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Class Information
Number: 439/607.28
Name: Electrical connectors >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
439/1 Interrelated connectors relatively movable during use 24
439/109 Intermediate member between prong and encompassing planar ground 23
439/110 Uninterrupted support rail or uninterrupted contact 132
439/121 For interfitting with uninterrupted support rail or uninterrupted contact 81
439/123 Candle simulation type 8
439/125 Having spark or glow plug cover 119
439/129 Magneto post type 2
439/130 Multicontact internal combustion engine distributor cap or multicontact mating part 57
439/131 Connector movable between accessible and inaccessible positions 603
439/133 With unauthorized connection preventer, e.g., key or combination lock 257
439/135 With contact preventer or retractable cover part 497
439/151 Coupling part combined with means to allow repositioning of mating part for engagement with different contacts on mating part; e.g., flash cube 27
439/152 With coupling separator 194
439/161 Heat responsive contact pressure control 80
439/162 With relatively guided members and intermediate pliable conductor 37
439/166 Convertible by internal change to selectively cooperate with a different contact 44
439/176 Female coupling part convertible to male coupling part by addition of prong 20
439/177 Coupling part convertible to distinct shape by addition of nonremovable element or by removal of nonreusable element 17
439/178 Fluent conducting material 21
439/180 Contact separation by snap or quick-break action 69
439/181 Including arc suppressing or extinguishing means 282
439/188 Having circuit interrupting provision effected by mating or having "dead" contact activated after mating 1,143
439/189 With or comprising removable circuit modifying arrangement 145
439/190 Having retainer or passageway for fluent material 86
439/207 With conduit or duct 162
439/212 Bus duct 138
439/214 Comprising coupling part of indeterminate length laterally of connection 63
439/217 Alternatively connected 72
439/225 Contact tap between normally engaged coupling parts 60
439/226 Coupling part to receive fluorescent or neon lamp 123
439/245 Coupling part having helically disposed strandlike contact 15
439/246 Self aligning contact 156
439/253 Screw coupling part engaged or disengaged without rotary motion 19
439/258 Coupling part with latching means and tether or explosive to unlatch from mating part 36
439/259 Coupling part with actuating means urging contact to move laterally with respect to rest of coupling part and toward mating part 293
439/266 Coupling part having handle or means to move contact laterally to permit uncoupling 261
439/271 With sealing element or material for cooperation with coupled connector, e.g., gasket 625
439/278 Having resilient housing for sealing with coupled connector 100
439/283 Coupled connector to sealingly fit with first connector 30
439/284 Adapted to cooperate with duplicate connector 102
439/296 With coupling movement-actuating means or retaining means in addition to contact of coupling part 116
439/34 With vehicle structure 458
439/37 With wearing apparel 71
439/374 With guiding means for mating of coupling part 406
439/38 With magnet 146
439/382 Including vibration cushioning or absorbing means 77
439/386 With commoning means for return ground 10
439/387 Contact comprising cutter (severing, piercing, abrading, scraping, breaking or tearing) 83
439/41 With vacuum applying means. e.g., suction cup 74
439/43 With selectable circuit, e.g., plug board 119
439/445 With or having flexible guard or support for cable or conductor 98
439/449 With stress relieving means for conductor to terminal joint 203
439/474 Including overstress preventing means 57
439/476.1 Including handle or distinct manipulating means 55
439/485 With provision to dissipate, remove, or block the flow of heat 208
439/488 With indicating or identifying provision 306
439/492 Including or for use with tape cable 277
439/500 Energy cell substitution device including plural contacts (e.g., jumper) or with support means for energy cell 433
439/501 With storage means for flaccid conductor 372
439/502 With flaccid conductor and with additional connector spaced therealong 447
439/507 Jumper (or short circuiting coupling part) 227
439/515 Parallel or supplemental nonshielded path 39
439/516 With provision to isolate circuitry by severance of bridging element 94
439/517 Power measuring meter coupling part 132
439/518 Coupling part convertible to different format by substitution of different contact 62
439/519 With provision to restrict environment effects 78
439/524 Corrosion resistant conducting material other than lead 9
439/525 For dual inline package (dip) 101
439/526 Aligning means for dual inline package (dip) 115
439/527 With supporting means for coupling part 122
439/55 Preformed panel circuit arrangement, e.g., pcb, icm, dip, chip, wafer, etc. 274
439/577 Combined with nonelectrical feature 220
439/578 Including or for use with coaxial cable 1,160
439/586 Coupling part including flexing insulation 61
439/604 With external conductor or cable embedded in insulative sealing material 123
439/607 Having or providing inductive or capacitive shield 1,677
439/611 With vitreous-type envelope (e.g., base of lamp or vacuum tube) 134
439/620.01 With circuit component or comprising connector which fully encloses circuit component 127
439/623 Cable composed of mutually insulated conductors having separately carried conductor end terminals 58
439/624 Plural contacts disposed intermediate ends of cable having sheath enclosing mutually insulated conductors (e.g., seismic type cable) 35
439/625 With insulation other than conductor sheath 31
439/753 Cylindrical metallic cap and shell type lamp receptacle casing 11
439/754 Metallic clamp-type connector for storage battery terminal 76
439/775 Metallic connector or contact having movable or resilient securing part 25
439/86 Including elastomeric or nonmetallic conductive portion 188
439/865 Metallic conductor terminal having conductor sheath engaging means 32
439/869 Metallic connector or contact having means for securing to insulation other than conductor sheath 48
