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Class Information
Number: 526/124.2
Name: Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series > Synthetic resins (class 520, subclass 1) > Polymers from only ethylenic monomers or processes of polymerizing, polymerizable compositions containing only ethylenic monomers as reactants or processes of preparing > Polymerizing in the presence of a specified material other than monomer > Material contains transition metal or compound thereof > Material contains compound of group ia (li, na, k, rb, cs, fr) or group iia (be, mg, ca, sr, ba, ra) metal wherein ia or iia metal is not bonded to hydrogen or to carbon > Contains nontransition elemental metal, hydride thereof, or carbon to non-transition metal atom bond > Contains a magnesium compound as the group iia metal compound
Description: Subject matter wherein the specified material contains a magnesium compound having no carbon to magnesium or hydrogen to magnesium bonds.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
526/124.3 Contains at least one additional specified material 385

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8592536 Catalyst preparation using H2 Nov. 26, 2013
8557935 Bimetallic catalyst, method of polymerization and bimodal polyolefins therefrom Oct. 15, 2013
8487053 Methods for removing polymer skins from reactor walls Jul. 16, 2013
8324126 Process of preparation of catalytic support and supported metallocene catalysts for production of homopolymers and copolymers of ethylene with alfa-olefins, of high and ultra high molecular we Dec. 4, 2012
8314180 Heterophasic propylene copolymer for corrugated sheet and cast film applications Nov. 20, 2012
8293857 Process for polymerising ethylene Oct. 23, 2012
8273449 Polyethylene films and method of making the same Sep. 25, 2012
8227563 Process for the preparation of polymer of 1-butene Jul. 24, 2012
8216957 Catalyst preparation using H.sub.2 Jul. 10, 2012
8202936 Multistage process for producing ethylene polymer compositions Jun. 19, 2012
8173569 Robust spray-dried ziegler-natta procatalyst and polymerization process employing same May. 8, 2012
8143184 Method for the preparation of olefin polymerisation catalyst Mar. 27, 2012
8138264 Bimodal polyethylene resins that have high stiffness and high ESCR Mar. 20, 2012
8067328 Polymerisation and oligomerisation catalysts Nov. 29, 2011
8058372 Catalyst composition II Nov. 15, 2011
8044155 Titanocene-based catalyst system Oct. 25, 2011
7989382 Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization, catalyst for olefin polymerization and process for producing olefin polymer Aug. 2, 2011
7947788 Process for the preparation of a catalyst component for the polymerization of an olefin May. 24, 2011
7910670 Methods of preparation of an olefin oligomerization catalyst Mar. 22, 2011
7897710 Bimodal polyethylene film Mar. 1, 2011
7893175 Ziegler-natta catalyst, preparation, and use for the polymerization of alkenes Feb. 22, 2011
7893181 Bimodal film resin and products made therefrom Feb. 22, 2011
7888437 Process for producing olefin polymer and solid titanium catalyst component Feb. 15, 2011
7888438 Catalyst for olefin polymerization and process for olefin polymerization Feb. 15, 2011
7875568 Supported nonmetallocene olefin polymerization catalyst, preparation method and use thereof Jan. 25, 2011
7867939 Catalyst for ethylene polymerization, preparation thereof, and method for controlling the polymerization kinetic behavior of said catalyst Jan. 11, 2011
7851578 Succinate-containing polymerization catalyst system using n-butylmethyldimethoxysilane for preparation of polypropylene film grade resins Dec. 14, 2010
7834117 Process for preparing crystalline ethylene (co)polymers Nov. 16, 2010
7786237 Polyethylene materials prepared using mixed ziegler-natta catalysts systems Aug. 31, 2010
7781553 Polymerization catalyst system utilizing external donor systems and processes of forming polymers therewith Aug. 24, 2010
7776986 Butene-1 (Co)Polymers having low isotacticity Aug. 17, 2010
7772346 Highly stereoregular polypropylene with improved properties Aug. 10, 2010
7767772 Spherical particles Aug. 3, 2010
7759445 Process for preparing 1-olefin (co) polymers Jul. 20, 2010
7718742 Industrial syntheses process of high tran-1, 4-polyisoprene May. 18, 2010
7718563 Production of olefin polymerization catalysts May. 18, 2010
7683003 Method for identifying Ziegler-Natta cocatalysts Mar. 23, 2010
7671149 Hydrogen response through catalyst modification Mar. 2, 2010
7666960 Process for the production of ethylene copolymers Feb. 23, 2010
7666810 Ziegler-natta catalyst for high temperature polymerization Feb. 23, 2010
7659223 Process for preparing an olefin polymerization catalyst component with improved high temperature activity Feb. 9, 2010
7655590 Ziegler-Natta catalyst for particle size control Feb. 2, 2010
7649062 Solid titanium catalyst component, catalyst for polymerization of olefin and process for producing olefin polymer Jan. 19, 2010
7649061 Process for preparing a poly-1-olefin in the presence of a Ziegler catalyst Jan. 19, 2010
7638584 Olefin polymerization process Dec. 29, 2009
7638585 Catalyst flow Dec. 29, 2009
7618913 Highly active alpha-olefin copolymerization catalyst system Nov. 17, 2009
7615602 Process for producing polypropylene film Nov. 10, 2009
7605215 Process for producing olefin copolymerization catalyst and process for producing olefin copolymer Oct. 20, 2009
7582712 Alpha-olefins polymerization catalyst Sep. 1, 2009

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