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Class Information
Number: 430/288
Name: Radiation imagery chemistry: process, composition, or product thereof >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
430/ Electric or magnetic imagery, e.g., xerography, electrography, magnetography, etc., process, composition, or product 0
430/ Imaging affecting physical property or radiation sensitive material, or producing nonplanar or printing surface - process, composition, or product 0
430/1 Holographic process, composition, or product 672
430/138 Microcapsule, process, composition, or product 975
430/139 Luminescent imaging 281
430/140 Product having sound record or process of making 111
430/141 Diazo reproduction, process, composition, or product 92
430/19 Erasable imaging 285
430/198 Visible imaging including step of firing or sintering 116
430/199 Transfer procedure between image and image layer, image receiving layers, or element containing an image receiving layer or an ingredient for forming an image receiving layer 116
430/20 Liquid crystal process, composition, or product 606
430/21 Retrieving image made using radiation imagery 171
430/22 Registration or layout process other than color proofing 1,082
430/23 Producing cathode-ray tube or element thereof 190
430/256 Stripping process or element 299
430/264 Silver halide colloid tanning process, composition, or product 609
430/269 Imaging affecting physical property of radiation sensitive material, or producing nonplanar or printing surface - process, composition, or product 456
430/3 Use of sound or nondigital compressive force 47
430/30 Including control feature responsive to a test or measurement 2,076
430/31 Electric or magnetic imagery, e.g., xerography, electrography, magnetography, etc., process, composition, or product 346
430/332 Dye image from radiation sensitive dye or dye former by dry processing, composition, or product 178
430/346 Visible imaging using radiation only other than heating by surface contact or convection 307
430/347 Combined 67
430/348 Thermographic process 281
430/356 Achromatic image produced from chromatic reproduction image 47
430/357 Color imaging process 101
430/394 Plural exposure steps 1,315
430/395 Using reflected radiation, e.g., reflex copying, etc. 88
430/396 Effecting frontal radiation modification during exposure, e,g., screening, masking, stenciling, etc. 854
430/398 Regenerating image processing composition 179
430/4 Radiation modifying product or process of making 186
430/401 Post imaging processing 123
430/449 Nonradiation sensitive image processing compositions or process of making 186
430/494 Including exposure step or specified pre-exposure step perfecting exposure 348
430/495.1 Radiation sensitive product 605
430/644 Miscellaneous 49
430/8 Micrography, process, composition, or product other than microelectronic device manufacture 88
430/9 Imaged product 155
430/928 Aerial films or processes specifically adapted for aerial radiaion imagery 8
430/929 Antibronze agent or process 3
430/930 Anticurl layer 97
430/931 Anti-ultraviolet fading 112
430/932 Binder-free emulsion 9
430/933 Brightener containing 82
430/934 Cine film 38
430/935 Coating process making radiation sensitive element 388
430/936 Cobalt complex containing 74
430/937 Corona discharge process 37
430/938 Defect coating 7
430/939 Dimensionally stable material 54
430/940 Direct positive material 98
430/941 Dye mordant 139
430/942 Electron beam 745
430/943 Hydrogen peroxide treatment 114
430/944 Infrared 793
430/945 Laser beam 2,804
430/946 Lenticular 53
430/947 Light sensitive titanium compound containing 91
430/948 Lippmann 19
430/949 Lithographic emulsion 122
430/950 Matting or other surface reflectivity altering material 515
430/951 Making camera copy, e.g., mechanical negative, etc. 11
430/952 Multiple image producing on single receiver 85
430/953 Neutron beam 7
430/954 Nonresinous additive to promote interlayer adhesion in element 53
430/955 Precursor compound 434
430/961 Protective or antiabrasion layer 573
430/962 Radiation-chromic compound 137
430/963 Rapid access processing 209
430/964 Thermal imaging composition 777
430/965 Toner containing 127
430/966 X-ray 454

Patents under this class:

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