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Class Information
Number: 514/816
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Anesthetic, general
Description: Subject matter involving a general anesthetic effect.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8648106 Dexmedetomidine premix formulation Feb. 11, 2014
8455527 Methods of treatment using a dexmedetomidine premix formulation Jun. 4, 2013
8436033 Methods of treatment using a dexmedetomidine premix formulation May. 7, 2013
8383687 Microemulsion preparation of high concentration propofol for anesthetic uses Feb. 26, 2013
8338470 Dexmedetomidine premix formulation Dec. 25, 2012
8252308 Feminine anti-itch gel Aug. 28, 2012
8241660 Patch for the expulsion of insect poison from the skin after stings from membranous insects (hymenoptera) Aug. 14, 2012
8242158 Dexmedetomidine premix formulation Aug. 14, 2012
8222300 Methods of treating parkinson's disease using halogenated volatile compounds Jul. 17, 2012
7981931 Pharmaceutical compositions of short-acting sedative hypnotic agent Jul. 19, 2011
7816409 Stable pharmaceutical composition of fluoroether compound for anesthetic use method for stabilizing a fluoroether compound, use of stabilizer agent for precluding the degradation of a fluoroet Oct. 19, 2010
7790766 Pharmaceutical compositions of short-acting sedative hypnotic agent Sep. 7, 2010
7767195 Method for inducing a psychotic state in an animal and a high throughput assay method for identifying a candidate agent having anti-psychotic properties Aug. 3, 2010
7666914 Topical preparation and method for transdermal delivery and localization of therapeutic agents Feb. 23, 2010
7632872 Analgesic agent for newborn or fetal subjects Dec. 15, 2009
7608636 Medicines for treatment and prevention of neurogenic pain Oct. 27, 2009
7442383 Use of xenon for the control of neurological deficits associated with cardiopulmonary bypass Oct. 28, 2008
7439270 Drugs for spinal anesthesia Oct. 21, 2008
7244718 Water soluble prodrugs of hindered alcohols Jul. 17, 2007
7097849 Injectable aqueous dispersions of propofol Aug. 29, 2006
7091249 Drugs for spinal anesthesia Aug. 15, 2006
7090866 Opioid agonist in a fast dispersing dosage form Aug. 15, 2006
7041705 Injectable aqueous dispersions of propofol May. 9, 2006
7030100 Isoform specific inhibition for treatment of pain and reduction of anesthetic threshold Apr. 18, 2006
6946145 Block copolymers based on poly(ortho esters) containing amine groups Sep. 20, 2005
6936605 Pharmaceutical composition Aug. 30, 2005
6872390 Local anesthetic methods and kits Mar. 29, 2005
6866860 Cationic alkyd polyesters for medical applications Mar. 15, 2005
6818234 Dietary food supplement containing natural cyclooxygenase inhibitors and methods for inhibiting pain and inflammation Nov. 16, 2004
6774131 Remedies for endothelin-induced diseases Aug. 10, 2004
6764678 Local anesthetic methods and kits Jul. 20, 2004
6713527 Anaesthetic bone cement Mar. 30, 2004
6680071 Opioid agonist in a fast dispersing dosage form Jan. 20, 2004
6653354 NMDA antagonist comprising xenon Nov. 25, 2003
6638966 Use of melatonin analogues for induction of general anesthesia Oct. 28, 2003
6635236 Method for treating podotrochlosis Oct. 21, 2003
6562855 Anaesthetic formulation comprising an NMDA-antagoinst and an alpha-2 adrenergic agonist May. 13, 2003
6552064 Use of melatonin for induction of general anesthesia Apr. 22, 2003
6534547 Propofol-based anesthetic and method of making same Mar. 18, 2003
6432401 Local anesthetic methods and kits Aug. 13, 2002
6399087 Propofol formulation with enhanced microbial inhibition Jun. 4, 2002
6355705 Anaesthetic bone cement Mar. 12, 2002
6329369 Methods of treating pain and other conditions Dec. 11, 2001
6303156 Noninvasive method for increasing or decreasing the body temperature of a patient Oct. 16, 2001
6288127 Fluoroether compositions and methods for inhibiting their degradation in the presence of a Lewis acid Sep. 11, 2001
6274633 NMDA antagonist Aug. 14, 2001
6224875 Tanacetum parthenium extract and method of obtaining same May. 1, 2001
6197323 Medicinal preparation containing a lipophilic inert gas Mar. 6, 2001
6150423 Propofol-based anesthetic and method of making same Nov. 21, 2000
6143736 Methods, compositions, and compounds for allosteric modulation of the GABA receptor by members of the androstane and pregnane series Nov. 7, 2000

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