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Number: 502/425
Name: Catalyst, solid sorbent, or support therefor: product or process of making > Solid sorbent > Free carbon containing > Process utilizing solid or liquid source carbonizable material, or product thereof > Adding nongaseous inorganic, or inorganic yielding component, prior to or during process > Phosphorus containing
Description: Subject matter in which the inorganic component includes element number 15.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8709972 Methods of forming activated carbons Apr. 29, 2014
8524632 High-capacitance and low-oxygen porous carbon for EDLCs Sep. 3, 2013
8263524 Environmentally benign sorbents for removing mercury from flue gas Sep. 11, 2012
7932209 Solid matter A, liquid matter B produced by using the A, liquid heating matter produced by using the B and method for producing the heating matter Apr. 26, 2011
7727932 Activated carbon fibers and engineered forms from renewable resources Jun. 1, 2010
7678738 Method for treating saturated activated coke Mar. 16, 2010
6599856 Formed activated carbon and process for producing the same Jul. 29, 2003
6589904 Activated carbon and method for producing it Jul. 8, 2003
6573212 Method of making shaped activated carbon Jun. 3, 2003
6471923 Process for adsorbing and desording oxides of nitrogen Oct. 29, 2002
6277780 Preparation of phosphorus-treated activated carbon composition Aug. 21, 2001
6225256 Activated carbon feedstock May. 1, 2001
6187713 Method of making activated carbon bodies having improved adsorption properties Feb. 13, 2001
6140493 Method of synthesizing diverse collections of oligomers Oct. 31, 2000
6060424 High energy density carbons for use in double layer energy storage devices May. 9, 2000
6043183 High power density carbons for use in double layer energy storage devices Mar. 28, 2000
5965483 Highly microporous carbons and process of manufacture Oct. 12, 1999
5710092 Highly microporous carbon Jan. 20, 1998
5626637 Low pressure methane storage with highly microporous carbons May. 6, 1997
5538932 Preparation of high activity, high density activated carbon with activatable binder Jul. 23, 1996
5416056 Production of highly microporous activated carbon products May. 16, 1995
5391534 Process for producing activated charcoal Feb. 21, 1995
5324703 Method of preparation of gasoline vapor adsorptive activated carbon Jun. 28, 1994
5304527 Preparation for high activity, high density carbon Apr. 19, 1994
5276000 Preparation for high activity, high density carbon Jan. 4, 1994
5250491 Preparation of high activity, high density activated carbon Oct. 5, 1993
5238470 Emission control device Aug. 24, 1993
5212144 Process for making chemically activated carbon May. 18, 1993
5206207 Preparation for high activity high density carbon Apr. 27, 1993
5204310 High activity, high density activated carbon Apr. 20, 1993
5202302 Preparation of activated carbons by impregnation with a boron compound and a phosphorus compound Apr. 13, 1993
5162286 Method of producing granular activated carbon Nov. 10, 1992
5143889 Active carbon and processes for preparation of same Sep. 1, 1992
5102855 Process for producing high surface area activated carbon Apr. 7, 1992
5039651 Chemically activated shaped carbon, process for producing same and use thereof Aug. 13, 1991
4988569 Complex phosphate adsorbent of MgO-TiO.sub.2 Jan. 29, 1991
4760046 Process for the production of activated carbons using phoshoric acid Jul. 26, 1988
4528281 Carbon molecular sieves and a process for their preparation and use Jul. 9, 1985
4521528 Preparation of zirconium phosphate activated carbon adsorbent Jun. 4, 1985
4471072 Preparation of carbonaceous pyropolymers Sep. 11, 1984
4460708 Production of activated carbon fibers from acid contacted polybenzimidazole fibrous material Jul. 17, 1984
4412937 Method for manufacture of activated carbon fiber Nov. 1, 1983
4285831 Process for production of activated carbon fibers Aug. 25, 1981
4264320 Production of black flame-resistant flexible textile materials Apr. 28, 1981
4256607 Process for production of activated carbon fibers Mar. 17, 1981
4242226 Filter material and a method of manufacturing and using the same Dec. 30, 1980
4157314 Granular activated carbon manufacture from sub-bituminous coal treated with dilute inorganic acid: direct activation method Jun. 5, 1979
4155878 Process for making activated carbon with control of metal ion concentration in phosphoric acid May. 22, 1979
4149994 Granular activated carbon manufacture from brown coal treated with dilute inorganic acid Apr. 17, 1979
4148753 Neutralization of phosphoric acid activated carbon Apr. 10, 1979

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