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Class Information
Number: 524/457
Name: Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series > Synthetic resins (class 520, subclass 1) > Processes of preparing a desired or intentional composition of at least one nonreactant material and at least one solid polymer or specified intermediate condensation product, or product thereof (class 523, subclass 1) > Adding a nrm to a preformed solid polymer or preformed specified intermediate condensation product, composition thereof; or process of treating or composition thereof > Polymerizing an ethylenic monomer in the presence of a preformed sicp or solid polymer and in the presence of a nonreactive material so as to form an aqueous dispersion, latex, suspension, or emulsion therewith; or product thereof
Description: Subject matter wherein a desired aqueous dispersion, latex, suspension, or emulsion is formed by polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomer only in the presence of a preformed solid polymer or SICP and at least one nonreactive material.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
524/461 Polymerizing in the presence of a solid polymer derived from ethylenic reactants only 116
524/458 Polymerizing in the presence of water and in the presence of a solid polymer derived from ethylenic reactants only 673

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8710134 (Meth)acrylic resin composition, imidized (meth)acrylic resin composition, and film obtained by molding them Apr. 29, 2014
8673990 Process of making polyester latex with buffer Mar. 18, 2014
8637432 Low-foam preparations for crop protection Jan. 28, 2014
8633278 Bimolecular inverse emulsion polymer Jan. 21, 2014
8609757 Cationic cross-linked polymers in water-in-water polymer dispersions Dec. 17, 2013
8604118 Antifoulant for impact copolymers and method Dec. 10, 2013
8586648 Aqueous colorant dispersion, production method of aqueous colorant dispersion, and aqueous ink for inkjet recording Nov. 19, 2013
8580882 Glove-forming solution Nov. 12, 2013
8575256 Dispersion of hybrid polyurethane with olefin-acrylic copolymerization Nov. 5, 2013
8557934 Copolymer latex and method for producing the same Oct. 15, 2013
8519033 Polymer composition and molded products formed thereof Aug. 27, 2013
8518449 Polymer particle coating method Aug. 27, 2013
8518216 Copolymer blend compositions for use to increase paper filler content Aug. 27, 2013
8501855 Multistage emulsion polymer and coatings formed therefrom Aug. 6, 2013
8487013 Production method of porous resin particle having hydroxyl group Jul. 16, 2013
8394882 Emulsion polymerization of fluoropolymers using europium III chloride Mar. 12, 2013
8389620 Dip forming latex composition containing crosslinking agent and dip formed article obtained therefrom Mar. 5, 2013
8324299 Moisture-curable hot melt adhesive Dec. 4, 2012
8298441 Method for incorporating water soluble, reactive, phosphorescent pigments into a stable waterborne coating through pH buffering Oct. 30, 2012
8288468 Aqueous hybrid dispersions Oct. 16, 2012
8287945 Method and composition for enhancing the performance of an emulsion-based surface treatment Oct. 16, 2012
8193271 Process for preparing an aqueous polymer composition using water-soluble free radical chain regulators Jun. 5, 2012
8178637 Controlled polymerization May. 15, 2012
8151848 Tire having a colored surface Apr. 10, 2012
8153738 Fluoropolymer produced by aqueous polymerization using dispersed particulate of fluorinated ionomer Apr. 10, 2012
8142856 Hydrophobing minerals and filler materials Mar. 27, 2012
8110628 Preparation of porous particles with multiple markers Feb. 7, 2012
8106120 Easily removable concrete curing compound Jan. 31, 2012
8084562 Method for producing polymer-dispersed polyol Dec. 27, 2011
8076383 Porous resin particle having hydroxy group or primary amino group and production method thereof Dec. 13, 2011
8058376 Fluoropolymer produced by aqueous polymerization using dispersed particulate of fluorinated lonomer produced in situ Nov. 15, 2011
8034872 Oligomers and polymers containing hydrolysates and/or condensates of epoxide groups and silane groups, method for their production and use thereof Oct. 11, 2011
8034887 Process for preparing microcapsules Oct. 11, 2011
8030391 Aqueous plastic dispersions, method for producing the same and their use Oct. 4, 2011
8030395 Pressure sensitive adhesive dispersion having high solids and low viscosity and method of making same Oct. 4, 2011
8013049 Method for producing core-shell type highly liquid absorbent resin particles Sep. 6, 2011
8013085 Method for the production of an aqueous polymer dispersion Sep. 6, 2011
8008396 Method of emulsion polymerization Aug. 30, 2011
7994250 Vinyl-urethane copolymers with intermediary linkage segments having silicon-oxygen bonds and production methods thereof Aug. 9, 2011
7968189 Removable adhesive composition, removable adhesive layer, adhesive sheet, and surface protective material Jun. 28, 2011
7943704 Method for producing emulsion polymers May. 17, 2011
7943725 1,3/1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol based monomers and polymers May. 17, 2011
7906576 Rubber-reinforced vinyl aromatic polymers Mar. 15, 2011
7851541 Composition and use Dec. 14, 2010
7842754 Thermoplastic elastomer composition Nov. 30, 2010
7838076 Thermosetting aqueous paint composition Nov. 23, 2010
7825163 Biologically degradable compositions Nov. 2, 2010
7816469 Process for producing polymer nanodispersions Oct. 19, 2010
7803863 Filler-containing polymer dispersion, method for its production and use Sep. 28, 2010
7799859 Surfactant composition Sep. 21, 2010

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