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Number: 438/290
Name: Semiconductor device manufacturing: process > Making field effect device having pair of active regions separated by gate structure by formation or alteration of semiconductive active regions > Having insulated gate (e.g., igfet, misfet, mosfet, etc.) > Doping of semiconductive channel region beneath gate insulator (e.g., adjusting threshold voltage, etc.) > After formation of source or drain regions and gate electrode
Description: Process wherein the semiconductor channel region is doped subsequent to the formation of the source and drain regions and the gate electrode.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8686511 Source/drain extension control for advanced transistors Apr. 1, 2014
8679902 Stacked nanowire field effect transistor Mar. 25, 2014
8664715 Isolated transistor Mar. 4, 2014
8664067 CMOS devices with reduced short channel effects Mar. 4, 2014
8633083 Apparatus and method for a metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor with source side punch-through protection implant Jan. 21, 2014
8629027 Structure and fabrication of asymmetric field-effect transistor having asymmetric channel zone and differently configured source/drain extensions Jan. 14, 2014
8586438 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof Nov. 19, 2013
8574991 Asymmetric transistor devices formed by asymmetric spacers and tilted implantation Nov. 5, 2013
8570455 Semiconductor device, semiconductor device manufacturing method, liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus Oct. 29, 2013
8563384 Source/drain extension control for advanced transistors Oct. 22, 2013
8525257 LDMOS transistor with asymmetric spacer as gate Sep. 3, 2013
8524562 Method for reducing Fermi-Level-Pinning in a non-silicon channel MOS device Sep. 3, 2013
8455322 Silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor structure and method Jun. 4, 2013
8445342 Short channel semiconductor devices with reduced halo diffusion May. 21, 2013
8404551 Source/drain extension control for advanced transistors Mar. 26, 2013
8389369 Electronic device including a doped region disposed under and having a higher dopant concentration than a channel region and a process of forming the same Mar. 5, 2013
8361872 High performance low power bulk FET device and method of manufacture Jan. 29, 2013
8357579 Methods of forming integrated circuits Jan. 22, 2013
8357574 Method of fabricating epitaxial structures Jan. 22, 2013
8329566 Method of manufacturing a high-performance semiconductor device Dec. 11, 2012
8309420 Fabrication of semiconductor architecture having field-effect transistors especially suitable for analog applications Nov. 13, 2012
8298879 Methods of fabricating metal oxide or metal oxynitride TFTS using wet process for source-drain metal etch Oct. 30, 2012
8258035 Method to improve source/drain parasitics in vertical devices Sep. 4, 2012
8236641 Semiconductor device with extension structure and method for fabricating the same Aug. 7, 2012
8216903 SRAM cell with asymmetrical pass gate Jul. 10, 2012
8211773 SRAM cell with asymmetrical pass gate Jul. 3, 2012
8193060 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device Jun. 5, 2012
8158482 Asymmetric transistor devices formed by asymmetric spacers and tilted implantation Apr. 17, 2012
8101475 Field effect transistor and method for manufacturing the same Jan. 24, 2012
8012836 Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same Sep. 6, 2011
8007727 Virtual semiconductor nanowire, and methods of using same Aug. 30, 2011
7988470 Methods of fabricating metal oxide or metal oxynitride TFTs using wet process for source-drain metal etch Aug. 2, 2011
7936006 Semiconductor device with backfilled isolation May. 3, 2011
7923327 Method of fabricating non-volatile memory device with concavely depressed electron injection region Apr. 12, 2011
7915110 MOS transistor manufacturing Mar. 29, 2011
7843020 High withstand voltage transistor and manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device adopting high withstand voltage transistor Nov. 30, 2010
7838369 Fabrication of semiconductor architecture having field-effect transistors especially suitable for analog applications Nov. 23, 2010
7821062 Field effect transistor and method for producing a field effect transistor Oct. 26, 2010
7811892 Multi-step annealing process Oct. 12, 2010
7785971 Fabrication of complementary field-effect transistors with vertical body-material dopant profiles tailored to alleviate punchthrough and reduce current leakage Aug. 31, 2010
7767536 Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof Aug. 3, 2010
7759201 Method for fabricating pitch-doubling pillar structures Jul. 20, 2010
7705400 Semiconductor device using Filled Tetrahedral semiconductor Apr. 27, 2010
7687356 Formation of shallow siGe conduction channel Mar. 30, 2010
7683364 Gated quantum resonant tunneling diode using CMOS transistor with modified pocket and LDD implants Mar. 23, 2010
7645665 Semiconductor device having shallow b-doped region and its manufacture Jan. 12, 2010
7645674 Semiconductor device having an oxide film formed on a semiconductor substrate sidewall of an element region and on a sidewall of a gate electrode Jan. 12, 2010
7642603 Semiconductor device with reduced fringe capacitance Jan. 5, 2010
7598146 Self-aligned gate and method Oct. 6, 2009
7595244 Fabrication of like-polarity insulated-gate field-effect transistors having multiple vertical body dopant concentration maxima and different halo pocket characteristics Sep. 29, 2009

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