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Class Information
Number: 493/399
Name: Manufacturing container or tube from paper; or other manufacturing from a sheet or web > Bending > Form-scoring > With folding > Plural work stations > Folding along score line
Description: Method or apparatus wherein a line is first pressed into the sheet or web and subsequently a crease is formed along that line.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8505258 Load-bearing three-dimensional structure Aug. 13, 2013
7740238 Sheet processing apparatus Jun. 22, 2010
7625334 Method and unit for folding a lid reinforcing flap of a rigid, hinged-lid packet of cigarettes Dec. 1, 2009
7303519 Automatic machine and method for forming a corrugated pallet Dec. 4, 2007
7077797 Apparatus and method for creasing media to make booklets Jul. 18, 2006
6916280 Apparatus for folding cardboard articles Jul. 12, 2005
6860308 Apparatus for making a two-sided image Mar. 1, 2005
6711876 Apparatus for attaching a tag and a thread to a filter bag Mar. 30, 2004
6705604 Pre-folding machine for covers and wrappers Mar. 16, 2004
6508751 Method and apparatus for preforming and creasing container board Jan. 21, 2003
6290635 Device for folding a web of material Sep. 18, 2001
6186935 Method and apparatus for producing folders Feb. 13, 2001
6159137 Apparatus for folding sheet material having improved slitting, scoring/crushing, gathering, and folding sections or devices Dec. 12, 2000
6071367 Method for forming a mailpiece Jun. 6, 2000
6030330 Paper roll width reduction Feb. 29, 2000
5997459 Device for processing a blank transported along a conveyor path at a predetermined conveying speed Dec. 7, 1999
5899842 Method for folding plane surfaces May. 4, 1999
5840002 Substantially rectangular-bottomed container, and apparatus and method for manufacturing same Nov. 24, 1998
5816993 Apparatus and method for attaching carrying handles to bags Oct. 6, 1998
5738621 Cushioning conversion machine and method for a cushioning product having a tab portion Apr. 14, 1998
5704886 Method and apparatus for scoring paperboard package sheets Jan. 6, 1998
5690601 Method and apparatus for slitting and scoring corrugated paperboard sheets for folding Nov. 25, 1997
5626710 Fold plate for inline folder/gluer machines May. 6, 1997
5582571 Apparatus and method for perforating and creasing paperboard Dec. 10, 1996
5466211 Method and apparatus for manufacturing articles employing folded honeycomb panels Nov. 14, 1995
5439436 Boxed pocket folding machine Aug. 8, 1995
5389059 Honeycomb structural material Feb. 14, 1995
5372570 Method and apparatus for folding of sheet material Dec. 13, 1994
5337680 Fiberboard pallet Aug. 16, 1994
5207631 Method and apparatus for folding of sheet material May. 4, 1993
5154410 Apparatus for straightening and stacking envelopes for photosensitive materials Oct. 13, 1992
5064409 Method and apparatus for forming containers with rounded edges Nov. 12, 1991
5037368 Folder apparatus Aug. 6, 1991
5037363 Method and apparatus for protecting the finished surfaces of sanitary fixtures Aug. 6, 1991
4837066 Foldable rigidified textile panels Jun. 6, 1989
4792325 Method and apparatus for manufacturing cardboard pallets Dec. 20, 1988
4731047 Apparatus for making filter frames Mar. 15, 1988
RE32331 Method and apparatus for correcting stack lean in a zig-zag folded web Jan. 13, 1987
4586917 File hinge folding assembly May. 6, 1986
4557714 Apparatus for folding a sheet of material into a folder Dec. 10, 1985
4540390 Method and apparatus for forming notches for gussets for expandable envelopes Sep. 10, 1985
4540396 Apparatus for folding paper sacks to Z shape Sep. 10, 1985
4533130 Apparatus for folding a running web with folding roller and adjustable parallelling bar Aug. 6, 1985
4526567 Apparatus for manufacturing paper stringer tape for slide fastener Jul. 2, 1985
4524962 Pre-fold, web scoring apparatus for signature folding machines Jun. 25, 1985
4493688 Paper roll feed rack for processing machine Jan. 15, 1985
4437850 Process of manufacturing of reinforced corrugated cardboard type packaging container Mar. 20, 1984
4431214 Data guide device Feb. 14, 1984
4416652 Unit for scoring webs of paper in the lengthways direction Nov. 22, 1983
4410316 Method for production of corrugated paper Oct. 18, 1983

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