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Class Information
Number: 505/843
Name: Superconductor technology: apparatus, material, process > Apparatus, per se, device, per se, or process of making or operating same > Measuring and testing: (classes 73, 324, 356, and 374) > Electrical: (class 324)
Description: Subject matter wherein the method or apparatus for calibrating, inspecting, measuring, sampling, or testing either, (a) detects an electrical property of matter, or (b) detects a nonelectrical property by using an electrical principle of operation.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
505/845 Magnetometer: (class 324/248) 38
505/844 Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) system or device: (class 324) 55

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6494091 Apparatus for measuring a gravitational attraction of the earth Dec. 17, 2002
5936394 Method and apparatus for measuring critical current value of superconducting wire Aug. 10, 1999
5753935 Superconductive tunnel junction array radiation detector May. 19, 1998
5633583 Magnetic telescope with enhanced noise suppression May. 27, 1997
5619141 Thermopower mapping of superconducting cuprates Apr. 8, 1997
5463518 Magnetic head and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus using a superconducting quantum interference device Oct. 31, 1995
5406847 Superconducting gyroscope Apr. 18, 1995
5339025 Method for determining the granular nature of superconductors using pulsed current Aug. 16, 1994
5283524 AC magnetic susceptometer with odd harmonic measurement for analyzing superconductive magnetic materials Feb. 1, 1994
5280240 Methodology using odd harmonic components of an induced magnetic field for analyzing superconducting magnetic materials and their properties Jan. 18, 1994
5227720 Apparatus and method using a bifilar coil with an integrated loop/switch for resistance measurement of superconductors Jul. 13, 1993
5223798 Method for measuring the resistive transition and critical current in superconductors using pulsed current Jun. 29, 1993
5179342 Superconductor quench measuring device which evaluates reflected pulses Jan. 12, 1993
5134360 Apparatus and method for critical current measurements Jul. 28, 1992
5126655 Apparatus for observing a superconductive phenomenon in a superconductor Jun. 30, 1992
5113135 Critical field and continuity testing method and device for superconducting materials using the change in internal area of a superconducting loop May. 12, 1992
5065087 Apparatus for observing a superconductive phenomenon in a superconductor Nov. 12, 1991
5063472 Device for detecting superconductor quenching and application to a superconducting current limiter Nov. 5, 1991
5059891 Microwave method for detection of weak links in superconductors Oct. 22, 1991
5053707 Apparatus for positioning a pick-up coil for detecting magnetic flux quantum trapped in a superconductor Oct. 1, 1991
5053705 Read/write coaxial magnetic head for use with apparatus for measuring the surface of superconductors Oct. 1, 1991
5030912 Apparatus and method for mapping inhomogeneities on the surface of bulk and thin film superconductors Jul. 9, 1991
5015952 Apparatus for characterizing conductivity of materials by measuring the effect of induced shielding currents therein May. 14, 1991
5004726 Apparatus and methodology for the non-contact testing of materials for superconductivity by detecting odd harmonics above a threshold Apr. 2, 1991
4978922 Superconducting sensor for quench detection in a superconductor Dec. 18, 1990
4959614 Apparatus for determining microwave characteristics of superconductive materials using a resonant cavity and calibration waveguides Sep. 25, 1990
4931732 Magnetic flexure system for determining superconductive properties of a sample Jun. 5, 1990
4912408 Distance measuring system using superconducting quantum interference device Mar. 27, 1990
4904929 Method for detection of weak links in the current path of electrically continuous superconductors Feb. 27, 1990
4873482 Superconducting transmission line particle detector Oct. 10, 1989
4851762 Novel technique using magnetic field dependent phase detection for detection of superconductivity Jul. 25, 1989
4687987 Beam current sensor Aug. 18, 1987
4629536 Multilayer depth profile method Dec. 16, 1986
4605897 Apparatus and method for distance determination between a receiving device and a transmitting device utilizing a curl-free magnetic vector potential field Aug. 12, 1986
4581580 Intentionally non-orthogonal correction coils for high-homogeneity magnets Apr. 8, 1986
4563648 Geometric compensation of magnetic susceptibility perturbations in an RF spectrometer Jan. 7, 1986
4535291 Method for superconducting magnet shimming Aug. 13, 1985
4498046 Room temperature cryogenic test interface Feb. 5, 1985
4460869 Determining the state of the surface of a moving body using eddy currents to obtain first and second runout profiles of the body Jul. 17, 1984
4180769 Superconducting solenoid with compensation for axial gradients Dec. 25, 1979
4079730 Apparatus for measuring externally of the human body magnetic susceptibility changes Mar. 21, 1978
3980076 Method for measuring externally of the human body magnetic susceptibility changes Sep. 14, 1976

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