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Number: 525/352
Name: Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series > Synthetic resins (class 520, subclass 1) > Mixing of two or more solid polymers; mixing of solid polymer or sicp with sicp or spfi; mixing of sicp with an ethylenic agent; mixing of solid polymer with a chemical treating or ethylenic agent; or processes of forming or reacting; or the resultant product of any of the above operations > At least one solid polymer derived from ethylenic reactants only > Chemical treating agent contains a sulfur atom > Organic compound contains sulfur and nitrogen atoms > One or more sulfur atoms of the nitrogen-containing compound are double bonded to carbon
Description: Subject matter wherein the chemical treating is performed in the presence of an organic compound which contains at least one atom of sulfur and at least one nitrogen atom, with the proviso that at least one sulfur atom therein is double bonded to a carbon atom, i.e.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8334339 Conjugated diene-based polymer, conjugated diene-based polymer composition, and process for producing conjugated diene-based polymer Dec. 18, 2012
8183327 Rubber composition for tire and pneumatic tire May. 22, 2012
7968652 Modified conjugated diene copolymer, rubber compositions and tires Jun. 28, 2011
7736712 Seal material for a dispensing apparatus Jun. 15, 2010
7674861 Thiocarbamoyldisufanyl-functional cycloaliphatic compound, process for its preparation, filled sulfur-vulcanizable elastomer composition containing same and articles fabricated therefrom Mar. 9, 2010
7592386 Dual cure hydrotalcite containing fluoropolymer compositions Sep. 22, 2009
7385008 Abrasion resistant elastomeric compositions Jun. 10, 2008
7300981 Abrasion resistant elastomeric compositions Nov. 27, 2007
6841620 Polyolefin composition with improved impact properties Jan. 11, 2005
6646059 Process for removing iron-and rhodium-containing catalyst residues from hydrogenated nitrile rubber Nov. 11, 2003
6593432 Rubber compositions and hoses Jul. 15, 2003
6329435 Process for preparing monodisperse, crosslinked bead polymers having thiourea groups and their use for adsorbing metal compounds Dec. 11, 2001
6229036 Sulfanylsilanes May. 8, 2001
6187857 Dipping latex composition and rubber articles made therefrom by dipping Feb. 13, 2001
6114468 Synthetic resins for use in solid phase synthesis Sep. 5, 2000
6069208 Scorch retarded, crosslinkable compositions of peroxide or azo compound curable thermoplastic polymers, elastomeric polymers or mixtures thereof containing hydroquinones, sulfur accelerators a May. 30, 2000
6046349 Oligomeric organosilicon compounds, their use in rubber mixtures and for the production of shaped articles Apr. 4, 2000
6020437 Propylene polymer and process for obtaining it Feb. 1, 2000
5977271 Process for preparing thermoset interpolymers and foams Nov. 2, 1999
5936112 Mixtures consisting of bis (silylorganyl) polysulfans and silyorganylthiocyanates, their production, and use Aug. 10, 1999
5916977 Chlorosulfonated ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer composition Jun. 29, 1999
5891956 Water-soluble polymers and compositions thereof Apr. 6, 1999
5869580 Process for the preparation of crosslinkable thermoplastic and/or elastomeric polymer compositions with extensions of search time Feb. 9, 1999
5844050 Modified conjugated diene polymer, process for producing same and composition comprising same Dec. 1, 1998
5830817 Accelerator combinations Nov. 3, 1998
5736615 Rubber vulcanization composition Apr. 7, 1998
5670693 Dithiocarbamate salts and their use as vulcanization accelerators Sep. 23, 1997
5658990 Prevention of or reduction in the formation of amines and N-nitrosamines during the manufacture and use of elastomers Aug. 19, 1997
5587420 Diene polymer obtained by adding a tin compound in the polymerization with an organolithium initiator Dec. 24, 1996
5569719 Vulcanizable partially hydrogenated nitrile rubber composition containing partially hydrogenated unsaturated nitrile-conjugated diene copolymer sulfur vulcanizer and tellurium dithiocarbamate Oct. 29, 1996
5548032 Crosslinking agent for acrylic rubber Aug. 20, 1996
5527860 Process for producing a diolefin polymer or copolymer and a rubber composition containing such a diolefin polymer or copolymer Jun. 18, 1996
5475051 Halobutyl/epoxidized rubber matrices reinforced with siliceous filler materials Dec. 12, 1995
5466757 Process for production of chlorinated ethylene-propylene copolymers Nov. 14, 1995
5466757 Process for production of chlorinated ethylene-propylene copolymers Nov. 14, 1995
5416167 Vulcanizable rubber compositions containing salts of partial carboxylic acid esters May. 16, 1995
5399633 Additives for the cure with peroxides of fluoroelastomers containing bromine or idodine to reduce alkylhalo emissions Mar. 21, 1995
5391635 Rubber composition Feb. 21, 1995
5385980 Curable halobutyl rubber/poly-epihalohydrin rubber blends Jan. 31, 1995
5342900 Process for the preparation of diene rubber vulcanizates Aug. 30, 1994
5334666 Vulcanizable elastomer composition comprising epoxy group-containing elastomer, organic compound having at least two -C(X)-NH-C(Y)-bonds (X=O or S, Y=O or S), quaternary ammonium or phosphoniu Aug. 2, 1994
5332787 Vulcanization process using basic zinc carbonate hydroxide Jul. 26, 1994
5326828 Tetrabenzylthiuram disulfide/urea cured elastomeric composition Jul. 5, 1994
5296555 Rubber composition of strong adhesion to metal and hose structure using the same Mar. 22, 1994
5248736 Process for producing diene polymer with alkaline earth metal Sep. 28, 1993
5191028 Rubber composition comprising diene rubber material and vulcanization accelerators Mar. 2, 1993
5082903 Acrylic elastomer and its vulcanizable composition Jan. 21, 1992
5075385 Elastomer composition Dec. 24, 1991
5039756 Vulcanizable epoxy group-containing elastomer composition Aug. 13, 1991
4997886 Fluorine-containing polymeric compound and method for the preparation thereof Mar. 5, 1991

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