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Number: 502/201
Name: Catalyst, solid sorbent, or support therefor: product or process of making > Catalyst or precursor therefor > Nitrogen compound containing > Nitrate
Description: Composition in which the nitrogen is part of a radical comprising three oxygen atoms.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8598309 Catalytic system of nitrate anions for CO.sub.2/epoxide copolymerization Dec. 3, 2013
8569198 Exhaust gas-purifying catalyst Oct. 29, 2013
8546293 Process for continuously producing geometric shaped catalyst bodies K Oct. 1, 2013
8501664 Process for treating a carrier, a process for preparing a catalyst, the catalyst, and use of the catalyst Aug. 6, 2013
8461072 Late transition metal catalysts for olefin oligomerizations Jun. 11, 2013
8450234 Method of producing a catalyst used for synthesizing dimethylether from a synthesis gas containing carbon dioxide May. 28, 2013
8304030 Method for producing substrate having catalyst compositions on surfaces of opposite sides Nov. 6, 2012
8298981 Process to produce high surface area nanoparticle vanadium phosphorus oxide catalyst and product derives thereof Oct. 30, 2012
8298980 Process for continuously producing geometric shaped catalyst bodies K Oct. 30, 2012
8182679 Organosilanes and substrate bonded with same May. 22, 2012
8093175 Mineral composition capable of trapping hydrogen, preparation method and uses Jan. 10, 2012
8017544 Catalyst manufacture Sep. 13, 2011
7989386 Multi-layer catalyst made from niobium for the catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons Aug. 2, 2011
7524787 Producing supported cobalt catalysts for the Fisher-Tropsch synthesis Apr. 28, 2009
7307038 NO.sub.x reduction compositions for use in FCC processes Dec. 11, 2007
7153810 Silver doped catalysts for treatment of exhaust Dec. 26, 2006
7094727 Heteropolyacid catalyst and method for producing the same Aug. 22, 2006
6777368 Molten-salt type catalyst Aug. 17, 2004
6774080 Gas treatment device comprising SMSI material and methods for making and using the same Aug. 10, 2004
6673326 Catalytic processes for the reduction of perfluorinated compounds and hydrofluorocarbons Jan. 6, 2004
6620761 Catalyst comprising palladium and zirconia Sep. 16, 2003
6562749 Process for the preparation of a catalyst or catalyst precursor May. 13, 2003
6100215 Process for producing particulate iron-antimony containing oxide composition having high compressive strength Aug. 8, 2000
6090742 Process for the preparation of high activity hydrocarbon synthesis catalysts; and catalyst compositions Jul. 18, 2000
6037299 Catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith Mar. 14, 2000
5952258 Process for the preparation of pyridine using zeolite catalysts Sep. 14, 1999
5935897 Monomodal and polymodal catalyst supports and catalysts having narrow pore size distributions and their production Aug. 10, 1999
5935898 Monomodal and polymodal catalyst supports and catalysts having narrow pore size distributions and their production Aug. 10, 1999
5849852 Support for catalysts, process for the manufacture of a precursor gel of a support for catalysts, catalyst for the polymerization of olefins and process for the polymerization of olefins by me Dec. 15, 1998
5763717 Process for preparing hydroxybiphenyl Jun. 9, 1998
5693585 Aliphatic alkylation catalyst comprising an active phase containing a cuprous compound on a support Dec. 2, 1997
5643849 Catalysts and improved process for preparing salts of aldonic acid Jul. 1, 1997
5569770 Method for the production of N-Vinyl-2-Pyrrolidone by gas-phase dehydration reaction at atomospheric pressure Oct. 29, 1996
5380691 Catalytic microporous zirconia particulates Jan. 10, 1995
5268512 Catalyst and process for producing phenol Dec. 7, 1993
5137863 Process for controlling degree of dispersion of active component of metal/carrier solid catalyst Aug. 11, 1992
5135901 A catalyst composition comprising rhodium, ruthenium,and a promoter Aug. 4, 1992
5086026 Reduction catalyst with modified rhodium structure Feb. 4, 1992
5081092 Oxidation catalyst with modified platinum structure Jan. 14, 1992
4886772 Catalyst treatment process Dec. 12, 1989
4853357 Olefin oxidation catalyst system Aug. 1, 1989
4780448 Preparation of a catalyst containing copper and silica Oct. 25, 1988
4771030 Process for preparing particulate aluminum metal for adsorbing mercury from natural gas Sep. 13, 1988
4767738 Lead aluminum borate Aug. 30, 1988
4761393 Method for placing a catalytically active alkali metal on a catalyst support Aug. 2, 1988
4758544 Catalyst composition and hydroprocessing of oils using same Jul. 19, 1988
4748146 Process for encapsulating dissolved reactants of color reaction systems, the capsules obtained as a result thereof and their use in non-carbon papers May. 31, 1988
4720474 Olefin oxidation catalyst system Jan. 19, 1988
4711867 Catalytic composition Dec. 8, 1987
4711743 Process for producing anthraquinone-1-sulphonic acid by sulphonation with palladium catalyst Dec. 8, 1987

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