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Number: 524/326
Name: Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series > Synthetic resins (class 520, subclass 1) > Processes of preparing a desired or intentional composition of at least one nonreactant material and at least one solid polymer or specified intermediate condensation product, or product thereof (class 523, subclass 1) > Adding a nrm to a preformed solid polymer or preformed specified intermediate condensation product, composition thereof; or process of treating or composition thereof > Dnrm which is other than silicon dioxide, glass, titanium dioxide, water, halohydrocarbon, hydrocarbon, or elemental carbon > Organic dnrm > Aryl-oh or salt or aryl-o-metal bond dnrm > Cycloaliphatic group
Description: Subject matter wherein the designated nonreactant material contains a carbocyclic ring other than as aryl.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8580878 Radiation-curable printing ink or printing varnish Nov. 12, 2013
8519034 Polyethylene composition for water pipes with improved chlorine resistance Aug. 27, 2013
8443846 Polyolefin composition for water pipes with increased resistance to chlorine dioxide May. 21, 2013
8354173 Powder coating fluoropolymer compositions containing mono-hydroxy aromatic materials Jan. 15, 2013
8163825 Triglyceride plasticizers having low average levels of branching and process of making the same Apr. 24, 2012
7056552 Heat-sensitive adhesive material Jun. 6, 2006
7056967 Stabilized medium and high voltage cable insulation composition Jun. 6, 2006
6828374 Molding material and production process Dec. 7, 2004
6534574 Highly nucleated thermoplastic articles Mar. 18, 2003
6391947 Ink composition May. 21, 2002
6103828 Macromolecular material composition and a modifier for macromolecular material Aug. 15, 2000
5648414 Screen printing ink containing polycarbonate binder Jul. 15, 1997
5618871 Phenyl phosphites for use as stabilizers for organic materials Apr. 8, 1997
5473003 Alkanediphenols Dec. 5, 1995
5426142 Single package ambient curing polymers Jun. 20, 1995
5410015 Polyamides having a low water absorptivity Apr. 25, 1995
5225465 Process for working up stabilized ABS polymers with recovery of unreacted monomers Jul. 6, 1993
5128400 Polyamide molding compounds containing bisphenols of high glass temperature Jul. 7, 1992
4957954 Stabilizer compositions for polyvinyl chloride resins and stabilized polyvinyl chloride resin compositions Sep. 18, 1990
4945154 Densified polyethersulfone Jul. 31, 1990
4871793 Polyphenylene sulfide resin compositions having improved resistance to deterioration when exposed to light and containing alkylidene bis (benzotriazolylphenols) Oct. 3, 1989
4829111 Stabilizer composition for synthetic resin and synthetic resin composition containing the same May. 9, 1989
4820756 Thioether substituted phenols and their use as stabilizers Apr. 11, 1989
4798836 Bis-(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-piperidyl) diimides as light stabilizers for synthetic polymers Jan. 17, 1989
4745146 Reinforced polyamides having improved flow behavior May. 17, 1988
4735980 Methylene bis(alkylsulfides) as antioxidant synergists in rubber Apr. 5, 1988
4699942 Polyester compositions Oct. 13, 1987
4638026 Ozone-stabilized rubbery elastomers Jan. 20, 1987
4624981 Process for the production of polyamideimides from polyisocyanates, polycarboxylic acid anhydrides and lactams or polyamides in which the reaction products are precipitated with a non-solvent Nov. 25, 1986
4616053 Hydrophobic polyamides Oct. 7, 1986
4611023 Di-(substituted hydroxyphenylthio) alkane and cycloalkane stabilizers and stabilized compositions Sep. 9, 1986
4546138 Process for the production of polyamide imides by using a phenol in the workup of the material Oct. 8, 1985
4529760 Oligomers of 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinol polycarboxylic acid esters and synthetic polymer compositions Jul. 16, 1985
4499220 Copolymer light stabilizers having at least one 2,2,6,6-tetraalkyl piperidyl group and synthetic resin compositions containing the same Feb. 12, 1985
4459375 Resin coated sand for shell foundry process Jul. 10, 1984
4412025 Anti-block compounds for extrusion of transition metal catalyzed resins Oct. 25, 1983
4308199 Mercaptophenol derivatives as age resisters for polymers Dec. 29, 1981
4192794 Titanium dioxide-pigmented polymer compositions having improved visible and ultraviolet light stability Mar. 11, 1980
4127550 Method for improving the scrub-resistant properties of water-based latex paint compositions Nov. 28, 1978
4127549 Method for improving the scrub-resistant properties of water-based latex paint compositions Nov. 28, 1978
4121025 Polymer compositions Oct. 17, 1978
4104255 Thioether bis phenolic antioxidants Aug. 1, 1978
4086212 Poly(ethylene/alkylene) terephthalates which crystallize rapidly Apr. 25, 1978
4066562 Antioxidant Jan. 3, 1978
4059563 Novel phenol antioxidants Nov. 22, 1977
4038249 Metal salts of benzoyloxybenzoates and compositions stabilized therewith Jul. 26, 1977
4009147 Composition of antioxidants of reduced volatility Feb. 22, 1977
4008284 Novel phenol derivatives Feb. 15, 1977
3998913 Flame retardant systems Dec. 21, 1976
3992354 Phenolic antioxidants prepared from a pentacyclo-tetradeca-5,11-diene Nov. 16, 1976

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