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Number: 502/122
Name: Catalyst, solid sorbent, or support therefor: product or process of making > Catalyst or precursor therefor > Plural component system comprising a - group i to iv metal hydride or organometallic compound - and b - group iv to viii metal, lanthanide or actinde compound - (i.e., alkali metal, ag, au, cu, alkaline earth metal, be, mg, zn, cd, hg, sc, y, al, ga, in, tl, ti, zn, hf, ge, sn or pb hydride or organometallic compound and ti, zr, hf, ge, sn, pb, v, nb, ta, as, sb, bi, cr, mo, w, po, mn, tc, re, iron group, platinum group, atomic number 57 to 71 inclusive or atomic number 89 or higher compound) > Component a metal is group ia, iia or iiia and component b metal is group ivb to viib or viii (i.e., alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, be, mg, al, ga, in or tl and ti, zr, hf, v, nb, ta, cr, mo, w, mn, tc, re, iron group or platinum group) (e.g., ziegler catalyst, etc.) > And a third component c (i.e., an additive other than a saturated hydrocarbon or an aromatic hydrocarbon free of aliphatic or cycloaliphatic unsaturation) > Nonmetallic organic sulfur containing
Description: Composition in which sulfur is combined with a metal-free moiety including carbon bonded to a second carbon, hydrogen, halogen or nitrogen by a single or double bond.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8653316 Process for the preparation of linear alpha-olefins and catalyst used therein Feb. 18, 2014
8647599 Process for producing a thermostable TiO.sub.2/SiO.sub.2 mixed oxide and mixed oxide produced therefrom Feb. 11, 2014
8648000 Diene polymerisation Feb. 11, 2014
8541332 Catalyst for polymerization of olefins comprising thienyl-substituted silanes Sep. 24, 2013
8298978 Reactor continuity Oct. 30, 2012
8202669 Electro-catalyst compositions for fuel cells Jun. 19, 2012
8193288 Supported nonmetallocene catalyst and preparation thereof Jun. 5, 2012
8119553 Polymerization catalysts for producing polymers with low melt elasticity Feb. 21, 2012
8097149 Catalyst and method for hydrodesulfurization of hydrocarbons Jan. 17, 2012
7795166 Functional group-selective hydrogenation catalyst and functional group-selective hydrogenation method Sep. 14, 2010
7790819 Bicyclic organosilicon compounds as electron donors for polyolefin catalysts Sep. 7, 2010
7674741 Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins Mar. 9, 2010
7534842 Catalysts for olefin polymerization May. 19, 2009
7511183 Tetramerization of olefins Mar. 31, 2009
7371802 Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins May. 13, 2008
7285607 Polymerisation of olefinic compounds Oct. 23, 2007
7220805 Process for producing contact product; catalyst component for addition polymerization; process for producing catalyst for addition polymerization; and process for producing addition polymer May. 22, 2007
7160833 Spray-dried polymerization catalyst and polymerization process employing same Jan. 9, 2007
7148302 Catalyst for polymerization of norbornene Dec. 12, 2006
6969747 Olefin polymerization titanium catalyst Nov. 29, 2005
6916761 Polymer-supported Lewis acid catalyst Jul. 12, 2005
6887817 Olefin polymerization catalyst and process for preparing polyolefins using said catalyst May. 3, 2005
6878659 Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization and catalyst Apr. 12, 2005
6841502 Bridged bi-aromatic ligands, catalysts, processes for polymerizing and polymers therefrom Jan. 11, 2005
6800580 Method for producing an improved catalyst for homo-and co-polymerization of olefin Oct. 5, 2004
6730626 Transition metal compounds, polymerization catalysts for olefins, olefin polymers and process for their production May. 4, 2004
6683018 Method for producing a supported catalyst system Jan. 27, 2004
6596891 Activating composition of metallocene complexes in the catalysis of (co)polymerization processes of olefins Jul. 22, 2003
6444604 Supported catalysts for the polymerization of olefins Sep. 3, 2002
6436864 Unsaturated nitrogenous compounds as electron donors for use with ziegler-natta catalysts Aug. 20, 2002
6423660 Supported catalysts for the polymerization of olefins Jul. 23, 2002
6388029 Process for obtaining polyolefins May. 14, 2002
6384159 Production of polyethylene with a titanium amide catalyst May. 7, 2002
6303720 Olefin polymerization catalysts containing group 8-10 transition metals, processes employing such catalysts and polymers obtained therefrom Oct. 16, 2001
6300271 Compositions that can produce polymers Oct. 9, 2001
6284701 Metallocene catalysts for olefin polymerization and method of polymerizing olefins using the metallocene catalysts Sep. 4, 2001
6274529 Catalytic system for the (co)polymerization of alpha-olefins Aug. 14, 2001
6265340 Catalyst composition and method for producing diaryl carbonates Jul. 24, 2001
6258744 Catalyst system based on fulvene cyclopentadienyl metal complexes Jul. 10, 2001
6235918 Supported organometallic catalysts for hydrogenation and Olefin Polymerization May. 22, 2001
6184316 Catalyst and process for the syndiotactic polymerization of vinylaromatic compounds Feb. 6, 2001
6177526 Supported catalyst system, process for its preparation and its use for the polymerization of olefins Jan. 23, 2001
6165929 Compositions that can produce polymers Dec. 26, 2000
6143685 Process for obtaining a catalytic system for the polymerization of . .alpha-olefins in suspension in gas phase at low and high temperature or in a mass at high pressure and high or low t Nov. 7, 2000
6133187 Hetergeneous metallocene catalysts and use thereof in olefin polymerization process Oct. 17, 2000
6127302 Unbridged monocyclopentadienyl metal complex catalyst and a process for polyolefin production Oct. 3, 2000
6107230 Compositions that can produce polymers Aug. 22, 2000
6103658 Olefin polymerization catalysts containing group 8-10 transition metals, processes employing such catalysts and polymers obtained therefrom Aug. 15, 2000
6080834 Titanium-containing catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith Jun. 27, 2000

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