439/874 Metallic connector or contact having part permanently secured to conductor using fused or molded material 277
439/877 Metallic connector or contact also having securing part adapted to be crimped, deformed, or bent onto conductor 366
439/883 Metallic connector or contact comprising a slotted or apertured disc or plate 133
439/884 Contact terminal 209
439/892 Distinct covering means 138
439/894 Miscellaneous 69
439/901 Connector hood or shell 45
439/907 Contact having three contact surfaces, including diverse surface 82
439/908 Contact having two contact surfaces for electrical connection on opposite sides of insulative body 45
439/909 Medical use or attached to human body 371
439/910 Observation aide, e.g., transparent material, window in housing 106
439/911 Safety, e.g., electrical disconnection required before opening housing 122
439/912 With testing means 197
439/913 Condition determining device, e.g., oxygen sensor, accelerometer, ionizer chamber, thermocouple 61
439/914 For flashbulb or camera (including flash cube) 4
439/915 Auxiliary device for existing plug 12
439/916 Antenna 93
439/917 Alarm circuit, e.g., window affixed foil 27
439/918 Multilamp vehicle panel 46
439/919 For treatment by electrical current, e.g., magnet or battery charger, heater, welder, etc. 13
439/92 With circuit conductors and safety grounding provision 487
439/920 For interconnecting rigid pipelike bodies, e.g., wave guides 7
439/921 Transformer bushing type or high voltage underground connector 119
439/922 Telephone switchboard protector 95
439/923 Separation or disconnection aid 143
439/924.1 Contacts arranged for sequential connection 254
439/925 Floor mounted, e.g., under carpet 30
439/926 Within machine casing or motor housing (connector within casing wall) 59
439/927 Conductive gasket 60
439/928 Modular electrically interengaging parts, e.g., stove with replaceable heating elements formed on coupling parts 170
439/929 Connecting base plate or shelf type holder 164
439/930 Coupling part wherein contact is comprised of a wire or brush 74
439/931 Conductive coating 217
439/932 Heat shrink material 100
439/933 Special insulation 32
439/938.1 Cathodic protection of structure (e.g., ship hull) 5
439/939 With grounding to metal mounting panel 223
439/940 Including provision for mechanical lifting or manipulation (e.g., for vacuum lifting) 150
439/941 Crosstalk suppression 514
439/942 Comblike retainer for conductor 137
439/943 Including provision for pressing contact into pcb hole 62
439/944 Coaxial connector having circuit-interrupting provision effected by mating or having "dead" contact activated after mating 122
439/945 Adapter for pcb or cartridge 142
439/946 Memory card cartridge 274
439/947 Pcb mounted connector with ground terminal 98
439/948 Contact or connector with insertion depth limiter 83
439/949 Junction box with busbar for plug-socket type interconnection with receptacle 216
439/950 Electrical connector adapted to transmit electricity to mating connector without physical contact (e.g., by induction, magnetism, or electrostatic field) 55
439/951 Pcb having detailed leading edge 76
439/952 Jumper for use with specific apparatus 23
439/953 With latch rod to be retainingly received by opening of mating connector 84
439/954 Special orientation of electrical connector 91
439/955 Including electronic identifier or coding means 98
439/956 With means to allow selection of diverse voltage or polarity 57
439/957 Auxiliary contact part for circuit adaptation 24

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8702451 Electrical connector with grounding bars therein to reduce cross talking Apr. 22, 2014
8684769 Electrical connector having terminal portions in specific arrangement and a grounding plate for excellent high-frequency characteristics Apr. 1, 2014
8672710 Gasket with fingers for RJ45 cable connector Mar. 18, 2014
8641450 USB connector and connecting device with USB connector Feb. 4, 2014
8491337 Electrical connector with shielded recessed portions Jul. 23, 2013
8467190 Balanced cooling system and method for high-density stacked cages Jun. 18, 2013
8408941 Condenser microphone and its output connector Apr. 2, 2013
8337245 Electrical connector Dec. 25, 2012
8298016 Connector having a shield with with spring arms in lengthwise and crosswise directions Oct. 30, 2012
8298004 Connector hat with extended mounting posts for securing a connector shell to a circuit board Oct. 30, 2012
8294043 Integrated connector shield ring for shielded enclosures Oct. 23, 2012
8282404 Card connector Oct. 9, 2012
8262413 Shield connector Sep. 11, 2012
8251747 Electrical connector with improved grounding means Aug. 28, 2012
8177562 Socket arrangement May. 15, 2012
8157586 Connector hat with extended mounting posts for securing a connector shell to a circuit board Apr. 17, 2012
8157593 Method of shielding a connector module from electromagnetic interference with elongate members of conductive material and related apparatus Apr. 17, 2012
8147272 Header connector assembly Apr. 3, 2012
8096834 Connector with electromagnetic conduction mechanism Jan. 17, 2012
8079873 LVDS connector Dec. 20, 2011
8070517 Electrical connector having an improved spring member for abutting against a metal plate Dec. 6, 2011
8052472 Shield connector mounting structure and shield connector Nov. 8, 2011
8011958 E-easy series connector assembly with shielding function Sep. 6, 2011
7901221 Universal serial bus ground clip Mar. 8, 2011
7892028 Cable connector assembly Feb. 22, 2011
7837503 Method and apparatus to provide electromagnetic interference shielding of optical-electrical module Nov. 23, 2010
7794262 Connector assembly with electromagnetic interference contacts Sep. 14, 2010
7758381 Cage with a finger in contact with host panel and pluggable transceiver, and a cage assembly including the cage and the pluggable transceiver Jul. 20, 2010
7731511 Panel mounted power module Jun. 8, 2010
7727018 EMI gasket for an electrical connector assembly Jun. 1, 2010
7704098 Registered jack with enhanced EMI protection Apr. 27, 2010
7628650 Shield shell unit with a projecting fixing portion Dec. 8, 2009

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