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Number: 502/235
Name: Catalyst, solid sorbent, or support therefor: product or process of making > Catalyst or precursor therefor > Silicon containing or process of making > Forming silica gel > Coprecipitating > Group iii or rare earth metal, metal oxide, or metal hydroxide containing (i.e., sc, y, al, ga, in, tl or lanthanide)
Description: Process which includes the precipitation of a Group III or Rare Earth Metal, Metal Oxide or Hydroxide simultaneously with the precipitation of the silica gel.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8647599 Process for producing a thermostable TiO.sub.2/SiO.sub.2 mixed oxide and mixed oxide produced therefrom Feb. 11, 2014
8642499 Catalytic cracking catalyst compositions having improved bottoms conversion Feb. 4, 2014
8298983 Production process of composite metal oxide Oct. 30, 2012
8278241 Amorphous silica-alumina composition and a method of making and using such composition Oct. 2, 2012
8222470 Process for oligomerizing olefins using a catalyst based on silica-alumina Jul. 17, 2012
7994377 Method of converting ethanol to base stock for diesel fuel Aug. 9, 2011
7838461 Catalyst for exhaust gas purification Nov. 23, 2010
7700515 Amorphous silica-alumina composition and method of making and using such composition Apr. 20, 2010
7648939 Hydrocracking catalyst composition Jan. 19, 2010
7560408 Catalytically active amorphous porous solid and process for its preparation Jul. 14, 2009
7518023 Highly active spherical metal support catalysts Apr. 14, 2009
7510996 Hydrogen storage material Mar. 31, 2009
7341973 Solid base catalyst and use thereof in base catalysis Mar. 11, 2008
7244689 Method of producing alumina-silica catalyst supports Jul. 17, 2007
7172990 Highly active spherical metal support catalysts Feb. 6, 2007
7135429 Attrition resistant carrier product Nov. 14, 2006
7067187 Spherical porous ceramic body and method for producing the same Jun. 27, 2006
7057010 Process for the continuous drying of polymers containing N or amino, ammonium or spirobicyclic ammonium groups Jun. 6, 2006
6958375 Chromium support-agglomerate-transition metal polymerization catalysts and processes utilizing same Oct. 25, 2005
6927261 Method of making supported transition metal polymerization catalysts and compositions formed therefrom Aug. 9, 2005
6642172 Extruded catalyst based on silica/alumina gel Nov. 4, 2003
6600011 Process for purification and drying of polymer hydrogels Jul. 29, 2003
6537442 Cogel containing oxidic compounds of tetravalent, trivalent, and divalent metallic elements Mar. 25, 2003
6485702 Stable synthetic material and method for preparing same Nov. 26, 2002
6479004 Silica-alumina carriers preparation, hydrogenation catalysts preparation therewith and their use for aromatics hydrogenation Nov. 12, 2002
6432869 Moldings including pyrogenic mixed oxide and the use thereof Aug. 13, 2002
6376421 Ion exchanged aluminum-magnesium silicate or fluorinated magnesium silicate aerogels and catalyst supports therefrom Apr. 23, 2002
6331599 Copolymer of ethylene and of at least one alpha-olefin and method for obtaining same Dec. 18, 2001
6329315 Frangible, spray dried agglomerated supports, method of making such supports, and olefin polymerization catalysts supported thereon Dec. 11, 2001
6313061 Method of making frangible spray dried agglomerated supports and olefin polymerization catalysts supported thereon Nov. 6, 2001
6306289 Catalyst for hydrogenation treatment and method for hydrogenation treatment of hydrocarbon oil Oct. 23, 2001
6267874 Hydrotreating catalyst and processes for hydrotreating hydrocarbon oil with the same Jul. 31, 2001
6235677 Fischer-Tropsch processes using xerogel and aerogel catalysts by destabilizing aqueous colloids May. 22, 2001
6218330 Process for preparing and using a supported metallocene-alumoxane catalyst Apr. 17, 2001
6121187 Amorphous, microporous mixed oxide catalysts with controlled surface polarity for selective heterogeneous catalysis, adsorption and material separation Sep. 19, 2000
6117400 HC emission control member for exhaust gas Sep. 12, 2000
6096674 Heat-resistant HC adsorbent Aug. 1, 2000
6074980 Process for the preparation of a support for catalysts, catalyst for the polymerization of olefins and process for the polymerization of olefins by means of this catalyst Jun. 13, 2000
6042727 Porous amorphous silica-alumina refractory oxides, their preparation and use as separation membranes Mar. 28, 2000
5944983 Hydrotreating catalyst and hydrotreating process of hydrocarbon oil by using the same Aug. 31, 1999
5888466 Process for preparing amorphous, catalytically active silicoaluminas Mar. 30, 1999
5879539 Precious metal and silica-alumina based catalyst and hydroisomerisation treatment process for heavy feeds Mar. 9, 1999
5871646 Porous amorphous silica-alumina refractory oxides, their preparation and use as separation membranes Feb. 16, 1999
5858320 Process for preparing ultrafine aluminum silicate salt particles Jan. 12, 1999
5798314 Supported olefin polymerization catalyst Aug. 25, 1998
5789336 Micro-mesoporous gel and process for its preparation Aug. 4, 1998
5767038 Catalyst for the hydroisomerization of long-chain N-paraffins and process for preparing it Jun. 16, 1998
5731253 Hydrocarbylsilloxy - aluminoxane compositions Mar. 24, 1998
5700751 Catalyst for treatment of waste plastics and method of manufacturing the same Dec. 23, 1997
5661097 Supported olefin polymerization catalyst Aug. 26, 1997

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