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Number: 502/408
Name: Catalyst, solid sorbent, or support therefor: product or process of making > Solid sorbent > Silicon containing > Acid treated
Description: Composition in which the silicon material is contacted with a proton donor.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8518856 Solid-state hydrogen storage media and catalytic hydrogen recharging thereof Aug. 27, 2013
8338329 Fluid filtration medium Dec. 25, 2012
8039653 Methods and apparatus for removal of degradation byproducts and contaminants from oil for use in preparation of biodiesel Oct. 18, 2011
7825066 Rapid formaldehyde neutralization using chemically treated dry materials Nov. 2, 2010
7736611 Agglomerates of precipitated silica, method for their preparation and their use as filter medium for gas filtration Jun. 15, 2010
7678178 Method and system for treating metal-containing fluid emissions Mar. 16, 2010
7579299 Semi-synthetic bleaching earth Aug. 25, 2009
7537742 Process and adsorbent for hydrogen purification May. 26, 2009
7354750 Methods for separating molecules Apr. 8, 2008
7304016 Compositions for separating molecules Dec. 4, 2007
7304015 Compositions for separating molecules Dec. 4, 2007
7244689 Method of producing alumina-silica catalyst supports Jul. 17, 2007
7220704 Desulfurization and novel compositions for same May. 22, 2007
7147769 Desulfurization and novel methods for same Dec. 12, 2006
7128884 Porous silica microsphere scavengers Oct. 31, 2006
7112552 Compositions for separating molecules Sep. 26, 2006
7053023 Method for the production of adsorption agent granules based on acid-activated layer silicates May. 30, 2006
7041623 Porous silica microsphere scavengers May. 9, 2006
6806227 Solid materials for removing metals and fabrication method Oct. 19, 2004
6645908 Sol-gel derived sorbents Nov. 11, 2003
6547854 Amine enriched solid sorbents for carbon dioxide capture Apr. 15, 2003
6482324 Porous silica microsphere scavengers Nov. 19, 2002
6436294 Process for modifying the metal ion sorption capacity of a medium Aug. 20, 2002
6342191 Anchored catalyst system and method of making and using thereof Jan. 29, 2002
6338830 Absorbent and/or catalyst and binder system and method of making and using therefor Jan. 15, 2002
6251280 Imprint-coating synthesis of selective functionalized ordered mesoporous sorbents for separation and sensors Jun. 26, 2001
6133497 Catalyst for removing olefins from aromatic compounds or mixtures thereof Oct. 17, 2000
6017508 Process of modifying the porosity of aluminosilicates and silicas, and mesoporous compositions derived therefrom Jan. 25, 2000
5985790 Method of making acid contacted enhanced aluminum oxide adsorbent particle Nov. 16, 1999
5948726 Adsorbent and/or catalyst and binder system and method of making therefor Sep. 7, 1999
5935895 Heterogeneous catalysts Aug. 10, 1999
5888402 Process for the purification of a hydrocarbon stream Mar. 30, 1999
5814209 Method for ecological utilization of acid effluents of fuller's earth Sep. 29, 1998
5780563 Supported lewis acid catalysts derived from superacids useful for hydrocarbon conversion reactions Jul. 14, 1998
5714429 Supported heteropolyacid catalyst on a silica support formed by flame hydrolysis Feb. 3, 1998
5707516 Column packings for liquid chromatography Jan. 13, 1998
5650506 Modified glass fiber membranes useful for DNA purification by solid phase extraction Jul. 22, 1997
5625054 DNA purification by solid phase extraction using fluorinated celite Apr. 29, 1997
5616701 DNA purification by solid phase extraction using a hydroxide-washed glass fiber membrane Apr. 1, 1997
5610290 DNA purification by solid phase extraction using glass fiber membrane previously treated with trifluoroacetic acid, and then with fluoride ion, hydroxide ion, or Bcl.sub.3 Mar. 11, 1997
5610291 Glass fiber membranes modified by treatment with SiCl.sub.4, AlCl.sub.3 or BCl.sub.3 and washing with NaOH to set as a DNA Adsorbant Mar. 11, 1997
5607890 Supported Lewis acid catalysts derived from superacids useful for hydrocarbon conversion reactions Mar. 4, 1997
5606046 DNA purification by solid phase extraction using trifluorometric acid washed glass fiber membranes Feb. 25, 1997
5500402 Method for the manufacture of a contact body for the exchange of moisture or heat Mar. 19, 1996
5438127 DNA purification by solid phase extraction using a PCl.sub.3 modified glass fiber membrane Aug. 1, 1995
5438129 DNA purification by solid phase extraction using partially fluorinated aluminum hydroxide adsorbant Aug. 1, 1995
5310717 Sulfur absorbents May. 10, 1994
5266547 Diatomaceous earth containing adsorbent, method for making, and methods of use thereof Nov. 30, 1993
5252762 Use of base-treated inorganic porous adsorbents for removal of contaminants Oct. 12, 1993
5130288 Cogelled mixtures of hydrated zinc oxide and hydrated silica sulfur sorbents Jul. 14, 1992

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