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Class Information
Number: 52/122
Name: Static structures (e.g., buildings) >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
52/1 Controlled by condition responsive means 376
52/101 Animal blocking lateral projection, trap, or scarer 282
52/102 Earth-supported coping or edging 190
52/103 Land marker or monument 125
52/105 With indicia 267
52/106 Jail-type structure 80
52/107 Areaway; e.g., window well 48
52/108 Striplike unit, reversibly flexible and rigid 135
52/109 Lazy tong extension unit 102
52/11 Cover with surface water receiver at eave or valley 516
52/110 Shaft, vehicle shell attached; e.g., antenna 29
52/111 Mechanism operated relatively movable shaft assembly 116
52/122.1 With lifting or handling means for primary component or assembly 81
52/127.1 With adjunctive means for assembly or disassembly 102
52/128 Burial vault 45
52/143 With transporting feature 253
52/144 With exposed configuration having acoustical function 255
52/146 Vertical structure with brace, or guy, extending diagonally to a base 74
52/153 Shaft with embedding wing-type brace 40
52/155 Piercing or expanding earth anchor 256
52/166 Deadman-type anchor 115
52/167.1 Means compensating earth-transmitted force (e.g., earthquake) 563
52/168 With protective liquid supply 57
52/169.1 Specified terranean relationship 171
52/17 Insulated railway car-type roof 10
52/171.1 Viewing port for specific environment 41
52/171.2 Vehicle-type windshield defogger or deicer 71
52/171.3 Transparent panel having active treatment with gas or liquid 253
52/173.1 Combined 150
52/174 With traffic-guiding feature 123
52/177 Specified wear or friction-type traffic-carrying surface 469
52/18 Clerestory or saw-tooth roof 52
52/182 Stepped; e.g., stair 203
52/19 With entrance for persons or objects in horizontal or inclined cover 210
52/192 Fluent material hopper or storage container with material port 105
52/198 Enclosure or cover, with supplemental fluid-guiding port between ambient and enclosed usable space (e.g., roof ridge vent) 251
52/2.11 Shaped or strengthened by fluid pressure 154
52/200 Cupola or skylight 432
52/201 Bay window 29
52/202 Auxiliary imperforate panel-like shield attached to main panel, barrier, or frame 558
52/204.1 Framing to receive door, doorjamb, or window sash 323
52/204.5 Window or window sash, sill, mullion, or glazing 274
52/218 Flue with gaseous fluid-directing feature 64
52/219 Flue connection to building structure 155
52/22 Specified roof spaced from ceiling 100
52/220.1 Wall, ceiling, or floor designed for utilities 394
52/222 Tensioned or flexed sheet facing 384
52/223.1 With component having discrete prestressing means 108
52/23 Cover with exterior holddown 143
52/231 Monolith with sustainer and means tensioning additional reinforcement 23
52/232 Irreversibly reactive component 423
52/233 Log wall-type construction 221
52/234 Multiroom or level 119
52/24 Cover with projecting restrainer; e.g., snow stop 103
52/244 Tubular structure with exposed terminus edge protector 53
52/245 Curvilinear barrier 190
52/250 Intersection of a cast stonelike component (e.g., concrete floor or wall) to another component (e.g., wall) 103
52/261 Three-way corner construction (e.g., two walls and a floor) 31
52/27 Including component (e.g., wall) designed to receive a disparate article having disparate article mounted thereto 224
52/272 Intersection of wall to floor, ceiling, roof, or another wall (i.e., two-way corner construction) 107
52/287.1 Conduit, trim, or shield member at corner 463
52/289 Coplanar sustainers; e.g., joist to wall (see 52/702) 98
52/290 Opposed strip sections (baseboards) and outwardly extending sustainer 55
52/291 Adjustable stressing means; e.g., warp correction 69
52/292 Footing or foundation type 131
52/3 Article or material supported cover 251
52/300 Vertical structure with upper terminal bearing plate or cap 154
52/302.1 Wall, ceiling, floor, or roof designed for ventilation or drainage 579
52/306 Visible translucent block or embedded component 125
52/309.1 With synthetic resinous component 402
52/310 Means removing excess moisture from cast in situ mass 33
52/311.1 Ornamental: color, thickness variation, or dissimilar elements forming pattern 222
52/317 Draft stop between studs; e.g., fire stop 115
52/318 Monolithic barrier with revealed intersecting stiffeners; e.g., terrazo 27
52/319 Cast in situ concrete barrier with laterally projecting rib-type sustainer 41
52/342 Openly spaced slat-type lath 14
52/344 Settable material receiving backer fixed to furring, joist, or stud 61
52/364 Installed screed or unit with specified feature retaining penetrating fastener 84
