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Number: 528/246
Name: Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series > Synthetic resins (class 520, subclass 1) > From aldehyde or derivative thereof as reactant > Ethylenically unsaturated reactant other than unsaturation solely in heterocyclic ring containing only oxygen as hetero atom
Description: Subject matter wherein at least one reactant contains an ethylenically unsaturated group with the proviso that a heterocyclic compound containing only oxygen and carbon atoms as ring members must possess at least one ethylenically unsaturated moiety exterior to the ring.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8309675 Highly acetalized, coarse-grained polyvinyl acetoacetals Nov. 13, 2012
8288502 Aldehyde-functionalized polymers with enhanced stability Oct. 16, 2012
8008422 Curable resin composition Aug. 30, 2011
7348128 Photosensitive resin based on saponified polyvinyl acetate photosensitive resin composition, method of forming aqueous gel from the same, and compound Mar. 25, 2008
7329710 Radiation-curable resins based on ketone-aldehyde and/or urea-aldehyde resins and a process for preparing them Feb. 12, 2008
7259213 Indole resins epoxy resins and resin compositions containing the same Aug. 21, 2007
6426393 Polyacetal copolymer and method for producing the same Jul. 30, 2002
6399742 Low viscosity imine reactive diluents and coating compositions made therefrom Jun. 4, 2002
6362305 Method for producing formaldehyde from methanol Mar. 26, 2002
6291077 Lactone chain-extended phenolic polyester polyols Sep. 18, 2001
6166151 Lactone chain-extended phenolic polyester polyols Dec. 26, 2000
6136200 Treatment for paint and lacquer waste water Oct. 24, 2000
6087414 Process for direct substitution of high performance polymers with unsaturated ester groups Jul. 11, 2000
6072021 Copolymerization of formaldehyde and cyclic ethers using initiators based upon tetraphenyl borates Jun. 6, 2000
6060571 Acrolein-releasing copolymers May. 9, 2000
5969054 High solids polyurethane binder compositions containing grafted polyacrylate polyols Oct. 19, 1999
5932684 Preparation of keto-functional polyethylene waxes Aug. 3, 1999
5872158 Cleavable diacrylate for removable acrylate compositions Feb. 16, 1999
5852129 Method for producing hydroxyl-terminated (meth) acrylic polymer Dec. 22, 1998
5712363 Oligomeric sterically hindered polyamine crosslinkers and coating compositions containing the same Jan. 27, 1998
5554718 Catonic urea/formaldehyde resins, their preparation and their use in the paper industry Sep. 10, 1996
5532332 Light-absorbing polymers Jul. 2, 1996
5478656 Cationic urea/formaldehyde resins, their preparation and their use in the paper industry Dec. 26, 1995
5457147 Controlled functional density poly (secondary amines) and method for preparation thereof Oct. 10, 1995
5457155 Controlled functional density poly (secondary amines) Oct. 10, 1995
5432251 Optically active sulphur-containing amino acid derivatives, their preparation, their polymerization to give optically active polymers and the use thereof Jul. 11, 1995
5432252 Optically active sulphur-containing amino acid derivatives, their preparation, their polymerization to give optically active polymers and the use thereof Jul. 11, 1995
5376650 Light absorbing polymers Dec. 27, 1994
5294352 Compositions for the detackification of paint spray booth water and waste water Mar. 15, 1994
5223323 Process for coating finish foils and endless edges Jun. 29, 1993
5215828 Curable binders Jun. 1, 1993
5187019 Latent catalysts Feb. 16, 1993
5158611 Paper coating composition Oct. 27, 1992
5115083 Curable aminoplast compositions and catalysts for curing same May. 19, 1992
5064934 Thermosetting polyimide schiff base resins, their preparation and their applications Nov. 12, 1991
5039762 Hybrid amino resin compositions Aug. 13, 1991
5034501 Process for producing resin for paper coating Jul. 23, 1991
5025085 Curable aminoplast compositions and catalysts for curing same Jun. 18, 1991
4999419 Polyimide resins from bis-imide, monomer having two methylene groups activated by adjacent carbonyls, and polyamine Mar. 12, 1991
4999455 Acrylic derivative of urea Mar. 12, 1991
4996270 Vinyl ester resins Feb. 26, 1991
4983708 Novel polyacetal copolymers of trioxane and glycidyl ester derivatives Jan. 8, 1991
4981944 Liquid coating composition curable at ambient temperatures Jan. 1, 1991
4977238 Additives suitable for use in aminoplastic resins Dec. 11, 1990
4977237 Process for manufacturing urea/formaldehyde resins Dec. 11, 1990
4954400 Articles utilizing acetal copolymer bonding resins Sep. 4, 1990
4946930 Biaxially oriented polyoxymethylene film Aug. 7, 1990
4937312 Process for producing elastomeric acetal polymers Jun. 26, 1990
4935478 Unsaturated imide and benzaldehyde derivative containing hot-curable composition of matter Jun. 19, 1990
4906726 Water-based coating compositions containing hydroxides and oxides of calcium, strontium and barium Mar. 6, 1990

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