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Number: 530/822
Name: Chemistry: natural resins or derivatives; peptides or proteins; lignins or reaction products thereof > Proteins from micro-organisms > Protozoa
Description: Cross-reference art collection for peptides or proteins which are separated from Protozoa.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7867498 Polypeptide carrier protein Jan. 11, 2011
7700120 Adjuvancy and immune potentiating properties of natural products of Onchocerca volvulus Apr. 20, 2010
7611853 Assay to screen for anti-malarials Nov. 3, 2009
7550426 Acetylated therapeutic procytotoxins Jun. 23, 2009
7456146 Lytic peptide prodrugs Nov. 25, 2008
7438917 Peptide sequences specific for the hepatic stages of P. falciparum bearing epitopes capable of stimulating the T lymphocytes Oct. 21, 2008
7425535 Therapeutic pore-forming peptides Sep. 16, 2008
7410771 Reagent and method for detecting a Cryptosporidium parvum sporozoite antigen Aug. 12, 2008
7326543 Gene encoding protein from merozoite of Babesia caballi, recombinant protein obtained with said gene and use thereof Feb. 5, 2008
7094750 Therapeutic pore-forming peptides Aug. 22, 2006
7087231 Peptide sequences specific for the hepatic stages of P. falciparum bearing epitopes capable of stimulating the T lymphocytes Aug. 8, 2006
7056518 Malarial pre-erythrocytic stage polypeptide molecules Jun. 6, 2006
6969602 Production of an immunovariant strain of Eimeria maxima contributes to strain cross-protection with other Eimeria maximas Nov. 29, 2005
6855319 Gene encoding merozoite protein of Babesia caballi, recombinant protein obtained therefrom and utilization thereof Feb. 15, 2005
6790937 Recombinant scFV antibodies specific to Eimeria spp. responsible for coccidiosis Sep. 14, 2004
6730307 Anti-cryptosporidium parvum preparations May. 4, 2004
6682737 Anti-cryptosporidium parvum preparations Jan. 27, 2004
6669945 Universal T-cell epitopes for anti-malarial vaccines Dec. 30, 2003
6569433 Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of B. microti infection May. 27, 2003
6500919 Melanoma associated antigenic polypeptide, epitopes thereof and vaccines against melanoma Dec. 31, 2002
6458922 Antigens and immunoassays for diagnosing Chagas' disease Oct. 1, 2002
6451315 Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of B. microti infection Sep. 17, 2002
6268160 Method of screening for anti-malarial compounds Jul. 31, 2001
6242571 Serological identification of cattle, sheep or goats infected with anaplasma species Jun. 5, 2001
6221366 Intestinal protozoal vaccines Apr. 24, 2001
6214971 Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of Babesia microti infection Apr. 10, 2001
6191270 Malarial pre-erythrocytic stage polypeptide molecules Feb. 20, 2001
6183976 Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of B. microti infection Feb. 6, 2001
6110463 Anti-Cryptosporidium parvum preparations Aug. 29, 2000
6030618 Therapeutic and prophylactic methods using heat shock proteins Feb. 29, 2000
5912166 Compounds and methods for diagnosis of leishmaniasis Jun. 15, 1999
5888518 Method for preventing and treating coccidiosis Mar. 30, 1999
5874526 Toxoplasma gondii antigens Feb. 23, 1999
5861160 Isospora suis sporozoite antigen Jan. 19, 1999
5824321 Cloned leptospira outer membrane protein Oct. 20, 1998
5780591 Protein of Leishmania which is expressed at an increased level in the amastigote form Jul. 14, 1998
5643737 Merozoite proteins for use in detection of Babesia equi in horses using immunological techniques Jul. 1, 1997
5635181 Recombinant anticoccidial vaccine Jun. 3, 1997
5623058 Process for linking an antigenic glycolipid of T. cruzi to a protein carrier Apr. 22, 1997
5578453 Cloning and expression of toxoplasma antigens and use of recombinant antigens Nov. 26, 1996
5525508 Haemonchus contortus vaccine Jun. 11, 1996
5503983 Method of diagnosis of giardiasis using Giardia lamblia-specific stool antigen Apr. 2, 1996
5486461 Casein hydrolyzate and method for production of such casein hydrolyzate Jan. 23, 1996
5482709 Eimeria antigenic composition which elicits antibodies against avian coccidiosis Jan. 9, 1996
5459042 Procedure to preserve antigens of Entamoeba histolytica without enzymatic inhibitors Oct. 17, 1995
5411865 Method of detecting anti-leishmania parasite antibodies May. 2, 1995
5401831 Monoclonal antibodies for differentiating pathogenic and nonpathogenic E. histolytica Mar. 28, 1995
5387414 Recombinant anticoccidial vaccine Feb. 7, 1995
5286483 50 kilodalton antigen obtained from the intraerythrocytic phase of plasmodium falciparum Feb. 15, 1994
5279960 25 KD coccidial antigen of eimeria tenella Jan. 18, 1994

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