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Class Information
Number: 435/68.1
Name: Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology > Micro-organism, tissue cell culture or enzyme using process to synthesize a desired chemical compound or composition > Enzymatic production of a protein or polypeptide (e.g., enzymatic hydrolysis, etc.)
Description: Processes wherein the enzymatically produced product is a high molecular weight polypeptide of alpha amino acids or consists of two or more amino acids linked by a peptide bond.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8703459 Catalytic domains of beta(1,4)-galactosyltransferase I having altered metal ion specificity Apr. 22, 2014
8691526 Processing materials Apr. 8, 2014
8691515 Methods for early detection of blood disorders Apr. 8, 2014
8679771 Specific N-terminal labeling of peptides and proteins in complex mixtures Mar. 25, 2014
8658394 Methods, cells and systems for incorporating non-canonical amino acids into proteins Feb. 25, 2014
8652805 Trapping molecular segments in nano-gaps Feb. 18, 2014
8637306 Production of carrier-peptide conjugates using chemically reactive unnatural amino acids Jan. 28, 2014
8632993 Method for grass species identification Jan. 21, 2014
8628690 Nanoemulsion compositions and methods of use thereof Jan. 14, 2014
8603794 Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase 1 activity and polynucleotides encoding same Dec. 10, 2013
8603793 Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase 1 activity and polynucleotides encoding same Dec. 10, 2013
8603775 Method of disulfide crosslink forming in vitro protein synthesis Dec. 10, 2013
8603774 Extract of E. coli cells having mutation in ribosomal protein S12, and method for producing protein in cell-free system using the extract Dec. 10, 2013
8597906 Glycosylation of molecules Dec. 3, 2013
8586532 Method for selectively modifying a protein via transglutaminase catalyzed reaction Nov. 19, 2013
8580557 Casein hydrolyzate, process for producing the same and use thereof Nov. 12, 2013
8580541 Lignin blockers and uses thereof Nov. 12, 2013
8580537 Thermotolerant transglutaminase originating in actinomyces Nov. 12, 2013
8580329 Dry-mill ethanol plant extraction enhancement Nov. 12, 2013
8563268 Polypeptide having tyrosinase activity Oct. 22, 2013
8557297 Method for processing crustaceans and products thereof Oct. 15, 2013
8552158 Method for the production of insulin-like growth factor-1 Oct. 8, 2013
8551714 Microfluidic devices Oct. 8, 2013
8541200 Cleavage of fusion proteins using Granzyme B protease Sep. 24, 2013
8535907 Protein concentrates and isolates, and processes for the production thereof from toasted oilseed meal Sep. 17, 2013
8535885 Detection of disease related genes Sep. 17, 2013
8530180 Method for identifying smoker or ex-smoker at risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Sep. 10, 2013
8524470 Enzymatic antibody processing Sep. 3, 2013
8519031 Protein-containing emulsions and adhesives, and manufacture and use thereof Aug. 27, 2013
8518668 Method for making maturated insulin polypeptides in a fungal cell Aug. 27, 2013
8518665 Methods for making 3-indole-pyruvic acid from tryptophan using a tryptophan deaminase Aug. 27, 2013
8512980 Recombinantly modified plasmin Aug. 20, 2013
8507238 Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase 1 activity and polynucleotides encoding same Aug. 13, 2013
8507221 Process for the expression of peptides of interest using GCSF as a fusion partner Aug. 13, 2013
8501685 Process for preparing peptide products for promoting cholecystokinin secretion and use of the peptide products Aug. 6, 2013
8492115 Cell-free synthesis of membrane bound polypeptides Jul. 23, 2013
8481677 Protein concentrate from starch containing grains: composition, method of making, and uses thereof Jul. 9, 2013
8481284 Process of preparing conjugates of allium organosulfur compounds with amino acids, peptides, and proteins Jul. 9, 2013
8476039 Hot spring bacterial strain BKH1 and protein isolated therefrom, concrete compositions, and uses thereof Jul. 2, 2013
8460909 Engineered versions of polysialyltransferases with enhanced enzymatic properties Jun. 11, 2013
8450084 Chemo-enzymatic peptide synthesis via C-terminal ester interconversion May. 28, 2013
8445223 Anionic acid-labile surfactants and methods of use May. 21, 2013
8440445 Neutral protease (NP) and product by using neutral protease for tissue dissociation as well as method for the production thereof May. 14, 2013
8435756 Anionic acid-labile surfactants and methods of use May. 7, 2013
8431355 Process for screening glycoform-specific antibodies Apr. 30, 2013
8404462 Synthetic pathway enzymes for the production of argyrins Mar. 26, 2013
8394605 Genetically programmed expression of proteins containing the unnatural amino acid phenylselenocysteine Mar. 12, 2013
8394604 Protein splicing using short terminal split inteins Mar. 12, 2013
8388976 Polypeptide specifically binding to vascular endothelial growth factor, fusion protein including polypeptide, and methods therefor Mar. 5, 2013
8383110 Modulators of Candida hyphal morphogenesis and uses thereof Feb. 26, 2013

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