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Class Information
Number: 493/967
Name: Manufacturing container or tube from paper; or other manufacturing from a sheet or web > Dunnage, wadding, stuffing, or filling excelsior
Description: Operation involving sheet or web material that has been forced into an undefined, generally irregular mass to fill an area.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5322168 Sheet of corrugated paper for producing a packing Jun. 21, 1994
5312665 Biodegradable loose-fill packing material May. 17, 1994
5308677 Package stuffing May. 3, 1994
5254389 Void fill material Oct. 19, 1993
5230943 Free-flowing dunnage of molded pulp Jul. 27, 1993
5213867 Tetrahedral loose-fill packing May. 25, 1993
5211620 Edge-tension controlling device for a cushioning conversion machine May. 18, 1993
5203761 Apparatus for fabricating dunnage material from continuous web material Apr. 20, 1993
5196254 Cushioning material Mar. 23, 1993
5194315 Packing sheet Mar. 16, 1993
5188581 Method for producing a narrow width cushioning paper product Feb. 23, 1993
5188880 Void fill material Feb. 23, 1993
5173352 Resilient packing product and method and apparatus for making the same Dec. 22, 1992
5134013 Folding and crimping apparatus Jul. 28, 1992
5123889 Downsized cushioning dunnage conversion machine and cutting assemblies for use on such a machine Jun. 23, 1992
5088972 Folding and crimping apparatus Feb. 18, 1992
4912910 Package structure for storing articles and a method and apparatus for accomplishing the same Apr. 3, 1990
4884999 Dunnage converter for producing narrow width cushioning pad product, conversion kit thereof, and method Dec. 5, 1989
4750896 Method and mechanism for producing cushioning dunnage product Jun. 14, 1988
4717613 Mechanism and method for producing cushioning dunnage Jan. 5, 1988
4699609 Electric cutter mechanism for dunnage converter Oct. 13, 1987
4650456 Mechanism for producing pad-like cushioning dunnage product from sheet material with separate stock roll cart Mar. 17, 1987
4557716 Mechanism for producing pad-like cushioning dunnage from sheet material Dec. 10, 1985
4522615 Method and apparatus for manufacturing an agricultural bag Jun. 11, 1985
4493109 Flexible bulk container with integral lifting loops Jan. 8, 1985
4479243 Collapsible receptacle with prefabricated lift loops and method of making Oct. 23, 1984
4444535 Dunnage plugs Apr. 24, 1984
4424051 Method and apparatus for manufacturing an agricultural bag Jan. 3, 1984
4415398 Cushioning dunnage apparatus Nov. 15, 1983
4340379 Reinforced container for bulk material Jul. 20, 1982
4247289 Paper spring method Jan. 27, 1981
4237776 Cushioning dunnage mechanism Dec. 9, 1980
4109040 Cushioning dunnage product produced from cushioning dunnage mechanism Aug. 22, 1978
4085662 Method of making and using cushioning dunnage material Apr. 25, 1978
4026198 Cushioning dunnage mechanism, transfer cart therefor, and method May. 31, 1977

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