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Class Information
Number: 534/607
Name: Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series > Organic compounds (class 532, subclass 1) > Azo > Quaternary ammonium or hydrazinium attached indirectly to an azo group by nonionic bonding > Hetero ring containing > The pentavalent nitrogen is a ring member > Azo bonded directly to a hetero ring or to a polycyclo ring system having a hetero ring as one of the cyclos > The hetero ring contains the pentavalent nitrogen
Description: Compounds wherein the pentavalent nitrogen is a member of the hetero ring or the polycyclo ring system to which the azo group is directly bonded.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
534/609 Acyclic carbon bonded directly to the azo group 6
534/610 Additional hetero ring or polycyclo ring system having a hetero ring as one of the cyclos bonded directly to the azo group 44
534/608 Plural azo groups in the same azo moiety attached indirectly to each other by nonionic bonding 47
534/611 The hetero ring is one of the cyclos in a polycyclo ring system 46

Patents under this class:
1 2

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7939644 Cyanoborate, fluoroalkylphosphate, fluoroalkylborate or imide dyes May. 10, 2011
7892295 1.3-thiazolyl azo dyes, their preparation and use Feb. 22, 2011
7354572 Method of dyeing keratin-containing fibres Apr. 8, 2008
7307155 Cationic direct dyes Dec. 11, 2007
7166711 Cationic dyes Jan. 23, 2007
7078498 Method of coloring hair using cationic dyes Jul. 18, 2006
7045608 Process for the preparation of cationic azo compounds May. 16, 2006
6949630 Cationic reactive dyes Sep. 27, 2005
6762287 Cationic imidazole azo dyes Jul. 13, 2004
6518407 Reactive dye compound comprising at least one chromophore moiety and at least one nitrogen-containing heterocycle Feb. 11, 2003
6399166 Liquid crystal display and method Jun. 4, 2002
6049428 Dichroic light polarizers Apr. 11, 2000
5969112 Yellow cationic dyes having flocculating properties Oct. 19, 1999
5952475 Cationic diphenylamine dyes and their anhydro bases Sep. 14, 1999
5919914 Clathrate of bis [6-hydroxy-4-methyl-5-(3-methyl-imidazolium-1-yl) -3-(phen-4-ylazo) pyridin-2-one] ethylene and an aromatic compound Jul. 6, 1999
5883232 Hydrophobic cationic dyes and thermal transfer ink ribbons using the same Mar. 16, 1999
5866353 Electro chemical biosensor containing diazacyanine mediator for co-enzyme regeneration Feb. 2, 1999
5834600 Hydrophobic cationic dyes and thermal transfer ink ribbons using the same Nov. 10, 1998
5591833 Colorants and intermediates therefor having branched poly(oxyalkylene)moieties, and their manufacture Jan. 7, 1997
5580964 Cationic thiadiazole dyestuffs Dec. 3, 1996
5502172 Process for the preparation of pyrazole azo dyestuffs Mar. 26, 1996
5446136 Pyrazole azo dyestuffs Aug. 29, 1995
5436323 Cationic 1,3,4-thiadiazole dyestuffs Jul. 25, 1995
5424404 Biscationic azo dyes and intermediates therefor Jun. 13, 1995
5352334 The use of metal-free sulfo group free basic disazo compounds containing two identical 6-hydroxypyrid-2-one coupling component radicals for producing colored paper Oct. 4, 1994
5328994 Azinoneutromethines Jul. 12, 1994
5290921 Intermediates and colorants having primary hydroxyl enriched poly (oxyalkylene) moieties and their preparation Mar. 1, 1994
5264560 Preparation of quaternized azo dyes Nov. 23, 1993
5208325 Cationic 1,3,4-thiadiazole dyestuffs May. 4, 1993
5163972 Process for the dyeing of polyacrylonitrile materials with cationic benzo-thiazolium azo dye Nov. 17, 1992
5073634 Tetrachloroferrates of basic dyes Dec. 17, 1991
5023324 Biscationic disazo and trisazo compounds having optionally further substituted 6-hydroxy-4-methy-3-N-pyridiniumpyridone-2 coupling component radicals, dyes compositions comprising them and the Jun. 11, 1991
5001229 Water soluble basic dyestuffs Mar. 19, 1991
4925926 Preparation of cationic azo or hydrazone dyes in which the alkylation and the separation of the cationic dye are carried out continuously May. 15, 1990
4883866 Methine-azo compounds containing cyclic cationic ammonium groups Nov. 28, 1989
4840641 Cationic diazacyanine dyestuffs for dyeing polyacrylonitrile-wool blends Jun. 20, 1989
4818815 Cationic 1,2,3-thiadiazole-azo-aniline or tetrahydroquinoline compounds Apr. 4, 1989
4754022 Cationic dyes from diazotized 5-aminoisothiazoles and tetrahydroquinolines or indolines Jun. 28, 1988
4687842 Monoazo compounds having an imidazolium-2 group linked through an azo radical to a substituted phenyl group Aug. 18, 1987
4638053 Process for the preparation of chlorozincate salts of benzo thiazolium azo dyestuffs by alkylating with dialkylsulfate in aqueous medium in the presence of Zn-containing acid acceptor at Jan. 20, 1987
4557732 Process for spin-dyeing of acid-modified polymers of acrylonitrile by the wet-spinning procedure using quaternary ammonium or cyclammonium dyestuffs of low M value and high cation weight havin Dec. 10, 1985
4541831 Dustless, water-soluble, solid, dyestuff or optical brightener compositions and a process of production Sep. 17, 1985
4536185 Liquid preparation of cationic dye mixture containing aliphatic carboxylic acid for black dyeing Aug. 20, 1985
4500715 2,5-Diamino-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives Feb. 19, 1985
4382801 Process for spin dyeing polymers or copolymers of acrylonitrile with quaternized heterocyclic diazo dye and tetrafluoro-borate anion May. 10, 1983
4364738 Crystalline bromide or iodide salts of triazole dyes for polyacrylonitrile Dec. 21, 1982
4328220 Non-dusty pulverulent and granulated organic dye preparations May. 4, 1982
4314817 Monoazo compounds having a substituted thiazolium-5 diazo component radical and a substituted 1,4-phenylene coupling component radical Feb. 9, 1982
4308205 Water-soluble monoazo cationic dyestuffs derived from 1-phenyl-3-aminopyrazoles Dec. 29, 1981
4294756 Cationic dyestuffs Oct. 13, 1981

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