disazo dyes Mar. 11, 2008
7262284 Method for producing disazo pigments Aug. 28, 2007
7144993 Process for the preparation of 4-methyl-7-aminoquinolones Dec. 5, 2006
6756487 Monoazoquinolone pigments, process for their preparation and their use Jun. 29, 2004
5559216 Single-step process for the preparation of bis-(acetoacetylamino) benzene disazo pigments Sep. 24, 1996
5554736 Azo dyes containing a 2-(arylsulphonylamino)pyrimidine radical Sep. 10, 1996
5037966 Azo dyes containing a 3-aminobenzothienoisothiazole diazo component Aug. 6, 1991
4997920 Monoazo compounds containing long-chain alkyl radicals Mar. 5, 1991
4981489 Disazo compounds and formulations containing same Jan. 1, 1991
4968352 Diaryl pigments with improved heat stability and transparency containing coupled mixed bis-diazotized diamines and acid-substituted aromatic amines Nov. 6, 1990
4946509 Diarylide pigment compositions Aug. 7, 1990
4946508 Disazo pyrazolone pigment compositions Aug. 7, 1990
4906740 Monoazo dyes containing as the azo component A phenylsulfonylphenyl radical Mar. 6, 1990
4780533 Disazo pigments having improved heat resistance using lower alkyl and phenyl esters of acetoacetanilide Oct. 25, 1988
4764599 Disazo compounds containing an N,N-bis(2-amino-benzoyl)piperazine derivative as the diazo component Aug. 16, 1988
4686285 Basic azo and non-azo compounds having one or two disubstituted 1,3,5-triazine rings each of which is linked through a bridging radical to the 1-position of a pyrazole ring Aug. 11, 1987
4685934 Mono- and di-sulfo group containing compound having a substituted pyrazolyl diazo component radical and their use Aug. 11, 1987
4634764 Non-azo and azo compounds containing at least one 4,6-diamino-1-substituted-5-substituted carbamoylpyrid-2-one group Jan. 6, 1987
4623720 1:2 metal complexes of AZO compounds having a central substituted phenylenesulfonylaminophenylene radical Nov. 18, 1986
4600674 Trisazo electrophotographic photoconductive material Jul. 15, 1986
4579939 Azo dyes from substituted 2-aminothiophenes and acyclic active methylene couplers Apr. 1, 1986
4568738 Thiophen-2-ylazopyrazole compounds as colorants for textile fibers Feb. 4, 1986
4562247 Disazo compounds containing a 6-acetoacetamide-1-naphthol-3-sulfonic derivative as coupling component Dec. 31, 1985
4533613 Disazo compounds and photoconductive composition as well as electrophotographic light sensitive element containing the same Aug. 6, 1985
4529678 Electrophotographic photoconductor comprising a dithiol derivative Jul. 16, 1985
4444684 Azo dyes containing a diazotized 5-amino isothiazol moiety having thereon a sulfonic acid or salt group Apr. 24, 1984
4426327 3,6-Disazo-9-ethyl carbazole compounds Jan. 17, 1984
4409142 Disazo compounds having a 5-amino or hydroxy-3-carboxy or methyl-1-substituted phenylphyrazole coupling component radical Oct. 11, 1983
4400319 Monoazo pigments containing heterocycles, and high-molecular organic materials dyed therewith Aug. 23, 1983
4342684 Hydrosoluble pyrazolone trisazo dyestuffs derived from 4,4'-diamino-benzenesulfanilide Aug. 3, 1982
4327019 Acid azo dyes from a 3-amino-benzisothiazole-[2,1]-5-sulfonic acid diazo component Apr. 27, 1982
4312807 Monoazo compounds, process for their manufacture and their use Jan. 26, 1982
4302390 Azo dyes with sulfate groups on the diazotized 2-amino thiazol and 5-amino isothiazol moiety and with aniline, tetrahydroquinoline and benzomorpholine couplers Nov. 24, 1981
4302387 Azo dyes from 1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl and 1,2,4-thiadiazol-5-yl moieties bearing sulfated hydroxyalkoxycarbonyl or N-(hydroxyalkyl)carbamoyl groups on their rings Nov. 24, 1981
4301070 Azo dyes from a 5-aminopyrazole bearing 1 to 2 sulfated hydroxyalkoxycarbonyl or N-(hydroxyalkyl) carbamoyl groups on its ring Nov. 17, 1981
4301068 Azo dyes from a 2-aminothiophene having 1 or 2 sulfated hydroxyalkoxycarbonyl or N-(hydrocyalkyl) carbamoyl groups on its ring Nov. 17, 1981
4293628 Electrophotographic elements containing disazo compounds Oct. 6, 1981
4277397 Monoazo compounds deriving from 5-amino-benzimidazole-2-one-6-carboxylic acid Jul. 7, 1981
4272298 Process for conditioning a pigment in liquid ammonia Jun. 9, 1981
4248773 Acetoacetamide diazo dyestuffs Feb. 3, 1981
4229343 Azo dyes from an oxadiazolyl-substituted aniline Oct. 21, 1980
4225492 Water-soluble disazo dyestuffs, prepared from unsymmetrical heterocyclic diamines Sep. 30, 1980
4221709 Azo pigments Sep. 9, 1980
4220586 Hetero-aryl azo acylamino substituted aceto-acetarylide pigments Sep. 2, 1980
4211698 Disazo dyes containing an acetoacetanilide middle component Jul. 8, 1980
4141891 Quinolone-azo-acetoacetamino quinolone pigments Feb. 27, 1979
4118382 Reactive mono-azo dyestuffs having a 4-amino-3,5(or-6)-disulfoacetic acid coupling component and a reactive group attached to the diazo component Oct. 3, 1978
4116953 Azo dyes Sep. 26, 1978
4116952 Unsymmetrical azo - azo methine 1:2 chromium complex dyes Sep. 26, 1978
4089851 Sulfo containing disazo dyestuffs derived from diazotized 4,4'-diaminobenzanilide, a 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-aminopyrazole coupler and a second coupler May. 16, 1978

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