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Number: 521/914
Name: Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series > Polyurethane cellular product formed from a polyol which has been derived from at least two 1,2 epoxides as reactants
Description: Subject matter involving polyurethane cellular products derived from at least one polyether polyol which polyether polyol has been prepared from at least two 1, 2 alkylene oxides.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8362098 Process for producing viscoelastic polyurethane foams Jan. 29, 2013
7985780 Cylindrical mouldings based on cellular polyurethane elastomers Jul. 26, 2011
7772330 Process for the preparation of polyether polyols Aug. 10, 2010
7307136 Polyurethane elastomers Dec. 11, 2007
7022746 Viscoelastic polyurethanes Apr. 4, 2006
6990913 Mulching process Jan. 31, 2006
6884824 Process for preparing an elastomer Apr. 26, 2005
6602450 Method for producing a thermally insulating plate Aug. 5, 2003
6563007 Preparation of polyetherols May. 13, 2003
6521674 Latex-like flexible polyurethane foam and process for making same Feb. 18, 2003
6420447 Viscoelastic damping foam having an adhesive surface Jul. 16, 2002
6337356 Production of sound-absorbing polyurethane foams having an adhesive surface Jan. 8, 2002
6335379 Flexible polyurethane foams Jan. 1, 2002
6326410 Wound dressing comprising polyurethane foam Dec. 4, 2001
6316514 Production of sound-damping and energy-absorbing polyurethane foams Nov. 13, 2001
6245825 Polyurethane foams Jun. 12, 2001
6201035 Use of low unsaturated polyether polyols in high resilience slabstock foam applications Mar. 13, 2001
6037382 Process for preparing a flexible polyurethane foam Mar. 14, 2000
5977198 Process for the production of resilient, flexible polyurethane foams Nov. 2, 1999
5925687 Production of flexible polyurethane foams Jul. 20, 1999
5889068 Water blown polyurethane soling systems Mar. 30, 1999
5863961 Flexible polyurethane foams and a process for the production thereof Jan. 26, 1999
5856372 Microcellular elastomers with improved processability and properties Jan. 5, 1999
5814676 Flexible polyurethane foams and a process for the production thereof Sep. 29, 1998
5700847 Molded polyurethane foam with enhanced physical properties Dec. 23, 1997
5686502 Water blown, hydrophilic, open cell polyurethane foams, method of making such foams and articles made therefrom Nov. 11, 1997
5677413 Polyurethane elastomers exhibiting improved demold green strength and water absorption and haze-free polyols suitable for their preparation Oct. 14, 1997
5652279 Polyether polyols suitable for flexible polyurethane foam prepared by co-initiation of aqueous solutions of solid polyhydroxyl initiators Jul. 29, 1997
5650450 Hydrophilic urethane foam Jul. 22, 1997
5643970 Method and apparatus for foam manufacture using carbon dioxide dissolved under pressure Jul. 1, 1997
5631319 Pressurized, blowing-agent-containing isocyanate semiprepolymer mixtures based on mixtures of polyhydroxyl compounds and monoalcohols and/or hydroxyketones, the use thereof for the production May. 20, 1997
5618967 Isocyanate composition Apr. 8, 1997
5594097 Polyether polyols Jan. 14, 1997
5565498 Process for making flexible foams Oct. 15, 1996
5534185 Process for the preparation of fluorochlorohydrocarbon-free low density polyurethane soft foams and soft elastic polyurethane molding foams and polyisocyanate mixtures modified with urethane g Jul. 9, 1996
5521226 Method of producing resilient polyoxyalkylene polyurethane foams May. 28, 1996
5459170 Polyurethane foams Oct. 17, 1995
5428077 Process for producing isocyanate-based foams Jun. 27, 1995
5420170 Preparation of flexible, soft polyurethane foams having viscoelastic, structure-borne soundproofing properties, and polyoxyalkylene-polyol mixtures which can be used for this purpose May. 30, 1995
5418261 Polyurethane foams May. 23, 1995
5407968 Polyether polyols, water-curable polyurethane prepolymers based thereon, and compositions containing the prepolymers Apr. 18, 1995
5397811 Flexible polyurethane foams and process for preparing them Mar. 14, 1995
5374667 Process for the preparation of fluorochlorohydrocarbon-free, low-density polyurethan soft foams and soft elastic polyurethan molding foams and polyisocyanate mixtures modified with urethan gro Dec. 20, 1994
5369138 Preparation of flexible, molded, cold-cure polyurethane foams Nov. 29, 1994
5237036 Polyol components for the production of polyurethane mouldings Aug. 17, 1993
5227409 Removable polyurethane adhesive Jul. 13, 1993
5198473 Polyurethane foams of increased flame retardancy Mar. 30, 1993
5122548 Elastomeric polyisocyanate-based polymers from polyoxyalkylene polyols containing internal polyoxyethylene blocks Jun. 16, 1992
5100926 Process for producing polyurethane Mar. 31, 1992
5079276 Method of manufacturing polyurethane foam Jan. 7, 1992

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