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Number: 438/528
Name: Semiconductor device manufacturing: process > Introduction of conductivity modifying dopant into semiconductive material > Ion implantation of dopant into semiconductor region > Including multiple implantation steps > Providing nondopant ion (e.g., proton, etc.)
Description: Process wherein a nonelectrically active impurity species is implanted into a semiconductor region of the substrate in conjunction with the prior, simultaneous, or subsequent implantation of an electrically active dopant species.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5212101 Substitutional carbon in silicon May. 18, 1993
5198373 Process for fabricating a semiconductor device Mar. 30, 1993
5192712 Control and moderation of aluminum in silicon using germanium and germanium with boron Mar. 9, 1993
5145794 Formation of shallow junction by implantation of dopant into partially crystalline disordered region Sep. 8, 1992
5137838 Method of fabricating P-buried layers for PNP devices Aug. 11, 1992
5126278 Method of manufacturing bipolar transistor by implanting intrinsic impurities Jun. 30, 1992
5108954 Method of reducing contact resistance at silicide/active area interfaces and semiconductor devices produced according to the method Apr. 28, 1992
5102826 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a silicide layer Apr. 7, 1992
4954454 Method for fabricating a polycrystalline silicon resistor Sep. 4, 1990
4916507 Polysilicon resistor implanted with rare gas Apr. 10, 1990
4900687 Process for forming a magnetic field sensor Feb. 13, 1990
4851359 Method of producing an electrical resistor by implanting a semiconductor material with rare gas Jul. 25, 1989
4851691 Method for photoresist pretreatment prior to charged particle beam processing Jul. 25, 1989
4837173 N-channel MOS transistors having source/drain regions with germanium Jun. 6, 1989
4835112 CMOS salicide process using germanium implantation May. 30, 1989
4818711 High quality oxide on an ion implanted polysilicon surface Apr. 4, 1989
4755484 Method of making a semimetal semiconductor contact Jul. 5, 1988
4728619 Field implant process for CMOS using germanium Mar. 1, 1988
4697333 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using amorphous silicon as a mask Oct. 6, 1987
4689667 Method of controlling dopant diffusion and dopant electrical activation by implanted inert gas atoms Aug. 25, 1987
4663827 Method of manufacturing a field effect transistor May. 12, 1987
4617066 Process of making semiconductors having shallow, hyperabrupt doped regions by implantation and two step annealing Oct. 14, 1986
4603471 Method for making a CMOS circuit having a reduced tendency to latch by controlling the band-gap of source and drain regions Aug. 5, 1986
4601778 Maskless etching of polysilicon Jul. 22, 1986
4596605 Fabrication process of static induction transistor and solid-state image sensor device Jun. 24, 1986
4584028 Neutralization of acceptor levels in silicon by atomic hydrogen Apr. 22, 1986
4584026 Ion-implantation of phosphorus, arsenic or boron by pre-amorphizing with fluorine ions Apr. 22, 1986
4569120 Method of fabricating a programmable read-only memory cell incorporating an antifuse utilizing ion implantation Feb. 11, 1986
4522657 Low temperature process for annealing shallow implanted N+/P junctions Jun. 11, 1985
4515642 Method of forming deep aluminum doped silicon by implanting Al and Si ions through alumina layer and device formed thereby May. 7, 1985
4479830 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using epitaxially regrown protrusion as an alignment marker Oct. 30, 1984
4456489 Method of forming a shallow and high conductivity boron doped layer in silicon Jun. 26, 1984
4322253 Method of making selective crystalline silicon regions containing entrapped hydrogen by laser treatment Mar. 30, 1982
4315782 Method of making semiconductor device with passivated rectifying junctions having hydrogenated amorphous regions Feb. 16, 1982
4243433 Forming controlled inset regions by ion implantation and laser bombardment Jan. 6, 1981
4216030 Process for the production of a semiconductor component with at least two zones which form a pn-junction and possess differing conductivity types Aug. 5, 1980
4197144 Method for improving writing of information in memory targets Apr. 8, 1980
4144100 Method of low dose phoshorus implantation for oxide passivated diodes in <10> P-type silicon Mar. 13, 1979
4137103 Silicon integrated circuit region containing implanted arsenic and germanium Jan. 30, 1979
4133704 Method of forming diodes by amorphous implantations and concurrent annealing, monocrystalline reconversion and oxide passivation in <100> N-type silicon Jan. 9, 1979
4111719 Minimization of misfit dislocations in silicon by double implantation of arsenic and germanium Sep. 5, 1978
4096622 Ion implanted Schottky barrier diode Jun. 27, 1978
4082571 Process for suppressing parasitic components utilizing ion implantation prior to epitaxial deposition Apr. 4, 1978
4004950 Method for improving the doping of a semiconductor material Jan. 25, 1977
3982967 Method of proton-enhanced diffusion for simultaneously forming integrated circuit regions of varying depths Sep. 28, 1976
3961989 Method of making IMPATT diode and resulting diode Jun. 8, 1976

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