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Number: 438/556
Name: Semiconductor device manufacturing: process > Introduction of conductivity modifying dopant into semiconductive material > Diffusing a dopant > Edge diffusion by using edge portion of structure other than masking layer to mask
Description: Processes using an edge feature of the substrate other than a masking layer to retard the diffusion of the electrically active impurity.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8524559 Manufacturing method of power transistor device Sep. 3, 2013
8513642 Patterned doping of semiconductor substrates using photosensitive monolayers Aug. 20, 2013
8354333 Patterned doping of semiconductor substrates using photosensitive monolayers Jan. 15, 2013
7846823 Masking paste, method of manufacturing same, and method of manufacturing solar cell using masking paste Dec. 7, 2010
7829420 Method of forming a channel termination region using a trench and a channel stopper ring Nov. 9, 2010
7390678 Method for fabricating semiconductor device Jun. 24, 2008
7045397 JFET and MESFET structures for low voltage high current and high frequency applications May. 16, 2006
6809016 Diffusion stop implants to suppress as punch-through in SiGe Oct. 26, 2004
6780691 Method to fabricate elevated source/drain transistor with large area for silicidation Aug. 24, 2004
6582998 Method for fabricating nonvolatile semiconductor memory device Jun. 24, 2003
6544811 Micromachined device having electrically isolated components and a method for making the same Apr. 8, 2003
6303410 Methods of forming power semiconductor devices having T-shaped gate electrodes Oct. 16, 2001
6291328 Opto-electronic device with self-aligned ohmic contact layer Sep. 18, 2001
6204110 Methods of forming an SRAM Mar. 20, 2001
6200872 Semiconductor substrate processing method Mar. 13, 2001
5937289 Providing dual work function doping Aug. 10, 1999
5935649 Method for manufacturing SiOF films Aug. 10, 1999
5902135 Method for removing crystal defects in silicon wafers May. 11, 1999
5786258 Method of making an SOI transistor Jul. 28, 1998
5716879 Method of making a thin film transistor Feb. 10, 1998
5710053 Method for manufacturing thin film transistor for a liquid crystal display Jan. 20, 1998
5620912 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using a spacer Apr. 15, 1997
5605862 Process for making low-leakage contacts Feb. 25, 1997
5580797 Method of making SOI Transistor Dec. 3, 1996
5308790 Selective sidewall diffusion process using doped SOG May. 3, 1994
5079176 Method of forming a high voltage junction in a dielectrically isolated island Jan. 7, 1992
5066603 Method of manufacturing static induction transistors Nov. 19, 1991
5061656 Method for making a self-aligned impurity induced disordered structure Oct. 29, 1991
5028564 Edge doping processes for mesa structures in SOS and SOI devices Jul. 2, 1991
5026663 Method of fabricating a structure having self-aligned diffused junctions Jun. 25, 1991
5010023 Method for fabricating a rectifying semiconductor junction having improved breakdown voltage characteristics Apr. 23, 1991
4980315 Method of making a passivated P-N junction in mesa semiconductor structure Dec. 25, 1990
4893166 High value semiconductor resistor Jan. 9, 1990
4833094 Method of making a dynamic ram cell having shared trench storage capacitor with sidewall-defined bridge contacts and gate electrodes May. 23, 1989
4743565 Lateral device structures using self-aligned fabrication techniques May. 10, 1988
4589190 Fabrication of drilled and diffused junction field-effect transistors May. 20, 1986
4435225 Method of forming self-aligned lateral bipolar transistor Mar. 6, 1984
4380481 Method for fabricating semiconductor devices Apr. 19, 1983
4210472 Manufacturing process of semiconductor devices Jul. 1, 1980
4038110 Planarization of integrated circuit surfaces through selective photoresist masking Jul. 26, 1977
4026740 Process for fabricating narrow polycrystalline silicon members May. 31, 1977
3954524 Self-aligning photoresist process for selectively opening tops of mesas in mesa-diode-array structures May. 4, 1976

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