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Number: 514/328
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Designated organic active ingredient containing (doai) > Heterocyclic carbon compounds containing a hetero ring having chalcogen (i.e., o,s,se or te) or nitrogen as the only ring hetero atoms doai > Hetero ring is six-membered consisting of one nitrogen and five carbon atoms > Piperidines > Additional ring containing > Chalcogen bonded directly to ring carbon of the piperidine ring > Plural chalcogens bonded directly to ring carbons of the piperidine ring
Description: Subject matter wherein at least two chalcogens (i.e., oxygen, sulfur, selenium or tellurium) are bonded directly to ring carbons of the piperidine rings.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8673935 Drugs for the treatment of sarcogylcanopathies Mar. 18, 2014
8642622 Piperidinyl compound as a modulator of chemokine receptor activity Feb. 4, 2014
8569342 Diastereomers of 4-aryloxy-3-hydroxypiperidines Oct. 29, 2013
8501782 Piperidinyl derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity Aug. 6, 2013
8450345 Iminosugars and methods of treating viral diseases May. 28, 2013
8426445 Iminosugars and methods of treating bunyaviral and togaviral diseases Apr. 23, 2013
8367705 Iminosugars and methods of treating bunyaviral and togaviral diseases Feb. 5, 2013
8211916 N- and O-substituted 4-[2-(diphenylmethoxy)-ethyl]-1-[(phenyl)methyl]piperidine analogs and methods of treating CNS disorders therewith Jul. 3, 2012
7985760 Piperidinetriol derivatives as inhibitors of glycosyceramid synthase Jul. 26, 2011
7872010 Substituted diazabicycloalkane derivatives having affinity for nicotinic acetylcholine receptors Jan. 18, 2011
7846945 Piperdine-based inhibitors of sodium glucose co-transporter 2 and methods of their use Dec. 7, 2010
7829579 Method for the treatment of neurological disorders by enhancing the activity of .beta.-glucocerebrosidase Nov. 9, 2010
7776876 Cyclic G-2Allylproline in treatment of Parkinson's disease Aug. 17, 2010
7741340 Hydroxy piperidine derivatives to treat gaucher disease Jun. 22, 2010
7728008 N-linked heterocyclic antagonists of P2Y.sub.1 receptor useful in the treatment of thrombotic conditions Jun. 1, 2010
7638488 Use of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors to treat alphavirus infections Dec. 29, 2009
7595331 N-and O-substituted 4-[2-(diphenylmethoxy)-ethyl]-1-[(phenyl)methyl]piperidine analogs and methods of treating CNS disorders therewith Sep. 29, 2009
7514454 Piperidin-2,6-dione pamoate salts and their use for the treatment of stress-related affective disorders Apr. 7, 2009
7504419 Diastereomers of 4-aryloxy-3-hydroxypiperidines Mar. 17, 2009
7348000 Therapeutic compositions and methods of treating glycolipid storage related disorders Mar. 25, 2008
7189742 Piperidin-2,6-dione bisulphate salts and their use for the treatment of stress related affective disorders Mar. 13, 2007
7078400 20-HETE synthase inhibitor Jul. 18, 2006
7060713 Substituted piperidines Jun. 13, 2006
7034015 Aminobenzoephenones Apr. 25, 2006
RE38934 Method and reagents for N-alkylating ureides Jan. 10, 2006
6943179 Biurethane derivatives Sep. 13, 2005
6916833 Substituted piperidines Jul. 12, 2005
6890939 Aminopyrrolidine sulfonamides as serine protease inhibitors May. 10, 2005
6864254 Inhibitor for 20-hete-yielding enzyme Mar. 8, 2005
6750228 Aromatic sulfone hydroxamic acid metalloprotease inhibitor Jun. 15, 2004
6730677 Benzofurazan compounds which enhance AMPA receptor activity May. 4, 2004
6713492 N-acyloxylated cycloalkyl compounds, composition containing the same and methods of use therefor Mar. 30, 2004
6699881 Thiol compounds, their production and use Mar. 2, 2004
6696059 Combination drug therapy for glycolipid storage diseases Feb. 24, 2004
6660749 Inhibition of glycolipid biosynthesis Dec. 9, 2003
6656937 Substituted glutarimides and their use as inhibitors of IL-12 production Dec. 2, 2003
6610709 2-n-substituted or unsubstituted-2-amino-5-methylpiperidine-3,4-diols and processes for the preparation thereof Aug. 26, 2003
6545021 Use of substituted-1,5-dideoxy-1,5-imino-D-glucitol compounds for treating hepatitis virus infections Apr. 8, 2003
6495570 Combination drug therapy for glycolipid storage diseases Dec. 17, 2002
6476053 Mycobacterial inhibitors Nov. 5, 2002
6465487 Inhibition of membrane-associated viral replication Oct. 15, 2002
6432985 Neuroprotective substituted piperidine compounds with activity as NMDA NR2B subtype selective antagonists Aug. 13, 2002
6242466 Substituted phenylamidines Jun. 5, 2001
6232325 Benzamidine derivatives substituted by cyclic amino acid and cyclic hydroxy acid derivatves and their use as anti-coagulants May. 15, 2001
6225325 Use of alkylated iminosugars to treat multidrug resistance May. 1, 2001
6191156 Compositions and methods for treating bladder dysfunction Feb. 20, 2001
6110935 Benzofurazan compounds for enhancing glutamatergic synaptic responses Aug. 29, 2000
6080742 Substituted benzamides Jun. 27, 2000
6048849 Formulations and methods of reducing toxicity of antineoplastic agents Apr. 11, 2000
6046214 Heterocyclic compounds Apr. 4, 2000

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