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Number: 521/96
Name: Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series > Synthetic resins (class 520, subclass 1) > Cellular products or processes of preparing a cellular product, e.g., foams, pores, channels, etc. > Process of forming a cellular product subsequent to solid polymer formation in the presence of a stated ingredient, noncellular composition capable of forming a cellular product and containing a stated ingredient, or process of preparing same > Ingredient contains an -o-o- group
Description: Subject matter wherein the stated ingredient is a compound which contains an -O-O- structure, e.g., peroxide, etc.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8604092 Polymeric complex supporter for controlling oxygen-releasing substances and method for manufacturing the same Dec. 10, 2013
8497316 Crosslinkable and foaming polyester-polyurethane (hybrid) resin moulding compositions, with foaming characteristics for closed mould applications Jul. 30, 2013
8492447 Closed cell propylene-ethylene foam Jul. 23, 2013
8211952 Curable sealing method and foamed composition Jul. 3, 2012
7271202 Reactive hot melt adhesive Sep. 18, 2007
7259190 Adhesive composition Aug. 21, 2007
7189764 Elastomer composition for cross-linked olefin elastomer foam Mar. 13, 2007
7189763 Crosslinked olefin elastomer foam Mar. 13, 2007
7091302 Process for the preparation of polycarbonate Aug. 15, 2006
6797737 Crosslinked foam of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and acid copolymer Sep. 28, 2004
6720364 Elastomeric composition for preparing olefinic elastomer crosslinked foam and use thereof Apr. 13, 2004
6579911 Fire resistant styrene polymer foams with reduced brominated fire retardant Jun. 17, 2003
6550938 Lighting fixture employing a partially reflective partially transmittive polymeric reflector Apr. 22, 2003
6541529 Polymer composition for powder foam molding, powder thereof, foam obtained therefrom, process for producing the same, and molded article comprising the foam Apr. 1, 2003
6528550 Crosslinked foam of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and acid copolymer Mar. 4, 2003
6500874 Silicone rubber composition, silicone rubber sponge composition, and silicone rubber-covered wire Dec. 31, 2002
6387971 Silicone rubber sponge composition and silicone rubber sponge obtained therefrom May. 14, 2002
6372809 Foamable rubber composition and foamed rubber Apr. 16, 2002
6235805 Static-free synthetic rubber May. 22, 2001
6221925 Foamable high density polyethylene Apr. 24, 2001
6201032 EVA-based foamable composition and process for making biodegradable EVA foam Mar. 13, 2001
6187427 Hybrid inorganic-organic composite for use as an interlayer dielectric Feb. 13, 2001
6166094 Blowing agent and method for producing foamed polymers and related compositions Dec. 26, 2000
6075063 Method and foamable material for foaming or foam-coating components Jun. 13, 2000
6046245 Production of expandable styrene polymers Apr. 4, 2000
6013689 Method for making a closed-cell phenolic resin foam, foamable composition, and closed-cell phenolic resin foam Jan. 11, 2000
6010565 Foamed material for fireproofing and/or insulating Jan. 4, 2000
5916926 Foamed high density polyethylene Jun. 29, 1999
5908872 Production of expandable styrene polymers Jun. 1, 1999
5728744 Olefin thermoplastic elastomer foamed products and processes for preparing the same Mar. 17, 1998
5708042 Method of manufacturing adhesive foamed product Jan. 13, 1998
5631304 Method of manufacturing rigid foamed product May. 20, 1997
5482978 Expandable conductive silicone rubber composition and conductive sponge roll Jan. 9, 1996
5356941 Game balls having improved core compositions Oct. 18, 1994
5266602 Expandable styrene polymers Nov. 30, 1993
5266603 Process for the production of expandable styrene polymers in bead form Nov. 30, 1993
5258414 Adhesives and sealants Nov. 2, 1993
5246975 Blowing agents Sep. 21, 1993
5240765 Silicone rubber film - forming composition and silicone rubber film Aug. 31, 1993
5238966 Rigid polyvinyl chloride foam material Aug. 24, 1993
5212208 Process of insulating a body cavity May. 18, 1993
5208266 Lightly crosslinked polymeric foams and process for making same May. 4, 1993
5168104 Macroporous particles as biocompatible chromatographic supports Dec. 1, 1992
5162280 Aqueous dispersions of aromatic diacyl peroxides Nov. 10, 1992
5134170 Acrylic rubber composition Jul. 28, 1992
5120385 Foamable silicone composition, silicone sponge, and silicone sponge roll Jun. 9, 1992
5112875 Polystyrene having high degree of expandability, and formulation having a highly-expandable polymer therein May. 12, 1992
5100924 Open cell foam compositions Mar. 31, 1992
5076967 Semiconductive rubber foam Dec. 31, 1991
5063251 Blowing and curing of resins and plastics materials with cyclodextrin complexes Nov. 5, 1991

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