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Number: 502/127
Name: Catalyst, solid sorbent, or support therefor: product or process of making > Catalyst or precursor therefor > Plural component system comprising a - group i to iv metal hydride or organometallic compound - and b - group iv to viii metal, lanthanide or actinde compound - (i.e., alkali metal, ag, au, cu, alkaline earth metal, be, mg, zn, cd, hg, sc, y, al, ga, in, tl, ti, zn, hf, ge, sn or pb hydride or organometallic compound and ti, zr, hf, ge, sn, pb, v, nb, ta, as, sb, bi, cr, mo, w, po, mn, tc, re, iron group, platinum group, atomic number 57 to 71 inclusive or atomic number 89 or higher compound) > Component a metal is group ia, iia or iiia and component b metal is group ivb to viib or viii (i.e., alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, be, mg, al, ga, in or tl and ti, zr, hf, v, nb, ta, cr, mo, w, mn, tc, re, iron group or platinum group) (e.g., ziegler catalyst, etc.) > And a third component c (i.e., an additive other than a saturated hydrocarbon or an aromatic hydrocarbon free of aliphatic or cycloaliphatic unsaturation) > Nonmetallic organic oxygen containing > Ester
Description: Composition in which the oxygen is bonded to two carbon atoms, one of which is carbonylic.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4158642 Trialkyl aluminum cocatalyst Jun. 19, 1979
4158088 Process for the polymerization of ethylene or .alpha.-olefins and catalyst therefor Jun. 12, 1979
4157435 Process for preparing highly stereoregular polyolefins and catalyst used therefor Jun. 5, 1979
4156063 Process for the stereoregular polymerization of alpha olefins May. 22, 1979
4148756 Novel trialkyl aluminum cocatalyst Apr. 10, 1979
4147664 Catalyst of polymerization, copolymerization and oligomerization of olefins and drolefins Apr. 3, 1979
4143223 Process for polymerizing alpha-olefins and catalyst therefor Mar. 6, 1979
4136243 Olefine polymerisation process and catalyst Jan. 23, 1979
4124530 Olefin polymerization catalyst comprising a monoterpenic ketone and process employing same Nov. 7, 1978
4107414 Process for the stereoregular polymerization of alpha olefins Aug. 15, 1978
4107415 Process for the stereospecific polymerization of alpha-olefins Aug. 15, 1978
4107416 Components of catalysts for use in polymerizing and catalysts prepared therefrom Aug. 15, 1978
4107412 Olefin polymerization process and catalyst therefor Aug. 15, 1978
4085276 Process for preparing highly stereoregular polymers or copolymers of .alpha . Apr. 18, 1978
4076924 Process for polymerization or copolymerizing olefins containing at least 3 carbon atoms Feb. 28, 1978
4071672 Process for polymerizing or copolymerizing olefins Jan. 31, 1978
4048415 Process for polymerization of olefins and catalyst composition therefor Sep. 13, 1977
4028481 Production of olefin polymers and novel catalysts therefore Jun. 7, 1977
4020264 Crystalline polyolefins and production thereof Apr. 26, 1977
4013823 Process for preparing elastomeric copolymers of ethylene and higher alpha-olefins Mar. 22, 1977
3953414 Catalysts for the polymerization of olefins to spherically shaped polymers Apr. 27, 1976

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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