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Number: 521/158
Name: Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series > Synthetic resins (class 520, subclass 1) > Cellular products or processes of preparing a cellular product, e.g., foams, pores, channels, etc. > Cellular product derived from a -n=c=x containing reactant wherein x is a chalcogen atom > With ketone, aldehyde, or aldehyde derivative
Description: Subject matter wherein a ketone, aldehyde, or aldehyde derivative is reacted with a -N=C=X containing material.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8618337 Process for preparing polyether alcohols Dec. 31, 2013
8389775 Process for preparing polyether alcohols Mar. 5, 2013
8124663 Foamed isocyanate-based polymer having improved hardness properties and process for production thereof Feb. 28, 2012
6362302 Method and compositions for spray molding polyurethane three dimensional objects Mar. 26, 2002
6136876 Weak bronsted acid derivatives for improving dimensional stability of polyurethane flexible foams Oct. 24, 2000
6063826 Polyisocyanate based xerogels May. 16, 2000
5990184 Polyisocyanate based aerogel Nov. 23, 1999
5889286 Premixes for the preparation of polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foams Mar. 30, 1999
5654345 In situ blown foams Aug. 5, 1997
5639800 Production of flame resistant, halogen-free polyurethane/polyureas Jun. 17, 1997
5631319 Pressurized, blowing-agent-containing isocyanate semiprepolymer mixtures based on mixtures of polyhydroxyl compounds and monoalcohols and/or hydroxyketones, the use thereof for the production May. 20, 1997
5616626 Phenolic foam composition and use thereof for in place foaming Apr. 1, 1997
5578656 Methods of preparing polymeric foams using cyclic urea blowing promoters Nov. 26, 1996
5569724 N-menthylol derivatives of polycondensation products, their preparation and use Oct. 29, 1996
5436278 Melamine resin foam, process for production thereof and melamine/formaldehyde condensate Jul. 25, 1995
5432207 Phenolic foam composition and use thereof for "in place" foaming Jul. 11, 1995
5356946 Process for preparing reaction injection moldings Oct. 18, 1994
5118722 Method of producing elastic foams having a base of polyurethane by microwave foaming Jun. 2, 1992
5093378 Process for producing flexible polyurethane foam Mar. 3, 1992
5081204 Polyurethane elastomers Jan. 14, 1992
5081210 Polyurethane elastomers Jan. 14, 1992
5079327 Polyurethane elastomers Jan. 7, 1992
5079271 Method for the preparation of polymeric foams Jan. 7, 1992
5079328 Polyurethane elastomers Jan. 7, 1992
4997858 Method for preparing a flexible polyurethane foam Mar. 5, 1991
4722946 Energy-attenuating polyurethanes Feb. 2, 1988
4654377 Process for the preparation of low molecular weight polyhydroxyl compounds Mar. 31, 1987
4654375 Fire-retardant polyurethane foam and method and resin for preparing the same Mar. 31, 1987
4647595 Process for producing a urethane-modified polyisocyanurate foam Mar. 3, 1987
4595711 Aromatic polyester polyols fluorocarbon compatibilized with ethoxylate propoxylate compounds for urethane and isocyanurate foams Jun. 17, 1986
4562240 Bicyclic amide acetal/polyol/polyisocyanate polymers Dec. 31, 1985
4558114 Polymers derived from polyisocyanates, bicyclic amide acetals and oxazolines Dec. 10, 1985
4555530 Halogenated phenolic polyols and rigid cellular compositions made therefrom Nov. 26, 1985
4400560 Process for the preparation of a mixture of low-molecular weight polyhoric alcohols Aug. 23, 1983
4394306 Bromine containing fire retardant compositions of matter Jul. 19, 1983
4383100 Polyurethanes from oligomeric formal diols of THF copolymer glycols May. 10, 1983
4379862 Process for the preparation of polyurethane resins using low molecular weight polyhydroxyl compounds prepared by the condensation of formaldehyde Apr. 12, 1983
4367294 Preparation of polyurethane foams modified with melamine-formaldehyde precondensates Jan. 4, 1983
4341909 Preparation of low molecular weight polyhydroxyl compounds Jul. 27, 1982
4326086 Process for the preparaton of low molecular weight polyhydroxyl compounds Apr. 20, 1982
4324716 Solutions of polyisocyanate polyaddition products Apr. 13, 1982
4322523 Methylolated mono- and oligosaccharides Mar. 30, 1982
4311802 Process and apparatus for the continuous production of foamed plastics material having improved fire resistance Jan. 19, 1982
4300003 Process for the preparation of low molecular polyhydroxyl compounds Nov. 10, 1981
4294934 Process for the production of elastic, optionally cellular, polyurethane ureas Oct. 13, 1981
4288566 Process for the production of highly elastic foams containing urethane groups from polyethers, modified polyisocyanates and cross-linking agents Sep. 8, 1981
4284729 Process for coloring thermosetting resins Aug. 18, 1981
4275169 Intumescent flexible polyurethane foam having incorporated into the reaction mixture an aliphatic aldehyde Jun. 23, 1981
4255529 Process for the preparation of cellular or non-cellular polyurethane resins Mar. 10, 1981
4247654 Alkoxylated formose polyols and their use in polyurethane plastics Jan. 27, 1981

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