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Class Information
Number: 525/333
Name: Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
525/ Synthetic resins (class 520, subclass 1) 0
525/901 Radial block 100
525/902 Core-shell 553
525/903 Interpenetrating network 223
525/904 Activation of preformed polymer in absence or monomer, for subsequent polymerization thereon (e.g., trapped radicals) 21
525/905 Polyphenylene oxide 438
525/906 Polysulfone 77
525/907 Polycarbodiimide 33
525/908 Polymer containing a hydantoin group 13
525/909 Polymer having a heterocyclic ring with at least three different elements within the ring 9
525/910 Polymer from ethylenic monomers only, having terminal unsaturation 41
525/911 Polymer from ethylenic monomers only, having terminal functional group other than unsaturation 48
525/912 Polymer from nonethylenic monomers only, having pendant unsaturated group 26
525/913 Polymer from monomers only having pendant glycidyl group 38
525/914 Polymer from conjugated diene hydrocarbon or halohydrocarbons having more than 50 per cent 1,2-microstructure 38
525/915 Polymer from monoethylenic cyclic hydrocarbon 10
525/916 Polymer from ethylenic monomers only, having cationic group 17
525/917 Polymer from at least one nonethylenic monomer having cationic group 6
525/918 Polymer prepared by cationic polymerization 29
525/919 Ionomer resins (carboxylate salt-containing copolymers) 67
525/920 Polyurethane having terminal ethylenic unsaturation 177
525/921 Polyester having terminal ethylenic unsaturation other than polyesterurethanes 44
525/922 Polyepoxide polymer having been reacted to yield terminal ethylenic unsaturation 163
525/923 Aminoplast having terminal ethylenic unsaturation 12
525/924 Phenoplast having terminal ethylenic unsaturation 4
525/925 Polymer from at least one nonethylenic monomer having terminal ethylenic unsaturation other than polyurethanes, polyesters, polyepoxides, aminoplasts, and phenoplasts 40
525/926 Polyamide containing a plurality of oxyalkylene groups 18
525/927 Polyamide admixed with oxyalkylene-containing polymer 15
525/928 Polyimide or polyamide-acid formed by condensation of a polyamine with a polycarboxylic acid having at least three carboxyl groups or derivatives thereof 64
525/929 Polyimide formed by addition of polyamine to an unsaturated bis-imide 9
525/930 Reaction product of a polyhydric phenol and epichlorohydrin or diepoxide, having a molecular weight of over 5,000 (e.g., phenoxy resins) 63
525/931 Blend of stated incompatibility 68
525/932 Blend of matched optical properties 36
525/933 Blend of limited gas permeability 26
525/934 Powdered coating composition 318
525/935 Matrix admixed with synthetic fiber 42
525/936 Encapsulated chemical agent 56
525/937 Utility as body contact (implant, contact lens, i.u.d., etc.) 141
525/938 Polymer degradation 55
525/939 Multipackage system 44
525/940 Hydrogenation of a polymer 69
525/941 Polymer mixture containing block copolymer is mixed or reacted with chemical treating agent 35
525/942 Polymer derived from nitrile, conjugated diene and aromatic co-monomers 62

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued

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