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Number: 516/75
Name: Colloid systems and wetting agents; subcombinations thereof; processes of > Continuous liquid or supercritical phase: colloid systems; compositions an agent for making or stabilizing colloid systems; processes of making or stabilizing colloid systems; processes of preparing the compositions (e.g., micelle; thickening agent; protective colloid agent; composition containing an emulsifying agent with no dispersant disclosed; organic liquid emulsified in anhydrous hf) > Aqueous continuous liquid phase and discontinuous phase primarily organic liquid (e.g., organosilicon* oil- or mineral-oil*-in-water, o/w emulsion) > The agent contains organic compound containing oxygen > The compound contains -c(=o)oh or salt thereof (e.g., alkali metal soap) soap)
Description: Subject matter in which the organic* compound which contains oxygen contains -C(=O)OH group or salt thereof, such as, alkali metal soap. d (1) d ( ) Note. "-C(=O)OH group or salt thereof" does NOT include carboxylic acid esters (represented by -C(=O)OR where R is an organic* group).

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8492445 Emulsifying compositions based on alkyl polyglycosides and esters Jul. 23, 2013
8475774 Sunscreen compositions comprising an ultraviolet radiation-absorbing polymer Jul. 2, 2013
7776799 Cold rolling process for metals using an aqueous lubricant comprising at least one carboxylic acid, one phosphate ester and one wax Aug. 17, 2010
7718709 Oil-in-water emulsion composition May. 18, 2010
7662753 Degradable surfactants and methods for use Feb. 16, 2010
7608567 Degradable surfactants and methods for use Oct. 27, 2009
7345093 Methods of enhancing solubility of compounds Mar. 18, 2008
7273892 Reversible stabilized emulsion and method for stabilizing and/or destabilizing an emulsion Sep. 25, 2007
7214474 Wash composition with polymeric surfactant May. 8, 2007
7196041 Surfactant comprising alkali metal salt of 2-methyl oleic acid or 2-ethyl oleic acid Mar. 27, 2007
7105579 Method for controlling the stability of emulsions Sep. 12, 2006
7098250 Surfactant for emulsion polymerization Aug. 29, 2006
7094395 Pigment dispersion and related method of manufacture Aug. 22, 2006
7026361 Composition comprising ubiquinone Apr. 11, 2006
6984610 Acid based micro-emulsions of surfactants and solvents Jan. 10, 2006
6806238 Use of lamellar crystallites as extreme pressure additives in aqueous lubricants, lamellar crystallites and method for obtaining same Oct. 19, 2004
6780824 Emulsifier system, anti-corrosive and low-temperature lubricant emulsion Aug. 24, 2004
6749673 Biliquid foam furniture polish Jun. 15, 2004
6642307 Process for producing fluoropolymer Nov. 4, 2003
6593279 Acid based micro-emulsions Jul. 15, 2003
6593376 Amphiphilic compounds with at least two hydrophilic and at least two hydrophobic groups on a di-,oligo- or polyene base Jul. 15, 2003
6569939 Polymer composition for flexibilizing building materials May. 27, 2003
6387840 Oil soluble coking additive May. 14, 2002
6365774 Carboxylated surfactants Apr. 2, 2002
6316396 Amphiphilic compounds with at least two hydrophilic and at least two hydrophobic groups based on di-, oligo- or polyolethers Nov. 13, 2001
6176243 Composition for paraffin removal from oilfield equipment Jan. 23, 2001
6169054 Oil soluble coking additive, and method for making and using same Jan. 2, 2001
6153657 Process for producing a solvent-less O/W type emulsion Nov. 28, 2000
6037380 Ultra-fine microcrystalline cellulose compositions and process Mar. 14, 2000
5990180 Aqueous composition containing solubilized or dispersed oil-soluble substance Nov. 23, 1999
5941812 Storage-stable, concentrated surfactant composition based on alkylglucosides Aug. 24, 1999
5880213 Microemulsion polymerization systems for the production of small polytetrafluorethylene polymer particles Mar. 9, 1999
5869601 Method of stabilizing the viscosity of a thickened composition Feb. 9, 1999
5817254 Free-flowing emulsion concentrate Oct. 6, 1998
5746937 Oxygen absorbing composition May. 5, 1998
5746810 Aqueous emulsion of alkylalkoxysilane, process for the production thereof, and use thereof May. 5, 1998
5698138 Microemulsions based on three immiscible liquids comprising a perfluoropolyether Dec. 16, 1997
5693255 Oil-in-water type emulsion composition Dec. 2, 1997
5628930 Stabilization of fluorocarbon emulsions May. 13, 1997
5599870 Aqueous emulsion Feb. 4, 1997
5591568 High dye stability, high activity, low stain and low viscosity small particle yellow dispersion melt for color paper and other photographic systems Jan. 7, 1997
5591701 Iterated foam process and composition for well treatment Jan. 7, 1997
5589194 Method of encapsulation and microcapsules produced thereby Dec. 31, 1996
5589515 Cosmetic composition and an emulsion composition Dec. 31, 1996
5589322 Process for making a direct dispersion of a photographically useful material Dec. 31, 1996
5584920 Sulphonated hydrocracking residues as concrete admixtures Dec. 17, 1996
5556573 Process for the production of storable nonionic surfactants Sep. 17, 1996
5554576 Method and composition for enhancing uptake and transport of bioactive agents in plants Sep. 10, 1996
5554315 Foaming surfactant composition comprising fatty acid polyoxyalkylene lower alkyl ether and fatty acid monoglyceride Sep. 10, 1996
5552089 Liquid cleaning compositions with grease release agent Sep. 3, 1996

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