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Number: 514/891
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Kidney stone
Description: Subject matter involving the treatment or prevention of kidney stone.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8450089 Compounds as L-cystine crystallization inhibitors and uses thereof May. 28, 2013
7192609 Use of rare earth compounds for the prevention of kidney stone disease Mar. 20, 2007
7087223 Preventives and/or remedies for hyperphosphatemia Aug. 8, 2006
6887897 Calcium glutarate supplement and phosphorus binder May. 3, 2005
6866651 Methods and devices for the in situ dissolution of renal calculi Mar. 15, 2005
6613802 Use of (-) (3-trihalomethylphenoxy) (4-halophenyl) acetic acid derivatives for treatment of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia Sep. 2, 2003
6242230 Process for microencapsulating cells Jun. 5, 2001
6033888 Process for microencapsulating cells Mar. 7, 2000
5888986 Method for treating the urinary bladder and associated structures using hyaluronic acid Mar. 30, 1999
5604103 Kit for detection of clinical marker in kidney stone disease Feb. 18, 1997
5591730 Inhibition of urinary calculi growth Jan. 7, 1997
5591724 Method for treating the urinary bladder and associated structures using hyaluronic acid Jan. 7, 1997
5304496 Biological regulation of mineralization Apr. 19, 1994
5266595 Method for treatment of cystinuria Nov. 30, 1993
5234696 Method of producing tablets, tablets produced thereby, and method of treatment using same Aug. 10, 1993
5137722 Extract and pharmaceutical composition for treatment of calcium oxalate stone disease Aug. 11, 1992
4966776 Compositions and methods of treating calcium renal stones Oct. 30, 1990
4931440 Uricosuric composition Jun. 5, 1990
4902718 Calcium homeostasis compositions and methods for controlling calcium metabolism Feb. 20, 1990
4888182 Compositions and methods of treating calcium renal stones Dec. 19, 1989
4883791 25S,26-dihydroxycholecalciferol in the treatment of hypercalcitriolemic disease states Nov. 28, 1989
4866047 Method for inhibiting the formation of urinary calculus utilizing 24,25-(OH).sub.2 -D.sub.3 Sep. 12, 1989
4863898 Amino acid chelated compositions for delivery to specific biological tissue sites Sep. 5, 1989
4851221 Liquid calcium supplementation from readily soluble mixtures of calcium compound and citric acid Jul. 25, 1989
4849452 Nephro-urological medicament Jul. 18, 1989
4845125 Chemolytic EDTA-citric acid composition for dissolution of calculi Jul. 4, 1989
4814177 Ultradense and more soluble and bioavailable preparations of calcium citrate Mar. 21, 1989
4774258 Treatment of urinary calculi Sep. 27, 1988
4772467 Osteoporosis inhibition by dietary calcium supplementation Sep. 20, 1988
4448786 4-Naphthyl and substituted naphthyl-3-hydroxy-3-pyrroline-2,5-diones and their use as inhibitors of glycolic acid oxidase May. 15, 1984
4439449 Medicament for diminution of oxalate development and excretion in urine Mar. 27, 1984
4432992 4-[5(and 4)-Substituted-2-thienyl]-3-hydroxy-3-pyrroline-2,5-dione inhibitors of glycolic acid oxidase Feb. 21, 1984
4431652 4-Hydroxy-5-substituted-3(2H)-isothiazolone-1,1-dioxide derivatives useful in treating urinary tract calcium oxalate lithiasis Feb. 14, 1984
4431660 (4'-Biphenylyloxy and-thio-oxy)-3-hydroxy-3-pyrroline-2,5-diones and a method of treating calcium oxalate renal lithiasis therewith Feb. 14, 1984
4428959 4-Alkylsubstituted-3-hydroxy-3-pyrroline-2,5-dione inhibitors of glycolic acid oxidase Jan. 31, 1984
4428956 4-Hydroxy-5-substituted-3-(2H)-isothiazolone-1,1-dioxide derivatives useful in treating urinary tract calcium oxalate lithiasis Jan. 31, 1984
4423063 2,4-Dioxo-4-substituted-1-butaoic acid derivatives useful in treating urinary track calcium oxalate lithiasis Dec. 27, 1983
4377588 4-(Substituted thiazolyl)-3-hydroxy-3-pyrroline-2,5-dione inhibitors of glycolic acid oxidase Mar. 22, 1983
4349561 4-Substituted-3-hydroxy-3-pyrroline-2,5-dione inhibitors of glycolic acid oxidase Sep. 14, 1982
4336397 2,4-Dioxo-4-substituted-1-butanoic acid derivatives useful in treating urinary tract calcium oxalate lithiasis Jun. 22, 1982
4298743 4-(Substituted phenyl thiazolyl)-3-hydroxy-3-pyrroline-2,5-diones Nov. 3, 1981
4263272 Pharmaceutical composition of prolonged action containing bile acids Apr. 21, 1981
4256758 4-Substituted-3-hydroxy-3-pyrroline-2,5-dione inhibitors of glycolic acid oxidase Mar. 17, 1981
4241047 Novel medicinal composition for the treatment of biliary lithiasis Dec. 23, 1980
4233452 Derivatives of glycolic and glyoxylic acid as inhibitors of glycolic acid oxidase Nov. 11, 1980
4178386 Inhibitors of glycolic acid oxidase Dec. 11, 1979
4083972 Compositions for inhibiting anomalous deposition and mobilization of calcium phosphate in animal tissue Apr. 11, 1978
4057630 Antiarthritic compositions comprising bis-coordinated gold(1+) salts and methods of producing antiarthritic activity Nov. 8, 1977
3988443 Azacycloalkane-2,2-diphosphonic acids Oct. 26, 1976
3984543 Therapeutic methods employing cyclic aminophosphonic acids Oct. 5, 1976

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