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Number: 438/965
Name: Semiconductor device manufacturing: process > Shaped junction formation
Description: Art collection involving the formation of a barrier layer junction of a nonstandard shape.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8076672 Passivation structure with voltage equalizing loops Dec. 13, 2011
7268339 Large area semiconductor detector with internal gain Sep. 11, 2007
7199031 Semiconductor system having a pn transition and method for manufacturing a semiconductor system Apr. 3, 2007
6858510 Low-voltage punch-through bi-directional transient-voltage suppression devices having surface breakdown protection and methods of making the same Feb. 22, 2005
6319744 Method for manufacturing a thermoelectric semiconductor material or element and method for manufacturing a thermoelectric module Nov. 20, 2001
6312980 Programmable triangular shaped device having variable gain Nov. 6, 2001
6303475 Methods of fabricating silicon carbide power devices by controlled annealing Oct. 16, 2001
6100169 Methods of fabricating silicon carbide power devices by controlled annealing Aug. 8, 2000
5930660 Method for fabricating diode with improved reverse energy characteristics Jul. 27, 1999
5897355 Method of manufacturing insulated gate semiconductor device to improve ruggedness Apr. 27, 1999
5854089 Semiconductor device by selectively controlling growth of an epitaxial layer without a mask Dec. 29, 1998
5811342 Method for forming a semiconductor device with a graded lightly-doped drain structure Sep. 22, 1998
5807728 Thin film transistor for antistatic circuit and method for fabricating the same Sep. 15, 1998
5766965 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same Jun. 16, 1998
5750414 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device May. 12, 1998
5672532 Method of forming bit lines having lower conductivity in their respective edges Sep. 30, 1997
5670383 Method for fabrication of deep-diffused avalanche photodiode Sep. 23, 1997
5665998 Geometric enhancement of photodiodes for low dark current operation Sep. 9, 1997
5663083 Process for making improved MOS structure with hot carrier reduction Sep. 2, 1997
5652159 Thin film transistor having improved switching characteristic Jul. 29, 1997
5605849 Use of oblique implantation in forming base of bipolar transistor Feb. 25, 1997
5578510 Method of making an isolation layer stack semiconductor device Nov. 26, 1996
5576230 Method of fabrication of a semiconductor device having a tapered implanted region Nov. 19, 1996
5569612 Process for manufacturing a bipolar power transistor having a high breakdown voltage Oct. 29, 1996
5550069 Method for producing a PMOS transistor Aug. 27, 1996
5543342 Method of ion implantation Aug. 6, 1996
5500376 Method for fabricating planar avalanche photodiode array Mar. 19, 1996
5496758 Fabrication process of a semiconductor memory device having a multiple well structure in a recessed substrate Mar. 5, 1996
5489540 Method of making simplified LDD and source/drain formation in advanced CMOS integrated circuits using implantation through well mask Feb. 6, 1996
5482876 Field effect transistor without spacer mask edge defects Jan. 9, 1996
5474943 Method for fabricating a short channel trenched DMOS transistor Dec. 12, 1995
5466303 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor Nov. 14, 1995
5457060 Process for manufactuirng MOSFET having relatively shallow junction of doped region Oct. 10, 1995
5428240 Source/drain structural configuration for MOSFET integrated circuit devices Jun. 27, 1995
5420056 Junction contact process and structure for semiconductor technologies May. 30, 1995
5384273 Method of making a semiconductor device having a short gate length Jan. 24, 1995
5328858 Method for producing the bipolar transistor Jul. 12, 1994
5326713 Buried contact process Jul. 5, 1994
5302543 Method of making a charge coupled device Apr. 12, 1994
5298435 Application of electronic properties of germanium to inhibit n-type or p-type diffusion in silicon Mar. 29, 1994
5279976 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having a shallow doped region Jan. 18, 1994
5278082 Method for electrically connecting an electrode and impurity-diffused layer formed on a semiconductor substrate Jan. 11, 1994
5278095 Method for making passivated mesa semiconductor Jan. 11, 1994
5169790 Method of making thyristor having low reflection light-triggering structure Dec. 8, 1992
5147809 Method of producing a bipolar transistor with a laterally graded emitter (LGE) employing a refill method of polycrystalline silicon Sep. 15, 1992
5098851 Fabricating a semiconductor photodetector by annealing to smooth the PN junction Mar. 24, 1992
5089427 Semiconductor device and method Feb. 18, 1992
5081049 Sculpted solar cell surfaces Jan. 14, 1992
5077224 Thyristor with high positive and negative blocking capability and method for the manufacture thereof Dec. 31, 1991
5047366 Method of diffusing silicon into compound semiconductors and compound semiconductor devices Sep. 10, 1991

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