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Number: 514/584
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Designated organic active ingredient containing (doai) > Nitrogen containing other than solely as a nitrogen in an inorganic ion of an addition salt, a nitro or a nitroso doai > Thioureas (i.e., n-c(=s)-n > C=o, sulfur or cyano attached directly to thiourea nitrogen by nonionic bonding
Description: Subject matter wherein a thiourea nitrogen has a carbonyl, sulfur or nitrile (cyano) group directly attached by nonionic bonding.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8653113 Fungicidal composition and method for controlling plant diseases Feb. 18, 2014
8535698 Granular water dispersible agent and production process Sep. 17, 2013
RE43816 Granular water dispersible agent and production process Nov. 20, 2012
8298558 Granular water dispersible agent and production process Oct. 30, 2012
7883716 Granular water dispersible agent and production process Feb. 8, 2011
7323496 Compounds for treatment of inflammation, diabetes and related disorders Jan. 29, 2008
7169815 3-methoxybenzyl thiourea derivatives and improved lipid compositions containing same Jan. 30, 2007
7094807 Substituted aryl thioureas and related compounds; inhibitors of viral replication Aug. 22, 2006
6723751 Crystalline forms of the sodium salt of 5-chloro-2-methoxy-N-(2-(4-methoxy-3-methylaminothiocarbonylaminosulfonylp enyl)ethyl)benzamide Apr. 20, 2004
6511989 Acylaminoalkyl-substituted benzenesulfonamide derivatives, their preparation, their use and pharmaceutical preparations comprising them Jan. 28, 2003
6454951 Photosensitive composition Sep. 24, 2002
6350778 Cinnamoylaminoalkyl-substituted benzenesulfonamide derivatives, processes for their preparation, their use, and pharmaceutical preparations comprising them Feb. 26, 2002
6348493 Treatment and prevention of hepatic disorders Feb. 19, 2002
5980926 Water dispersible granule Nov. 9, 1999
5952386 Dihalopropene compounds, insecticides containing them as active ingredients, and intermediates for their production Sep. 14, 1999
5929117 Immunotherapeutic agents Jul. 27, 1999
5854288 Use of benzoylureas for controlling house dust mites Dec. 29, 1998
5652268 Substituted benzenesulfonylureas and-thioureas, processes for their preparation, their use as a medicament or diagnostic, and medicament containing them Jul. 29, 1997
5633239 Substituted benzenesulfonylureas and -thioureas, processes for their preparation, their use for the production of pharmaceutical preparations, and medicaments containing them May. 27, 1997
5607976 Substituted benzenesulfonyl-thioureas and pharmaceutical preparations containing them Mar. 4, 1997
5476850 Amino-substituted benzenesulfonylureas and -thioureas and their use as pharmaceuticals Dec. 19, 1995
5395853 Anti-atherosclerotic diaryl compounds Mar. 7, 1995
5371102 Compositions and methods of inhibiting thyroid activity Dec. 6, 1994
5290814 Anti-atherosclerotic diaryl compounds Mar. 1, 1994
5288758 New urea derivatives, their preparation and their application in therapy Feb. 22, 1994
5155135 Benzamide compounds, their preparation and their use as pesticides Oct. 13, 1992
5116875 Benzoylurea derivative and its production and use May. 26, 1992
5096928 Insecticidal substituted benzoyl(thio) ureas Mar. 17, 1992
5001157 Substituted N-[[2-(aminocarbonyl)phenylamino]thioxomethyl]benzamides Mar. 19, 1991
4954529 (Thio)benzoylureas and functional derivatives thereof, processes for their preparation, agents containing them and their use as agents for combating pests Sep. 4, 1990
4920135 Insecticidal ureas and thioureas Apr. 24, 1990
4873264 Novel pesticidal 1-(alkyl-phenoxy-aryl)-3-benzoyl ureas and process for preparation Oct. 10, 1989
4833151 Insecticidal Ureas and thioureas May. 23, 1989
4789686 Process for the preparation of an aqueous solution of the sodium salt of methionine Dec. 6, 1988
4782090 Benzoyl(thio)urea pesticides Nov. 1, 1988
4782091 Benzoyl(thio)urea arthropodicides Nov. 1, 1988
4774260 Novel benzoylurea pesticides Sep. 27, 1988
4734436 Benzoylphenylurea derivative and its use as an insecticide Mar. 29, 1988
4713396 Benzoylurea derivatives Dec. 15, 1987
4708868 Oral anti-diabetic pharmaceutical forms and the preparation thereof Nov. 24, 1987
4701457 Amidinoureas for treating irritable bowel syndrome Oct. 20, 1987
4665097 Novel bicyclooxyaryl thioureas and process for preparation May. 12, 1987
4659736 Benzoyl urea compounds as agents for repelling snails and slugs Apr. 21, 1987
4609676 Benzoylurea compounds, and pesticidal and pharmaceutical compositions comprising same Sep. 2, 1986
4607044 Insecticidal use of ureas and thioureas Aug. 19, 1986
4543352 Naphthalene aminoalkylene ethers and thioethers, and their pharmaceutical uses Sep. 24, 1985
4533676 2,5-Dihalogenobenzoyl-(thio)urea insecticides Aug. 6, 1985
4288454 Antiviral 1-adamantyl-3-(phenylsulfonyl)thioureas Sep. 8, 1981
4276310 Combating pests with N-(4-substituted-phenyl)-N'-(2-substituted-benzoyl)-thioureas Jun. 30, 1981
4160037 Compounds, compositions and methods of combatting pest employing thioureas Jul. 3, 1979

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