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Number: 435/372.3
Name: Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology > Animal cell, per se (e.g., cell lines, etc.); composition thereof; process of propagating, maintaining or preserving an animal cell or composition thereof; process of isolating or separating an animal cell or composition thereof; process of preparing a composition containing an animal cell; culture media therefore > Primate cell, per se > Human > Blood, lymphatic, or bone marrow origin or derivative > T-cell or derivative
Description: Subject matter wherein the human cell is a T-cell; i.e., T-lymphocyte.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8709710 Methods of modulating interleukin-22 and immune response by notch regulators Apr. 29, 2014
8691572 Diagnosing, monitoring and treating inflammation Apr. 8, 2014
8679841 Allogeneic cell compositions with cross-linked CD3/CD28 Mar. 25, 2014
8658178 Carbon nanotube compositions and methods of use thereof Feb. 25, 2014
8658159 Method to induce and expand therapeutic alloantigen-specific human regulatory T cells in large-scale Feb. 25, 2014
8637307 Activation and expansion of T-cells using an engineered multivalent signaling platform as a research tool Jan. 28, 2014
8617884 Methods for eliminating at least a substantial portion of a clonal antigen-specific memory T cell subpopulation Dec. 31, 2013
8603815 CD4.sup.+ CD25.sup.- T cells and Tr1-like regulatory T cells Dec. 10, 2013
8603814 Method of inhibiting nonsense-mediated mRNA decay Dec. 10, 2013
8591956 Method of increasing immunological effect Nov. 26, 2013
8586359 Compositions and methods of preparing alloreactive cytotoxic T cells Nov. 19, 2013
8568994 Method for prenatal diagnosis Oct. 29, 2013
8563308 Culture-expanded T suppressor cells and methods of use thereof Oct. 22, 2013
8562974 Method for expanding Cd4+ Cd25+ T regulator cells Oct. 22, 2013
8557533 Screening method for the identification of agents capable of activating CD4+CD25+ regulatory T-cells through interactions with the HIV-1 GP120 binding site on CD4 Oct. 15, 2013
8546137 Inhibition of dendritic cell-driven regulatory T cell activation and potentiation of tumor antigen-specific T cell responses by interleukin-15 and MAP kinase inhibitor Oct. 1, 2013
8530187 Methods for transfecting natural killer cells Sep. 10, 2013
8524505 Blood analyzer and blood analyzing method Sep. 3, 2013
8513010 Dendritic cells pulsed with a bisphosphonate Aug. 20, 2013
8497118 Chimeric immunoreceptor useful in treating human cancers Jul. 30, 2013
8492146 Process for producing a human T-cell population having both cytotoxic and immunosuppressive activities Jul. 23, 2013
8383401 T-cell receptor and nucleic acid encoding the receptor Feb. 26, 2013
8383099 Adoptive cell therapy with young T cells Feb. 26, 2013
8361794 Cells expressing a modified T cell receptor Jan. 29, 2013
8354276 T-cell compositions that elicit type I cytokine response Jan. 15, 2013
8349810 Methods for targeted cleavage and recombination of CCR5 Jan. 8, 2013
8338173 Preparation of antigen-presenting human T cells and use in immunotherapy Dec. 25, 2012
8324353 Chimeric immunoreceptor useful in treating human gliomas Dec. 4, 2012
8323969 Preparation of regulatory T cells using ICAM-1 co-stimulation Dec. 4, 2012
8313944 Methods to cause differentiation of T-cells for use in cell therapy Nov. 20, 2012
8287857 Immunotherapy with in vitro-selected antigen-specific lymphocytes after nonmyeloablative lymphodepleting chemotherapy Oct. 16, 2012
8241621 Stem cell mediated treg activation/expansion for therapeutic immune modulation Aug. 14, 2012
8216837 Method of producing lymphocytes Jul. 10, 2012
8153426 Preparation of antigen-presenting human gamma-delta T cells and use in immunotherapy Apr. 10, 2012
8133728 Ex-vivo priming for generating cytotoxic T lymphocytes specific for non-tumor antigens to treat autoimmune and allergic disease Mar. 13, 2012
8129185 Regulatory T cells and their use in immunotherapy and suppression of autoimmune responses Mar. 6, 2012
8124069 Immunogenic peptides Feb. 28, 2012
8124408 Preparation of inactivated artificial antigen presenting cells and their use in cell therapies Feb. 28, 2012
8119401 IL-10 gene transfer to peripheral mononuclear cells Feb. 21, 2012
8080416 Method for determining the immunogenicity of an antigen Dec. 20, 2011
8076134 CD4+CD25- T cells and Tr1-like regulatory T cells Dec. 13, 2011
8076133 Method for obtaining antigen-specific Tr1 regulatory lymphocytes Dec. 13, 2011
8076135 Method of preparing a treatment effective amount of allogeneic T-cells Dec. 13, 2011
8071373 Co-culture lymphoid tissue equivalent (LTE) for an artificial immune system (AIS) Dec. 6, 2011
8071374 Methods for preparing T-cells for cell therapy Dec. 6, 2011
8053235 Methods of generating antigen-specific CD4+CD25+regulatory T cells, compositions and methods of use Nov. 8, 2011
8034334 Immunotherapy with in vitro-selected antigen-specific lymphocytes after non-myeloablative lymphodepleting chemotherapy Oct. 11, 2011
8017110 Induction of and maintenance of nucleic acid damage in pathogens using riboflavin and light Sep. 13, 2011
8017730 T cell receptors which specifically bind to VYGFVRACL-HLA-A24 Sep. 13, 2011
8012470 Method for ex vivo immunization using heterologous intact bispecific and/or trispecific antibodies Sep. 6, 2011

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