52/378 Cast in situ loading bearing monolith with coextensive section and tie 94
52/380 Cast in situ barrier construction defining isolated space 23
52/384 Veneer tiles held by nonload-bearing grid 115
52/390 Adhered coplanar veneer tile-type facer; e.g., parquet 229
52/393 Relatively yieldable preformed separator (i.e., expansion joint) 171
52/403.1 Underlying compressible layer or pad (e.g., floor systems) 295
52/404.1 Insulating insert; e.g., filler in cavity in preconstructed or cast structure 299
52/408 Disparate sheet lamina between exposed surfaces of wall, floor, or roof (e.g., vapor barrier, waterproofing membrane) 448
52/41 Roof running board or saddle 8
52/414 Cast in situ composite slab (e.g., steel-concrete) 147
52/415 Facers; e.g., modules, mutually bonded by internal settable material section 45
52/443 With means (e.g., apertures, projections) for receiving settable material facing (e.g., plaster) 61
52/45 Railroad car roof construction 26
52/455 Sectioned imperforate facing within perpheral frame; e.g., plural panel door 286
52/459 Bridger strip hiding juncture of panels 89
52/473 Louvered panel 210
52/474 Facer held by stiffener-type frame 101
52/503 Hollow blocks arranged to form passageway 56
52/506.01 Sheetlike element assembled parallel to existing wall, ceiling, or floor (e.g., insulating panel, sheathing) 221
52/514 With means for split-prevention or damaged part repair 378
52/515 With disparate protective coating 119
52/518 Lapped multiplanar surfacing; e.g., shingle type 282
52/561 Laterally related, individually assembled courses 77
52/57 Roof finial or cresting 127
52/573.1 Including design feature (e.g., integral corrugation, tensioners) accommodating dimensional variation responsive to changing conditions 184
52/574 Identical blocks or modular panels fitted to reversed blocks or panels (e.g., t-shape attached to inverted t-shape) 78
52/575 Trapezoid-shaped block (e.g., keystone) 26
52/576 Having means (e.g., hollow form or core) forming cavity, core, or cell in slab 84
52/578 Module or panel having discrete edgewise or face-to-face connecting feature 244
52/58 Exterior-type flashing 391
52/596 Opaque stonelike module 149
52/6 With stadium or auditorium feature 178
52/63 Enclosure including flaccid nonmetallic or foraminous surfacing 399
52/630 Imperforate panel with integral reinforcing 231
52/631 Corner formed by laminate with bent facing section 98
52/632 Shaft or openwork, axially extensible 175
52/633 Openwork; e.g., truss, trellis, grille, screen, frame, or rebar chair 109
52/64 Barrier or major section mounted for in situ repositioning; e.g., rearrangeable or rotatable 390
52/698 Assembled in situ-type anchor or tie 358
52/716.1 In situ attached-type channel or trim strip (e.g., edging) 189
52/719 Crossed reinforcing rods with connector 65
52/720.1 Shaft (i.e., elongated rigid structure) 73
52/73 Rigid barrier cantilevered from vertical support 155
52/741.1 Processes 392
52/749.1 Machine or implement 281
52/750 Miscellaneous 64
52/782.1 Composite prefabricated panel including adjunctive means 119
52/79.1 Preassembled subenclosure or substructure section(s) of unit or building 564
52/80.1 Compound curve structure 190
52/82 Conical or radially ribbed cover 209
52/83 Cover or enclosure suspended by flexible means 121
52/84 Streamline cross-section; i.e., airfoil 34
52/85 Curvilinear portal with settable material backer 26
52/86 Vertically curved arch with terminal support 313
52/90.1 Inclined top cover (e.g., roof, a-frame) 199
52/900 Hazardous material permeation prevention (e.g., radon) 8
52/94 Gable or eave terminal construction 273
52/97 Externally projecting liquid deflector 204
52/98 Frangible section or means 451
52/DIG.1 Hand tools for assembling building components 133
52/DIG.10 Polyhedron 268
52/DIG.11 Mobile-structure stabilizing anchor 115
52/DIG.12 Temporary protective expedient 157
52/DIG.13 Velcro 207
52/DIG.14 Shelter shaped to article configuration 43
52/DIG.15 Seal for corrugated sheets 16
52/DIG.16 Roofing with pressure sensitive adhesive (e.g., shingle from 52/173) 40
52/DIG.17 With transparent walls or roof (e.g., sunroom) 56
52/DIG.2 Masonry lattice or openwork 18
52/DIG.3 Trailer or mobile home skirt 38
52/DIG.4 Magnetic connecting means for building components 86
52/DIG.5 Designed for thermal distortion 33
52/DIG.6 Toothed connecting means 72
52/DIG.7 Synthetic building materials, reinforcements and equivalents (e.g., rubinstein pats.) 63
52/DIG.8 Imitation beams 44
52/DIG.9 Structure including reclaimed component (e.g., trash) 157

Patents under this class:

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