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Number: 436/143
Name: Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing > Hydrocarbon > Total hydrocarbon, flammability, combustibility (e.g., air-fuel mixture, etc.)
Description: Subject matter in which (a) the total hydrocarbon content of a sample is determined without regard to the identity of the hydrocarbon or (b) the flammability or combustibility of a mixture is determined, or (c) a combustible gas test.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8584505 Measuring instrument and method for detecting the content of oil, hydrocarbons and oxidizable gases in air or compressed air Nov. 19, 2013
8486710 Method, sensor and system for measuring a lower heating value and a Wobbe Index of a gaseous fuel Jul. 16, 2013
8445289 System and method for alkylation process analysis May. 21, 2013
8337757 Reactor control method Dec. 25, 2012
8334142 System for alkylation process analysis Dec. 18, 2012
8219247 Method of operating a furnace Jul. 10, 2012
8211706 System and method for alkylation process analysis Jul. 3, 2012
8026103 Breath test for total organic carbon Sep. 27, 2011
7972863 System and method for alkylation process analysis Jul. 5, 2011
7829343 Method and device for determining the smoke point of hydrocarbons Nov. 9, 2010
7763474 Multi-phase fluid sampling method and apparatus Jul. 27, 2010
7537737 Installation structure for gas sensor May. 26, 2009
7422907 Process for measuring mercury concentration within hydrocarbons Sep. 9, 2008
7255836 Analytical sensitivity enhancement by catalytic transformation Aug. 14, 2007
7223607 Process and device for the detection of hydrocarbons in a gas May. 29, 2007
7211222 Gas sensor May. 1, 2007
7189363 Gas detector Mar. 13, 2007
7179421 Multi-pin chemiresistors for microchemical sensors Feb. 20, 2007
7153694 Quantitative method for hydrocarbon analysis Dec. 26, 2006
7090806 Portable oxygen sensor analyzer Aug. 15, 2006
7071002 Method and system for vehicle emission testing Jul. 4, 2006
6977179 Method and apparatus for measuring the heating value of a single or multi-component fuel gas Dec. 20, 2005
6916664 Flammable vapor sensor Jul. 12, 2005
6868712 Control method for gas concentration sensor Mar. 22, 2005
6788998 Procedure and apparatus for the optimization of reactive gas mixtures Sep. 7, 2004
6780378 Method for measuring concentrations of gases and vapors using controlled flames Aug. 24, 2004
6742382 Combustible gas detector and method for its operation Jun. 1, 2004
6726882 Hydrocarbon detector device Apr. 27, 2004
6719950 Miniaturized exhaust gas sensor Apr. 13, 2004
6706531 Device for conditioning a polluted soil-sample-method of analysis by pyrolysis Mar. 16, 2004
6521459 Method and apparatus for testing the acidity of a lubricant in a climate control system Feb. 18, 2003
6482650 Method for detecting deterioration of catalyst Nov. 19, 2002
6464938 Device for measuring the concentration of hydrogen in a gaseous mixture Oct. 15, 2002
6419880 Systems and methods for catalyst reactivation Jul. 16, 2002
6347544 Control method for gas concentration sensor Feb. 19, 2002
6346420 Method of analyzing a gas mixture to determine its explosibility and system for implementing a method of this kind Feb. 12, 2002
6344173 Automotive hydrocarbon sensor Feb. 5, 2002
6242263 Automotive hydrocarbon sensor Jun. 5, 2001
6207462 Microwave apparatus and method for analysis of asphalt-aggregate compositions Mar. 27, 2001
6190917 Microwave apparatus and method for analysis of asphalt-aggregate compositions Feb. 20, 2001
6133042 Modulated oxygen-flux method and apparatus to improve the performance of a calorimetric gas sensor Oct. 17, 2000
6103532 Vapor recovery system utilizing a fiber-optic sensor to detect hydrocarbon emissions Aug. 15, 2000
6037183 Automotive hydrocarbon sensor system Mar. 14, 2000
5965451 Use of a gas sensor for the selective detection of hydrocarbons in low-oxygen gases Oct. 12, 1999
5958777 Device for determining CO.sub.2 and CO in a geologic sediment Sep. 28, 1999
5869343 Method and apparatus for the automated testing of the flash point Feb. 9, 1999
5861228 Cracking property determination Jan. 19, 1999
5843787 Method allowing the fast assessment of at least one petroleum characteristic of a rock sample-application to a reservoir comprising heavy oils Dec. 1, 1998
5811308 Method for determining petroleum characteristics of geologic sediments Sep. 22, 1998
5807749 Method for determining the calorific value of a gas and/or the Wobbe index of a natural gas Sep. 15, 1998

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