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Class Information
Number: 493/414
Name: Manufacturing container or tube from paper; or other manufacturing from a sheet or web > Bending > Folding > Folding of indeterminate length work by swinging work guiding means (e.g., zigzag folding, etc.) > Swinging passage
Description: Method or apparatus wherein the directing means engages both planar surfaces of the web workpiece at all times to positively guide the first and succeeding portions of the workpiece.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
493/415 Defined by feed roll pair 52

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7703756 Machine for converting a fabric from a rolled fabric into a superimposingly folded fabric for delivery to a dyeing machine Apr. 27, 2010
7402130 System and method for folding and handling stacks of continuous web Jul. 22, 2008
7393314 Folding former for a press Jul. 1, 2008
7320663 Continuous medium folding device and continuous medium printing apparatus having thereof Jan. 22, 2008
6918232 Packaging a strip of material in side by side stacks spliced end to end Jul. 19, 2005
6669617 Paper web folding and cutting apparatus Dec. 30, 2003
6514186 High speed fabric folder Feb. 4, 2003
6453647 Tabletop inserter providing sheet accumulation Sep. 24, 2002
6263814 Strip of material with splices and products formed therefrom Jul. 24, 2001
6254522 Separator finger apparatus Jul. 3, 2001
6209288 Device and process for laying band or strip material Apr. 3, 2001
6066082 Paper sheet folding apparatus May. 23, 2000
5711134 Apparatus for folding and receiving tape Jan. 27, 1998
5701717 Assembly of a loading means and a strip stacker Dec. 30, 1997
5616113 Machine for folding a web in a zigzag manner Apr. 1, 1997
5603683 Paper stacker device for receiving fanfold paper without assistance Feb. 18, 1997
5529564 Apparatus for depositing, guiding and pressing material web parts to be stacked Jun. 25, 1996
5425696 Swing chute paper folding apparatus with active guide Jun. 20, 1995
5425694 Printer using stacker Jun. 20, 1995
5423733 Method of and apparatus for manufacturing piled-up cotton mat Jun. 13, 1995
5366434 Folding apparatus for narrow paper Nov. 22, 1994
5348527 Apparatus for cutting and stacking a multi-form web Sep. 20, 1994
5248291 Re-folding apparatus for continuous feed paper Sep. 28, 1993
5219321 Zigzag folding apparatus Jun. 15, 1993
5123890 Apparatus and method for separating forms in a stack Jun. 23, 1992
5104366 Apparatus for folding a series of separated business forms with the top sheet of each form in a common orientation Apr. 14, 1992
5087023 Apparatus and method for folding separated forms in a stack Feb. 11, 1992
5080644 Apparatus for refolding continuous from stationery Jan. 14, 1992
5064179 Method of forming zigzag-shaped piles from a continuous band of a flexible material and machine for carrying out this method Nov. 12, 1991
5049121 Continuous form stationery folding and cutting machine Sep. 17, 1991
5030192 Programmable fan fold mechanism Jul. 9, 1991
5024644 Continuous form stationery folding and cutting machine Jun. 18, 1991
5014971 Web knicker May. 14, 1991
5015222 Spiral paper folding machine with automatic change gear adjustment May. 14, 1991
5004452 Continuous form stationery folding machine with perforation alignment apparatus Apr. 2, 1991
4917657 Continuous form stationery folding machine with system for simultaneously locating stationery and laterally adjusting folding mechanisms Apr. 17, 1990
4915644 Continuous form stationery folding and cutting machine Apr. 10, 1990
4872658 Folder for business forms press Oct. 10, 1989
4838848 Continuous paper band folding apparatus to form piles Jun. 13, 1989
4828540 Folding apparatus with adjustable swing chute May. 9, 1989
4820250 Timing adjustment mechanism for continuous form stationery folding machine Apr. 11, 1989
4758215 Photographic paper handling apparatus Jul. 19, 1988
4729812 Service apparatus for machines using continuous strips of paper forms or sheets Mar. 8, 1988
4723488 Apparatus for intermittently feeding continuous paper in a printing press Feb. 9, 1988
4716706 Bag folding and packaging apparatus Jan. 5, 1988
4603533 Apparatus for manufacturing discrete layered units from a web Aug. 5, 1986
4573958 Cuttling machine for continuous input of web Mar. 4, 1986
4547184 Delivery mechanism for paper sheet processing apparatus Oct. 15, 1985
4508527 Method and apparatus for quantitatively dividing zigzag folded sheet of paper Apr. 2, 1985
4499707 Method and apparatus for baling a tow of textile filaments Feb. 19, 1985

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