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Class Information
Number: 514/684
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Designated organic active ingredient containing (doai) > Ketone doai > Benzene ring containing > Plural rings > Alicyclic ring > Five-membered alicyclic ring
Description: Subject matter which contains a five-membered alicyclic ring.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8030359 Polymer formulations of CETP inhibitors Oct. 4, 2011
7091241 Nontoxic potentiation/sensitization of cancer therapy by supplementary treatment with combined vitamins C and K.sub.3 Aug. 15, 2006
7064148 Chloride channel opener Jun. 20, 2006
6887904 Substituted arylcycloalkanes, compositions containing them and use thereof May. 3, 2005
6806264 Arylphenyl-substituted cyclic ketoenols Oct. 19, 2004
6777447 Derivatives of benzylidene cyclohexanone, benzylidene cyclopentanone, and benzylidene acetone, and therapeutic uses thereof Aug. 17, 2004
6514934 Imidazoline .alpha.-adrenergic receptor antagonist compounds in combination with nitric oxide donors, compositions and methods of use Feb. 4, 2003
6251833 2-arylcyclopentan-1,3-diones Jun. 26, 2001
6172118 Compounds Jan. 9, 2001
6150374 Substituted cycloalkenes, process of preparing them and method of using them as pesticides Nov. 21, 2000
6121330 5-Hydroxyalkyl substituted phenyls and their use in medicaments for the treatment of arteriosclerosis and hyperlipoproteinaemia Sep. 19, 2000
6107346 Methods for treating hyperlipidemia Aug. 22, 2000
6075044 Heterocyclic derivatives as inhibitors of purine salvage phosphoribosyltransferases Jun. 13, 2000
6051588 Nitroso esters of .beta.-oxo-amides and aryl propionic acid derivatives of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs Apr. 18, 2000
6048877 Tetralone derivatives as antiarrhythmic agents Apr. 11, 2000
5994294 Nitrosated and nitrosylated .alpha.-adrenergic receptor antagonist compounds, compositions and their uses Nov. 30, 1999
5843869 Inhibitors of hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase and an assay for identification of inhibitors Dec. 1, 1998
5840658 Process for the controlled fixing of scale inhibitor in a subterranean formation Nov. 24, 1998
5677336 Non-steroid androgen receptor antagonist compounds and methods Oct. 14, 1997
5665773 Cloprostenol and fluprostenol analogues and their use to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension Sep. 9, 1997
5663180 Substituted cyclopentenes for the treatment of inflammation Sep. 2, 1997
5618547 Control of ectoparasites Apr. 8, 1997
5618837 PDGF antagonists III Apr. 8, 1997
5455265 Method of treatment with compounds having selective agonist-like activity on RXR retinoid receptors Oct. 3, 1995
5149711 2-cyclopentenone derivatives Sep. 22, 1992
5116869 2-substituted-2-cyclopentenones May. 26, 1992
5106407 Iodones and methods for antimicrobial use Apr. 21, 1992
5047420 1,3-diaryl cyclopentanes and derivatives thereof as PAF antagonists Sep. 10, 1991
4981872 Prostaglandin derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic use Jan. 1, 1991
4952401 Rodenticide for toxic wick Aug. 28, 1990
4871756 Leukotriene antagonists Oct. 3, 1989
4845129 Diaryl substituted cyclopentane and cyclopentene derivatives Jul. 4, 1989
4843097 10-aryl-1,8-dihydroxy-9-anthrones and their esters, process for preparing same, and use of same in human and veterinary medicine and in cosmetics Jun. 27, 1989
4829091 Process for the preparation of ketones and novel insecticides produced therefrom May. 9, 1989
4713392 Pesticides Dec. 15, 1987
4675341 [(5,6-dichloro-3-oxo-9a-propyl-2,3,9,9a-tetrahydrofluoren-7-yl)o xy]ethanol and its derivatives Jun. 23, 1987
4395417 Antihyperlipidemic compositions Jul. 26, 1983
4390537 1-(Substituted-aminoalkoxyphenyl)-2-methylene-1-alkanones, compositions and use Jun. 28, 1983
4333948 Pharmaceutical formulations containing prostaglandin Jun. 8, 1982
4184879 Endodontical treatment paste Jan. 22, 1980
4158062 Cyclopentane derivatives Jun. 12, 1979
4130666 Anti-inflammatory method Dec. 19, 1978

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