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Number: 502/11
Name: Catalyst, solid sorbent, or support therefor: product or process of making > Including ion exchanging, except zeolites or product thereof
Description: Process in which a dissociably charged chemical moiety is released by the composition and a different charged moiety of the same polarity is captured, effecting a reversible chemical replacement reaction.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
502/12 For regenerating or rehabilitating catalyst or sorbent 33

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8617474 Systems utilizing non-zeolitic metal-containing molecular sieves having the CHA crystal structure Dec. 31, 2013
8551431 Mercury removal from flue gas streams using treated sorbents Oct. 8, 2013
8492603 Selectivated isoolefin dimerization using metalized resins Jul. 23, 2013
8435910 Preparation method for anion-exchangeable, layered double hydroxides May. 7, 2013
8409540 Process for preparing hydrotalcite Apr. 2, 2013
8263521 Process for producing bisphenol A Sep. 11, 2012
7851406 Nano-sized palladium-doped cation exchange resin catalyst, preparation method thereof and method of removing dissolved oxygen in water using the same Dec. 14, 2010
7828978 Simultaneous synthesis and purification of a fatty acid monoester biodiesel fuel Nov. 9, 2010
7767179 Method for producing adsorbent, adsorbent, and adsorption apparatus Aug. 3, 2010
7393466 Compositions and methods for anion absorbent metal hydroxides Jul. 1, 2008
7329624 Regenerable adsorbents for the purification of silicone based solvents Feb. 12, 2008
7098327 Dual-functional ion exchange resins from agricultural by-products Aug. 29, 2006
7001523 Ion exchange Feb. 21, 2006
6897272 .alpha.-olefins and olefin polymers and processes therefor May. 24, 2005
6727202 Enhanced NOx trap having increased durability Apr. 27, 2004
6657036 Polycondensation resins and polyaddition resins produced by heterogeneous catalysis Dec. 2, 2003
6218327 Mixed cation adsorbent having substantially uniform cation distribution Apr. 17, 2001
6187192 Microbiological water filter Feb. 13, 2001
6124508 Quaternary phosphonium salt catalysts in catalytic hydrolysis of alkylene oxides Sep. 26, 2000
5958817 Adsorbent production with single pass ion exchange Sep. 28, 1999
5948265 Ion-exchanger, process for production thereof, and process for removal of multiply charged anions employing the ion-exchanger Sep. 7, 1999
5780384 Hydrated manganese dioxide oxidation catalysts and process of producing same Jul. 14, 1998
5502016 Method to treat an ion-exchanger catalyst for the process of bisphenol-A synthesis Mar. 26, 1996
5468536 Sorbent articles Nov. 21, 1995
5461022 Thin film hydrous metal oxide catalysts Oct. 24, 1995
5382558 Heat resistant layered porous silica and process for producing the same Jan. 17, 1995
5175064 Fuel cells based on oxidation of organics over metal exchanged .beta.-aluminas Dec. 29, 1992
5139981 Process for preparing silver(I)-exchanged resins Aug. 18, 1992
5051202 Process for bleaching and increasing the ion-exchange capability of sepiolite Sep. 24, 1991
4956154 Selective removal of chromium, nickel, cobalt, copper and lead cations from aqueous effluent solutions Sep. 11, 1990
4929582 Hydrous oxide ion-exchange compound catalysts May. 29, 1990
4795824 Process for the production of dialkyl maleates Jan. 3, 1989
4780239 Ion exchange resin for immobilizing radioactive waste Oct. 25, 1988
4695556 Catalyst resins and process for their preparation Sep. 22, 1987
4661465 Method for preparing transition metal component of Ziegler-Natta catalysts Apr. 28, 1987
4629710 Resin catalysts and method of preparation Dec. 16, 1986
4542002 Silicates with high ion exchange capacity derived from sepiolite and processes for their production Sep. 17, 1985
4540509 Crystalline 3-layer lithium aluminates Sep. 10, 1985
4523027 Purification of carboxylates containing aldehydes, acetals and/or unsaturated compounds Jun. 11, 1985
4466906 Catalyst for the oxidation of mercaptans to disulfides, process for the preparation thereof, and its use in the sweetening of petroleum distillates Aug. 21, 1984
4461714 Method of making crystalline 2-layer lithium aluminates in ion exchange resins Jul. 24, 1984
4343717 Process for the preparation of stable silica sol Aug. 10, 1982
4333847 Fixation by anion exchange of toxic materials in a glass matrix Jun. 8, 1982
4299735 Heavy metal-manganese oxidation catalysts and process of producing same Nov. 10, 1981
4292205 Ion exchange and impregnation of catalysts Sep. 29, 1981
4278820 Process for preparing monoalkylene glycol monoethers Jul. 14, 1981
4268420 Hydrocarbon-conversion catalyst and its method of preparation May. 19, 1981
4139493 Silica-promoted hydrofining catalyst and process Feb. 13, 1979
4136062 Highly active Pd-Au catalyst Jan. 23, 1979
4125483 Dimerization process catalyst Nov. 14, 1978

1 2

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