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Class Information
Number: 514/950
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Macromolecular (other than synthetic resins)
Description: Subject matter involving a solid carrier component which is a high molecular weight polymeric type material.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7919562 Preparation of supramolecular polymers containing sequence-selective hydrogen bonding subunits in their backbone which form double helices Apr. 5, 2011
7662409 Protein matrix materials, devices and methods of making and using thereof Feb. 16, 2010
7011854 Method for treating a mammal by administration of a compound having the ability to release CO, compounds having the ability to release CO and pharmaceutical compositions thereof Mar. 14, 2006
6903053 Agricultural items and agricultural methods comprising biodegradable copolymers Jun. 7, 2005
6703350 Agricultural chemicals composition, preparation thereof and the method for scattering the same Mar. 9, 2004
6669966 Compositions for facilitating skin growth and methods and articles using same Dec. 30, 2003
6667277 Water dispersible starch based physical form modification of agricultural agents Dec. 23, 2003
6440406 Attractant for monitoring and control of adult scarabs Aug. 27, 2002
6426317 Stable, high available halogen 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-trione compositions having rapid dissolution rates Jul. 30, 2002
6399624 Method and composition for inhibiting post-surgical adhesions Jun. 4, 2002
6375975 Pharmaceutical compositions for buccal and pulmonary application Apr. 23, 2002
6271200 Proteinic drug delivery system using aerosolized membrane-mimetic amphiphiles Aug. 7, 2001
6207654 Capillary membrane stabilization and reduction of inflammation during the course of chemotherapy or antiviral treatment through the use of biodegradable macromolecules and interleukin-2 Mar. 27, 2001
6197781 Pharmaceutical compositions Mar. 6, 2001
6187810 Macrocyclic compounds made from suboxide units Feb. 13, 2001
6080793 Cosmetically/pharmaceutically/hygienically-active supple doughs comprising heat-sensitive compounds Jun. 27, 2000
6060505 Method of treating cancer using C-26 modified bryostatin May. 9, 2000
6034088 Method and composition for inhibiting post-surgical adhesions Mar. 7, 2000
6004973 Pharmaceutical compositions comprising rafamycin coprecipitates Dec. 21, 1999
5968540 Method for controlling a target insect and hydrodynamic insect bait Oct. 19, 1999
5958874 Recombinant fibronectin-based extracellular matrix for wound healing Sep. 28, 1999
5919830 Stable non-aqueous blends for personal care compositions Jul. 6, 1999
5874417 Functionalized derivatives of hyaluronic acid Feb. 23, 1999
5785982 Dimethyl substituted oxymethyl cyclohexane derivatives for their insect repellency properties Jul. 28, 1998
5776856 Soluble polymer based matrix for chemically active water insoluble components Jul. 7, 1998
5776891 Compositions for reducing multidrug resistance Jul. 7, 1998
5747416 Herbicidal and insecticidal protein-polysaccharide delivery compositions and methods for controlling plant and insect populations May. 5, 1998
5691307 O.sup.6 -substituted guanine compositions and methods for depleting O.sup.6 Nov. 25, 1997
5681812 Methods and compositions for reducing multidrug resistance Oct. 28, 1997
5639796 Injectable medical composition and method of use Jun. 17, 1997
5624940 Aqueous solution inclusion complexes of benzothiophene compounds with water soluble cyclodextrins, and pharmaceutical formulations and methods thereof Apr. 29, 1997
5591715 Methods and compositions for reducing multidrug resistance Jan. 7, 1997
5422116 Liquid ophthalmic sustained release delivery system Jun. 6, 1995
5405877 Cyclic imide thione activated polyalkylene oxides Apr. 11, 1995
5179079 Nasal formulation and intranasal administration therewith Jan. 12, 1993
5141739 Delivery of x-ray contrast agents using receptor mediated endocytosis Aug. 25, 1992
4994444 Macromolecules for sealing capillary endothelial junctions Feb. 19, 1991
4981875 Medicaments for the region of the oral cavity Jan. 1, 1991
4946931 Polymers containing carboxy-ortho ester and ortho ester linkages Aug. 7, 1990
4943307 Plant-protective pesticidal composition Jul. 24, 1990
4873086 Hydrogels with increased organic solvent soluble active agent loading capacity, their preparation and the use thereof Oct. 10, 1989
4855132 Method of preparing bioerodible polymers having pH sensitivity in the acid range and resulting product Aug. 8, 1989
4789401 Soluble collagen sponge Dec. 6, 1988
4764364 Method of preparing bioerodible polymers having pH sensitivity in the acid range and resulting product Aug. 16, 1988

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